November 30, 2022: Will the World Kowtow to Another Scamdemic? [videos]

November 30, 2022: Will the World Kowtow to Another Scamdemic? [videos]

November 30, 2022


The worst comedy skit ever involves the absurd bio hazards and diseases the cockamamie psychopaths dream up to scare us and launch another scamdemic. Zombies, folks. More zombies. Due to the thaw. The one from “global warming”, I take it? The New York Compost is all in on this one.

Scientists warn long-frozen ‘zombie virus’ is ‘public health threat’ amid thaw

SGAnon replied on Truth Social. I was trying to figure out the significance of “Yedoma”. We know they just make this shit up, thinking they’re very clever. Any other ideas?

Okay. You can’t even make it up anymore

The cabal is now claiming that there is a Zombie-state inducing virus more than 50,000yrs old, that has lain dormant until conveniently this exact moment in human history, and they’re calling it Pandoravirus Yedoma.

So a virus literally named after the Box of All Knowledge and Secrets, is discovered immediately before Elon Musk releases damning Twitter info, and Epstein flight logs are being unredacted?

And Ye-Doma?
Your dome?
Your brain?

Comedy Show

There is a fair bit of repetition in our posts at this point because newly awakened people are seeking the truth, answers, and validation for the rumours they are hearing. Please bear with us if you are one of the old hands who is painfully awake. Sometimes a little review is a good thing. I know my memory is so overfull of facts that I can’t recall everything and my accuracy is diminished.

The psychopaths understand the power of the element of fear alone in any situation and used it to maximum advantage at the outset of their fake plandemic three years ago. The theatre coming out of China with people dropping dead on the sidewalk and doctors making frantic phone calls for help to pick up all the dead bodies, and video of authorities welding people into their apartments was so over the top I knew it was manufactured terrorism.

As discussed time and again on this blog over the years… they have been trying to kill us for decades and failed. Our “fearfully and wonderfully made” Human bodies and the Quantum operating system running us is far too advanced to be taken offline with their sneak-attacks because we are so adaptive. That’s right: we are equally capable of being “variants” as their so-called lab-generated bioweapon viruses.

We keep saying it—WE are genetically modified organisms and WE will overcome with the God code intact—that is, unless we allow Big Pharma’s lethal bioweapons in so they can hack our software. Some operating systems simply shut down when a formidable “virus” attacks and it can happen very quickly.

As Q cautioned us, “Protect your DNA”. It is the recipe for life and contains the God Code—our Divine element which shall not be corrupted.

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 11/27/2022 20:06:20 ID: 39ab48
8kun/qresearch: 17830326
What is coded in your DNA?
Who put it there?
Mankind is repressed.
We will be repressed no more.
Information is knowledge.
Knowledge is power.
Information is power.
How do you protect your DNA?
There is a war for your DNA.
Protect your DNA.

The similarities between terminology for our computers and our bodies are not lost on us. They use the same terminology for both. We are electric Beings and many are saying the “vaccines” the deep state is telling everyone they must get are releasing nano-sized microprocessors and self-assembling circuitry into our bodies. Some say the PCR test was to collect DNA and deposit an implant. It certainly wasn’t to detect a pathogen.

Is it any wonder that some people died immediately following their injection? And if you saw those revolting, “clotting” organisms clogging up victims’ arteries you may never take another drug in your life, never mind a fake vaccine. It’s called a “clot shot” for good reason. Something “alien” has been growing in the bodies of some who received the jab. It’s like a horror movie, so foreign is it.

The crew points to a website discussing that very reality in the arena of Big Ag and their assault on crops and vicariously, us. It’s excellent reading, with some unexpected references to aspects running interference on our behalf, and other nuggets.

Were you aware of all the failed scamdemics in the past mentioned in the following article? Most weren’t, and their campaigns crashed and burned. What was the difference with the Covid-19 scam? The biggest was fear.

Failed Genocide Plots & DNA Accomodation

None of this is new, just new to some. As a Canadian, I occasionally heard complaints about the state of affairs unfolding with our black sheep cousin to the south and how we didn’t want that nastiness hopping the border and spreading into Canada but the cabal’s plan was far-reaching and they already had assets in place to slowly advance their control in the Great White North.

I recall my grandmother railed against the small-town banks in Saskatchewan who wouldn’t cash their government cheques so they had to go all the way to Regina to do it. Then we allowed the Sikhs to alter the uniform of a proud Canadian tradition—the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Canada gave it all up so a religious belief could supplant the Mountie hat with a turban and kirpan.

Seriously, a ceremonial sword walking around Canada on a law enforcement uniform because a sect choosing to immigrate to Canada insisted on it and the deep state encouraged the middle-eastern invasion. Fortunately, the Sikh communities have not been a problem in Canada, but subsequent immigrants—the not so pleasant ones—have been given the royal treatment on the taxpayer tab while Canadians fend for themselves. It has been the extremist Muslim immigrants who have literally threatened to take over the nation by having so many children that the white/Christian community is drowned. They claimed that was their strategy.

It was all downhill after Pierre Elliott Trudeau opened the floodgates to “refugees” and Canada lost its identity and became a mirror of the United States and its corruption.

Fast-forward to today, and we know Canada has long been the playground of the pedophiles with their satanic ritual sacrifices and snuff films and that they have been protected by the RCMP and other law enforcement as well as the church. It’s worse than any horror movie, but we understand the cleanup has been underway for some time. We await the day it breaks the surface of that bottomless swamp and shows Canadians what was simmering and slithering beneath their feet for decades.

The totalitarian freak show now visible in the Great White Gulag is meant to alert the apathetic People, just as anywhere else in the world. How much more will they take before they march with the intention of arresting the Trudeau puppet and his cabinet?

Perhaps it will take a revolution in America as a result of another highly publicized rigged election/coup, hot on the heels of the one that just took place in Brazil where the military have been engaged to resolve it. Perhaps the cascading effect of a tsunami of swamp water will force the docile denizens of the West to awaken and accept the bad news so we can fight shoulder to shoulder.

Russian Army; no fancy dress uniforms. These men are ready for combat.

I wasn’t going to do a long post today but there I was, unable to stem the flow. What I DO want to share is the update Gene Decode did with Nicholas Veniamin. Nick let Gene run with it and he did a marathon; non-stop review and updates for one hour with incredible detail, and some things no one else speaks about very often. Gene’s updates are always riveting.

The situation in Ukraine is not only different from what the press is reporting, but it’s dramatic and for some, perhaps difficult to believe. I believe Gene has good sources and he reported that Kerry Cassidy shares at least one of those and broke the story before Gene did. If you don’t believe in “aliens”, buckle up. Nothing is what it seems. God bless the Russian military. May they be safe and victorious. Watch at the link below. 57 min.—gene-decode-explosive-intel-on-deep-state-gesara—nMCYcanqsbim0Au

Gene Decode – Explosive Intel on Deep State GESARA

As Gene mentioned, many misunderstand the role of Elon Musk. He is a “front man” in the operation just as Trump is. The military took control of the planet long ago by uniting with the forces in many countries. The military does not want to appear to be pulling strings. Again, it’s “optics”. Everything is about optics, folks. A lot of the people we see in the news and actively playing roles aren’t even the original person. Many were arrested and many have been executed. Some are still awaiting their military tribunals for the disposition of their fate.

Some say Elon Musk is not the original; that he is just an actor/clone doing what the White Hats need him to do. Let it go. He is doing a fantastic job in the “movie”, just as Trump is. Same with Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, Ron DeSantis, or anyone else. Whether these characters play heroes or villains matters not. This is a movie within a military operation and not real.

Q asked us what makes a great movie. The answer is “great actors”.

Q told us, “You and your families are safe.” I believe that is because this “movie” is a tool, and while it will do the trick to awaken and teach us a great deal so we are prepared for ascension, “we” at the soul level are safe and when this is complete, we will return to reality.

It’s complicated and there is nothing we can do but watch this train wreck and try to alert others. The filth littering our world and the predation of Humanity is nearly at an end and our Golden Age awaits. The psychopaths cannot vibrationally go where we are going and will be left behind. That’s just the physics of it.

Unfortunately, I came upon this Telegram at lunch and have not listened to the video clip but if you can, and have the stomach for it… consider the reasons why we cannot co-habit with these monsters.

The practice in that video above is so far beyond the pale that some may not take it seriously. I wish it were not true, but I believe it is and it explains why so many resources went into pooh-poohing the presence of “aliens”.

Here’s another Telegram clip of a baby that soldiers rescued from the tunnels. Link to Telegram. This little soul has never seen the sun, the moon, blue sky, perhaps not even his mother—if he or she had one. They have probably never heard music, a bird call, or had a loving, nurturing hug until now.

The satanic freakazoids who breed Humans like bacteria in a Petri dish must be eradicated from our world and all others. They cannot be redeemed or rehabilitated.

The bad news is, there most certainly are “aliens” who do unspeakable things on our planet. Who did people think were sexually mutilating cattle in the middle of nowhere with surgical precision, leaving not a drop of blood, no footprints, nothing?

Despite the challenging news and disturbing events unfolding on our planet we need to keep our frequency high with the best and highest possible quality of food, drink, supplements, reading material, entertainment, spiritual practices, exercise, sunshine… whatever we can manage to detoxify our bodies and minds and allow as much Light in as possible.

I feel my best defense against viral shedding and potential DNA damage from the barrage of attacks on us—for me and Eli both—is a few sprays on the tongue of NANO SOMA daily. Ten years plus of clinical research into the “miracle” of NANO SOMA liquid has shown it not only corrects genetic deficiencies and repairs DNA, but it regulates our Vitamin D levels and no additional supplements are required for homeostasis.

How does it repair DNA? I’m glad you asked, because when I looked into it, as we age the tips of our chromosomes—the telomeres—wear down or break off. They do not self-replicate currently but the use of NANO SOMA does enable them to repair as though our body is growing younger.

NANO SOMA is a product marketed by someone I have personally known for over a decade which gives me peace of mind. I have maintained excellent health for a couple of years with the exception of one day when a cold seemed to creep in and that is good enough for me.

Eli’s holistic nutritional specialist told us after her kinesiology test of Eli’s food and supplements that his higher self indicated he take one spray of NANO SOMA every morning. I didn’t tell her about NANO SOMA so I don’t know if she knows what it is. I spray it on Eli’s food and he is doing just great considering he is less than a year old, had two rounds of shots and still has an immature immune system.

NANO SOMA has been embraced the world over and some markets couldn’t keep it in stock for awhile but the supply and demand has balanced out and Dr. Raghu and Dr. Presser who are marketing the products that I purchase are seeing a growing demand and appreciation for a simple, powerful but harmless polycosonol solution that many people have told us has had a seemingly miraculous effect on their bodies when nothing else resolved their issues.

Perhaps this is one reason I don’t obsess over the latest threats from the cabal. I know I have a very strong immune system and barring the odd bug that might break through my robust veneer, I am safe from most intrusions because I eat sensibly of the purest food I can, get daily exercise and usually sunshine, maintain a positive outlook and find joy in every day, donate hours of each day to community service in my research and blog posts, and make time for enjoyable activities with little Eli, my other half, friends, etc.

I have shared a lot of detailed research on NANO SOMA here before and anyone who visits Dr. Presser’s website and logs in even without making a purchase will get the occasional email updates directly to their inbox. There you would see new testimonials from users across the world for an accurate picture of just what is possible from such a pure, simple product we believe was intended to come into its own at this critical time when so many are suffering from “vaccine damages” either from their own injections or shedding from loved ones or associates. Our immune systems take a hit from many aspects of our environment now, as most of you are aware.

The research on NANO SOMA kept by creator Dr. Raghu over more than ten years has shown that NANO SOMA blocks viruses including CV-19 or whatever it really is, and protects us from the spike proteins. As I said, it also regenerates our DNA and keeps our immune system strong by regulating Vitamin D—a key element of the Z-Stack designed by the late Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, if you’re aware of that effective Covid and flu prophylaxis.

Everyone is different, but it’s clear that NANO SOMA has had varied and widespread fantastic results for thousands of people. Online stores were set up for the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand to facilitate order fulfillment.

You can visit the website here to learn more, or register as an interested party so you get Dr. Presser’s updates. It’s exciting to see this gift from the ancient glaciers emerge in Divine timing.

As stated previously, I do not sell this product, I only tell people about it because it’s a trusted product marketed by someone I personally know and trust, and because it is so powerful and I know a lot of people are suffering from a litany of health issues.

There was not one, single health issue tested, including Parkinson’s and cancer that did not resolve when NANO SOMA was present in the studies. Obviously something like Parkinson’s where nerve regeneration is required would take several months but it did clear it.

Since I don’t sell anything to my readers like mugs or T-shirts or ask for donations, it is a way you can give back just by purchasing something you need. If you do make a purchase, you don’t need to use the link I provided the second time you order. The affiliation will be stored in the marketing system at the website. I get a small commission from sales generated by links from my blog, that is all.

I haven’t talked about NANO SOMA products for quite awhile with the high volume of important news and developments in the alt news community so I will recap here.

When you visit the website for your location in the world you will see a few other products. Many people found that NANO SOMA helped skin conditions and wounds, melanoma, etc. but it required a thicker consistency for use as “first aid” with a bandage or for deep penetration so they devised a topical gel called Metasomer Gel to use like you would a skin salve, moisturizer, or antibiotic ointment. Some reported it sped up healing more than anything they’ve ever used.

The third and newest product is the Metasomer Telomerase skin cream. I love it. Like the other products it comes in a pump and dispenses accurately, cleanly, and invisibly. There is no greasy shine. The Metasomer cream goes on as smooth as silk and has a delicious vanilla scent but don’t eat it—although I think you could. By abstaining and using sparingly I made my first jar last about 2 months.

Lastly, you can purchase bulk quantities of any product to both save you money, AND to avoid running out in these unpredictable times when we never know if the supply chain will suffer disruptions. It’s just more peace of mind. I see some health practitioners order very large quantities to resell through their practice and they can set the price point where they choose.

Ha! I just visited the website and see there is a brand new option—a holiday gift pack! What a fabulous idea. This collection contains the bare minimum I keep on hand at all times and it’s a 25% saving through December 25. The last point I want to make is that Dr. Presser [not a medical doctor] provides the best customer service of anyone I know and many will attest to that.

You can order with confidence and be assured of speedy delivery and quality products. I believe they have resolved all the service issues they experienced with the growing pains when the news of the products exploded in the Truther community over a year ago. All the hyperlinks in the paragraphs above go to the main NANO SOMA/Magic Dichol website.

Q’s “hammer time”???

And with that I wish you all a glorious, safe, and happy holiday season since we are on the cusp of December. I’m not going anywhere but may do shorter or fewer posts as I make my Christmas preparations. It’s such a fun time of year with cherished memories for me and I wish every one of you could enjoy it as much as I do. It’s also a change from the mundane routine of the rest of the year.

I know it’s difficult when you are alone, isolated, feeling poorly, experiencing a financial crunch, perhaps unable to secure a job, or possibly ostracized from family and friends because of the work you do. I have experienced all that in the past.

Our sacrifices will be worth it—is my firm belief and that conviction has only grown stronger over the eleven years plus I have lovingly crafted this blog and our satellite ship where I haven’t posted for a long time. We have made tremendous headway in this liberation process, but it remains a very real war.

We feel for those who find themselves in difficult circumstances or the victims of a kinetic war, like Ukraine, and send a virtual group hug to everyone who needs it.

Please check out the links and info the crew shares in the comments beneath each post for a more rounded update. Ciao until next time, and keep the faith.  ~ BP

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