Thomas Anderson: Info Flash for December 4, 2022

Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 4, 2022

Dear Readers

Here a summary of some headlines in the news from the last month until today…

Saudi Arabia told the US it is expecting attacks from Iran any time from now

and Iran showing flag of revenge

free energy machines surfacing on exhibitions now

and transparent solarcells

strange phenonema over 5G towers…

the official numbers of “unexplainable excess mortaility surfacing everwhere

(official reason: climate change)

October 2022   19%

for comparison: a normal war has an excess mortality of around 20-25%

may be the reason for the different numbers and percentages of deaths in vaccinated countries is a kind of quota system for the

great reset

“how much do you get and for how many people should this be and therefore how many should be killed”

funeral entrepreneur  speaking out (again)

nurse about childrens deaths

the election fraud in Brasil brings millions in huge cities on the street

and nobody talks about it (videos)

The Brazilian Ministry of Defense has declared the 2022 elections fraudulent.

However the supreme court denied it and put a fine onto the presidents party

Russia says, the mobilisation might develop from “partly” to “general” mobilisation

Russia called the british embassador to office because of the attacks on the gas pipeline

Nancy Pelosi arrested:


and some days after that an obvious doppelganger steps down for her


so called “immigrants” are in most cases male and below 40 years and in around 500.000 cases in fact soldiers of foreign armies and fully armed.

whereas those arms can be brought over the border in cars openly and the german customs is NOT allowed to confiscate them.

german border patroller speaking out

Germany meanwhile is going down the drain

more and more huge company are leaving the country or going bankrupt

David Icke banned from EU and labeled a “terrorist”                                                                                    

Alaska to hold referendum to join Russia


among other generals worldwide also this American general is talking about a major war coming

“The inevitability of a major war is predicted by Admiral Charles Richard, head of the U.S. Armed Forces Strategic Command. – The Wall Street Journal.”

Do you think that the US has the best fighter jets in the world? and the best jets?


watch this video from China

or their new submarine/ air drones.


protests start

I assume this to be the beginning ,


I HOPE this to be the beginning of the White Hat Reset

the official story would then be somehow similar to Germany 1990

“We are the people” was an orchestrated protest and regime change

so now in China

I guess

I hope


microchips and electrical circuits…

reacting on internet router frequencies

also promoted by husband of Ursula von der Leyen

In case you need something to read:

try “Hellstorm”

or some book for prepping…

or giants



or some more pdfs

and more

for german readers a MUST:

and more pdfs


all over the planet at different places animals are starting to run in circles

whereas at the same time humans are all over the place starting to suddenly move in circles, turn and turn and turn and then fall to ground dead

Trump / Vaccine / controversal—-

Trump promotes vaccines

and my answer to that

I´ll keep you posted.



And for all who want to know more about the history of this Planet, the Secret Space programs and more…

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