Daily News and Updates for December 5th, 2022: “Brazil Military Kills “Red Command” Cartel Leaders, Prepares Take Over”

Daily News and Updates for December 5th, 2022: “Brazil Military Kills “Red Command” Cartel Leaders, Prepares Take Over”


Brazil Military Kills “Red Command” Cartel Leaders, Prepares Take Over

Switzerland May Ban the Use of Electric Vehicles this Winter Amid Energy Crisis

Fox News Parts Ways with Lara Trump, Cites Donald Trump as the Reason

Animal Rights Activists Try Protesting in Steakhouse, Waitresses’ Response Makes Them Wish the Police Arrived Instead

Vladimir Putin Reportedly Takes Major Tumble, Soils His Pants

Amazon Layoffs Just Got Way Worse – Fresh Batch of Workers Getting Bezos’ Nasty Christmas Present: Report

Man Behind Sick Balenciaga Ad Issues ‘Apology’ – This One Will Infuriate You

Twitter’s Largest Advertiser Returns to Platform, Has Now ‘Fully Resumed’ Spending

Watch: Man’s Proposal Gets Off to Wet Start, Dives Headlong Into Bay After Ring Bounces Off Boat Straight Into the Water

Oregon Store Openly Selling Psychedelic Mushrooms, Line Forms as Authorities Are Nowhere to Be Seen

Iconic Disney Ride Set to Close in Less Than 2 Months Due to Being ‘Not Appropriate in Today’s World’

Katie Hobbs Played a Personal Part in Censoring Election Information, and We Have the Receipt – Report

Reckless Driver’ Nails 2 Cars in Walmart Parking Lot, Police Shocked to Find Out Who the Culprit Is

Reporter Confronts Apple CEO Over Sick Move Made Against China Protesters, His Response Is Telling

What Are They Planning? Kamala Harris Attends Meeting of Shadowy Soros-Connected Group

WATCH LIVE: Lawless Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs To Certify Her Own Election Fraud At 10 AM

FBI Covertly Surveiled Rudy Giuliani for Years While Ignoring Hunter’s Laptop – Now Ignores $24 Million in Donations to Sen. Warnock in GA from Unemployed “Campaign Finance Mules”

SICK: Canada Offers Veteran and Former Paralympian Assisted Suicide When She Asks for a Stairlift (VIDEO)

LOCK HIM UP: Fauci’s Agency Has Tortured Animals FOR YEARS as First Reported by TGP and Congress Now Wants Answers!

83-Year-Old Home Depot Worker Dies After Being Violently Shoved to the Ground by Thief – Suspect Still at Large (VIDEO)

Twitter Is STILL Disabling Kari Lake And Other Republicans’ Like-Retweet Feature On Rigged 2022 Election Tweets – After Katie Hobbs is Linked to Censorship of AZ Republican Accounts

Nigerian Leader Issues Warning: Weapons Sent to Ukraine Are Ending Up in Hands of Terrorist Groups in North Africa

BOOM! Elon Musk Alleges FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried Donated over $1 Billion to Democrats

Good Guy With a Gun Stops Brutal Attack on Pregnant Woman in Grocery Store Parking Lot

New Zealand Government Seeks Custody of a Baby After Parents Refuse to Use Vaccinated Blood for Their Son’s Surgery (VIDEO)

Health Experts Warn Broccoli, Raspberries, Cheese and Ham Could Give You COVID-19

Virginia Elementary School Will Host After-School Satan Club

GM, Audi Take Twitter Boycott to Next Level – Backfires After User Points Out All Customers Aren’t Libs

PROOF: Crooked Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Had Twitter Silence Her Critics in Arizona – Prior to Gubernatorial Election She Ran In

Gunfire On Two NC Substations Plunges Tens of Thousands Into Darkness And Cold


“Utterly False”: Musk Blasts New York Times For Hate Speech Report On Twitter


Former Global Head Of Trust And Safety At Twitter Reveals Widespead Scientific Censorship


Wokeism Is Costume Elites Wear To ‘Signal Virtue’ And ‘Hide Greed, Corruption’: Former Levi’s Executive


General Public Unaware’ Of Push to Normalize Pedophilia In Culture And Academia


Antifa Aims To Disrupt Florida Rally Opposing The Sexualization Of Children


Twitter Staff To Be Grilled Before Congress For Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story: Rep. Comer


Democrats push to lower voting age to 16

Catholic Bishop calls Hillary Clinton evil for comparing pro-lifers to the Taliban

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