Hal Turner: 2 Russian Nuclear Bases Hit By Missiles, 3 dead, 2 Bear Bombers Destroyed, Russia Retaliates with Massive Missile Attack

Hal Turner: 2 Russian Nuclear Bases Hit By Missiles, 3 dead, 2 Bear Bombers Destroyed, Russia Retaliates with Massive Missile Attack

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Monday, 5-Dec-2022 22:26:53

Ukraine declared a nationwide air raid alert. People are rushing into bomb shelters and underground subway stations12/5/22
Conflicting reports coming this morning that.. two air bases deep inside Russia were “hit” today. The ENGELS-2 Air base has allegedly suffered some type of explosion, allegedly damaging TU-160 Bomber aircraft, ~600km inside Russia…Elsewhere, reports are coming in of an “explosion” at the Ryazan air base, southeast of Moscow, where an aircraft fuel tanker allegedly “exploded.” At that location, reports say three people have been killed and six other injured…Both air bases are well inland and far from Ukraine. Much farther than any Ukrainian missile or drone could..travel.Social media channels inside Russia are blazing with claims these incidents are “attacks” and since Ukraine lacks the means to carry out attacks at such distance from its own borders, the social media postings are accusing “NATO.”Russian Long-range Aviation Command operates three bomber bases. Overnight, it now appears that “Ukraine” struck two of them.Engels Air Base, home to Tu-160 and Tu-95MS bombers. Preliminary reports are that two TU-95s were destroyed.
Ryazan it Base, home to Il-78 refueling tankers. Reports that one of the tankers was destroyed, and three servicemen killed.Ukraine citizens are now being threatened, they are told NOT to report bombings and missile attacks.NATO is losing badThe third air base is Ukrainka, home to more TU-95MS bombers, but it is in the Russian Far East.Engel’s remaining bombers are reportedly taking off.14 bombers have taken off from Engels.I have VIDEO from the area of ENGELS-2 Air Base and it is VERY damning. At 16 seconds into the video, one can very clearly hear an actual missile travel overhead. Seconds later, a bright explosion can be seen between the two buildings in the distance, but the explosion is significantly distant from those two buildings.As a layman, I interpret this video to be proof of an actual missile attack against Russia, more than 600km from the border of Ukraine. Except Ukraine does not – as far as I know – possess any missiles capable of traveling that far into Russia. If my understanding is correct…then this leads to the question “Whose missile was it?” The only entity that does possess such missiles are NATO countries. Are we seeing an actual NATO attack against Russia?????See the video at source below. At 16 seconds, you’ll clearly hear the projectile overhead. At 42 seconds, you’ll see the distant flash between the two tall buildings:RECAP: attacks against two Russian air bases with six aircraft reported destroyed, including two Bear bombers and an air-to-air refueling tanker.THE KREMLIN HAS ISSUED A STATEMENT:
“Strike on the Russian nuclear triad in Engels: dangerous consequences””The attack on the Russian strategic nuclear deterrent in Engels showed that the Kyiv regime is ready for the most radical measures and will not calm down. Therefore, the Russian people are waiting for a response to the terrorist attack “Live Air Raid Alerts in Ukraine
Reports now coming in claiming the Russian Air Base “Shaikovka” was also attacked this morning. The air base is located north of Bryansk and houses Russian strategic bombers.Reports now coming in claiming the Russian Navy has launched 130 Missiles at Ukraine from the Caspian Sea.
Within the last few minutes, Russia is reported to have launched over 100 cruise missiles at Ukraine from the Black Sea.It is reported that….
two groups of missiles are heading for Kiev.
Launches of 8 “Caliber” from the Black Sea were also recorded
Ukraine has just declared a nationwide air raid alert. People are rushing into bomb shelters and underground subway stations..FLASH: Rumors in Kiev that going by the sounds of explosions, that the power grid will be 100% destroyed this time
Reports now coming in of Critical situation in Odessa after Russian Missile attack.All water pumping stations and reserve lines are de-energized in Odessa. There is no water supply.Internet connectivity plummeting as electric goes outActual map of missile strikes on objects in Ukraine. The impact is massive. The second wave of Russian missile launches is underway.Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Vinnytsia and Kyiv regions – huge explosionsExplosions reported in Khmelnytsky and Lviv regionsThe second wave of Kh-22 supersonic missiles from Tu-22M 3 launch vehicles was launched from the Sea of Azov.
Explosions reported in KhersonEmergency power outages have been implemented in all regions of Ukraine, – “Ukrenergo”Russian Ministry of Defense says 17 Targets in Ukraine were hit as planned, despite Ukraine intercepting a few of the launched missiles. (excerpts)source:


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