Posted By: jensingr
Date: Thursday, 1-Dec-2022 23:53:07

I finally had time to listen to a couple Juanito vids.The upcoming Supreme Court case is the most prevalent topic that I feel is a big glimpse of hope! All you hear from the fake MSM is the January 6 Hail Mary pass to oust Trump, prevent Trump, or somehow dissuade the Patriot movement across the Nation.I will keep it short and to the point. (remember, I paraphrase and have to minimize his lengthy but knowledgeable descriptions)———————————————————–According to Juan, the Supreme Court picked the Roe V. Wade case and the new case against the 388 Congressmen out of thousands of cases. These were evidently chosen for a very timely reason and not randomly picked.This newest case against the 388 Congressmen is for certifying the votes without properly looking at them and taking the 10 days to verify them. They did not follow the Constitution.Once the current case on the 388 Congressmen is won, they will be told to pack up and they will be ushered out of their DC swamp offices. They will never be allowed to run for Congress again. They will be disgraced, no longer have their jets to travel in and will immediately have to leave. They will have no more say about anything.All of the staff of EACH of these Congressmen will also be fired which could amount to around 15,000 people.Trump has never conceded and does not have to be re-elected because since the certification then becomes nullified, he will continue as the President and will have to have elections to replace all of the missing Congress members.These Congressmen are from both sides of the aisle…Republican and Democrat.The Supreme Court can move on this very quickly. It is a simple process. He believes they may do it anytime up until December 21 and that the month of December is going to be EPIC.They may wait until the current session ends, after they are all gone for the Holidays or before they leave (which to me would be more dramatic and also necessary for the world to see that we finally get some results and swamp drain just in time for Christmas)Pence would NOT be returned to Vice President as he was one of those that certified the “cooked votes”.Trump would pick another VP. *(maybe he already has one!)The Military would then decide if treason was committed by these Congress members who hurriedly certified an election that was a possible hostile take over by a foreign country or agents. (As some of us know, the Military has it ALL, and if TREASON was committed they would receive “quick trial”)The Death Cult is writhing about the Roe V. Wade Supreme Court ruling. This satanic cult is having it’s one biggest source of child sacrifice being removed and has gone after members of the Highest Court in the Nation. This may be the reason the Supreme Court picked these cases.He also touched on the brilliant moves by John McAfee to beat the DS at their crypto currency ponzi scheme.(I have posted more detail about how he was able to use code to undermine the cabal players, send worms into their systems and gain 81 Terabytes of data which is now being used as leverage against them)Juan also mentioned that the owner of the location of the alleged McAfee killing of himself is key.He says to take a deep breath and enjoy the show.
_____________________________________________________________***These satanic deep state globalists are going to see their lives turned upside down and ours will be turned right side up!!


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