December 9, 2022: The Signs Are Everywhere

December 9, 2022: The Signs Are Everywhere

December 9, 2022: The Signs Are Everywhere

December 9, 2022

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Things change fast these days, and despite being way up here in Low Earth Orbit, some of you may have seen this coming.

White House reacts to Sinema no longer being a democrat

I always thought Sinema [cinema?] was a plant. Remember when [s]he wore the mini skirt and thigh-high boots to Congress? There are occasional bits that come up in the truther community that we can tell are winks from the White Hats. They are assuring us that we are watching a “movie” and that the “patriots are in control”. Costumes are important.

The New York Times commented…

The senior senator from Arizona — the first woman to represent Arizona in the Senate, the first Democrat elected to that body from that state since 1995, and the first openly bisexual senator — has never hidden her identity as a maverick. In fact, she’s advertised it. Pretty much every day.

On doing a search we can see that Kyrsten’s colourful choice of attire is frequently discussed in the media so “Independent” is probably a better choice than “Conservative”.

Kirsten Cinema working girl… in Congress.

My all-time favourite, however, was Anthony Fauci making a big production out of wiping his nose on his suit jacket sleeve in full view of the cameras. Right out of the gutter where he lives. And let’s not forget the crazy scarves Deborah Birx always had to wear. She was never without one—until we saw an interview recently on Fox with someone said to be Birx but it was obviously not—and nary a scarf in sight. That, I suspect, was a nod from the White Hats telling us she’d been dealt with as many of the most offensive wastes of oxygen on the planet have been.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and “scarf lady” Dr. Deborah Birx at Covid press conference

Killing and maiming billions of innocent people is one thing—an unforgivable thing; secretly feeding corpses and body parts to us in our food supply is the ultimate betrayal on the list of Crimes Against Humanity—

—only now they aren’t being so secretive about it. They do what they always do; they shape perception and opinion by showing and telling what a wonderful world it would be if we willingly adopted their livestock management strategies.

Yes, we should eat bugs, live off the government dole, own no vehicles or property, and live in those marvelous tiny houses—on wheels!—which they tell us is now a permanent category in home listings as demand increases. See—the constant media bombardment and mind control work.

Did you visit the Human Meat Project website, by any chance?

It might wake up a few people. Of course they had to link “climate change” to the selfish crime of having too many people on the planet. They blame and shame people to buy into it, but I digress.

If you found the image from yesterday’s post of roasted bodies where people sat at table disturbing, the crew points out that it came from a horror movie. They have tried to warn us about many things in movies and television programmes but we usually took it as entertainment, didn’t we? Now we hear that everything from Star Trek to The Simpsons contained ample truths. It may be embellished for—if you’ll pardon the pun—Human consumption, but it does reveal reality in general and we need to consider it.

Do we really know what we’re eating? Why were so many meat processing plants worldwide shut down over the past few months? Why are McDonalds’ restaurants closing? What happens to all the Humans sacrificed to the devils the psychopaths worship? Where are the millions of children abducted, tortured, and murdered for adrenochrome harvesting? It’s no secret that “Soylent Green” was people and we know the deep state lied about or omitted listing ingredients in their “vaccines”. What makes us think they’re honest about what is in the food supply?

…over 99 billion WHAT was served? Was it 99 billion dead people served to the living?

McDonalds’ tagline “billions served” still haunts me and brings back my first [and last] experience at their establishment as a teen when I literally threw up after eating their burger. I can take a hint. Had I known they were “Humburgers” I would not have made the error.

Yet the claims suggest their quality is top of the line; this from their founder in the article at this link about the other restaurant chains they own. Did they originally serve the pure beef they claimed?

“There’s no telling what’s inside a hot dog’s skin,” he wrote. “And our standard of quality just wouldn’t permit that kind of item.”

Most of us don’t believe the revolting claims about cannibalism the first time we hear them so… we persist. Humanity must come to terms with this as part of the “PAIN” Q predicted.

Picking up another thread from yesterday’s post… is this why the White Hats kept Mike Pence around as a “character” in the movie after the original criminal was eliminated? Is he going to be a major Covid fall guy?

The World According to Mike Pence 

I will leave you with the following post from Dan Scavino Jr.

Talk later.  ~ BP

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