December 10, 2022: Counting Down the Days Until…?

December 10, 2022: Counting Down the Days Until…?

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 December 10, 2022

We’re into the double digits of December now, and the temperatures in the Valley of the Sun are dropping. I think it was 39F here last night and we don’t turn on the heat unless it’s really uncomfortable in the house. Since there is frost all over the Christmas tree, maybe it’s time.

Okay, it’s a flocked tree but I got the shortbread dough out of the fridge so I could cut and decorate later and I’m thinking they might soften faster in the fridge. I might be exaggerating a wee bit but sheesh! They said it was going to be a cold winter and I’m thinking that might come to fruition since it’s 64 degrees in here now. Thankfully the sun put us up to 71F last evening. Rain is in the forecast for Sunday and Monday and even cooler temps. I can tell it’s winter because there is cold water coming out of the taps. In summer it’s tepid and perfect for bathing but it’s a distant memory now.

If I only have time to share one thing with you today it is the following audio about the whole Ascension, great escape, Event Flash, and New Home scenarios planned for so long. In fact, S.A. tells us we were meant to leave this putrid place full of evil monsters a year ago around the winter solstice. The Star Nations have it under control but the delay is due to the free will factor as well as some weapons the dark used as booby-traps which complicates things. Despite that, we hear that the whole thing could happen any day now… any hour. We also hear that we would do well to not sit and wait but to go ahead with our projects and things we want to accomplish that bring joy.

We are assured that we will all here the clarion call as a two-hour warning of the Event Flash.

It certainly would account for my feeling that we are waiting for something planned that has not happened and we’re in limbo. They tell us that many of us are feeling the pain in our joints, headaches, insomnia, and an insatiable hunger for carbohydrates and heavy comfort food. S.A. says life will be different when we get to the next realm and we should enjoy all our favourite things now because there are things we will miss from this 3D world.

I agree with Sierra that it’s difficult to fit a 2 hour discussion into a day. I either get interrupted and never get back to it, or I fall asleep if I try to listen at night. This one kept me alert and I was very glad I got it all. Thanks to the crew for the share.

Here’s the link to the website hosting this fascinating December 4 chat with Alan James, an Irish guy I really like, and S.A. Smith, The Girl in the Universe, a spiritual intuitive who is very familiar with the more esoteric side of things as a Lightworker. There is also a brief writeup about the content of this Part 2 of the Circle of White Light show.

This is the direct link to the audio only.

Simon Parkes posted this a couple of days ago.

It Has Started – But In Such A Way As It Doesn’t Look Like A Military Take Over

There is lots of great stuff on SGAnon’s Truth Social channel if you want updates.

The afternoon is winding down and I’ve still a long list so we’ll sign off now.

Eli Dec. 10th, 11 mos.

Eli has been much quieter in the mornings after his breakfast and settles in for a snooze in my office; frequently under my chair. With all the loose skin and fur on his throat you can’t see it, but the eCollar is there. He seems oblivious unless we push the button.

Training in the back and front yard are easy, around the block more challenging with a few distractions. The park was really hard as Eli wanted to sniff the thousands of smells and found it very difficult to stay by my side but he’s improving with practice. The training seems to tire him out so that mental stimulation is almost as good as vigourous exercise.

I stocked up on dog food yesterday and they gave us a Nylabone stocking and a package of Reindeer Poop. Seriously, that’s what it’s called. Eli’s no chump and examined it carefully before consuming. This will be his first Christmas so that makes it fun for us, too.

We hope you will enjoy your weekend focusing on positive things and we’ll be back soon.  ~ BP

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