Seven Blockages to Joy That Could Be Dealt With

Seven Blockages to Joy That Could Be Dealt With

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Date: Sunday, 11-Dec-2022 13:03:27

Seven Blockages to Joy That Could Be Dealt Withby Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLBWe are all aware that people’s suffering is increasing. The response to that is that we should stop what is causing it. Surely there is no reason to watch our species go into a state of permanent grief, if there be a way to avoid it.In this article I look at seven things that we need to deal with.1. Bigness and Its TemptationsAs we know today, there have been great accumulations of power. Sarah Westall notes that some corporations, such as Apple, Amazon, and Aramco, have more than a trillion dollars each in assets. That’s $1,000,000,000,000.00 (a million million) — a lot. The very phenomenon of such accumulation of wealth is a problem. Once it occurs, it is inevitable that our way of making life good gets curtailed.May I give a homely example? During college, in the 1960s, I worked evenings at New England Telephone and Telegraph Co, as an operator at “411.” People would dial 411 to get Directory Assistance. I can say for sure that some callers just called to hear a human voice. Some years later, I heard that the phone company wanted to switch to something more automated and thereby save $25 million a year.I remember calculating that if the savings were only a couple of million dollars (which, nevertheless, was a lot in those days), the company would probably give way to public pressure and keep the human-voice system. But that at $25 million it was “not possible” to use any balancing factor. No matter how much it meant to a lonely person to hear a human voice, or how much it meant to the operators to have a job, the saving of $25 million was irresistible.I mean the decision was made in advance by the largeness of the sum. I also think decisions get made today to produce products that are worthless or harmful, if the estimated profit creates an irresistible temptation. Note: this is not just when one person can enjoy all the profits. If you are a CEO at a large company, you’re responsible to stockholders to watch the bottom line. As CEO, you worry you’ll get fired if you cause the bottom line to be less that it possibly could be.2. The Assumed Good Faith of Authority FiguresAs stated, suffering is increasing. Most people are getting less and less joy. At this moment, I know many things that 99% of the population does not know, as to how the bad situation came about. I don’t want to keep my information secret. In fact, I have published more than a thousand articles and a dozen books to get the word out. But people are resistant to hear it. They want to hear everything from “the proper source.”People would believe whatever they read in the New York Times, or what they hear a priest say from the pulpit. Our brains are made this way. We happily attribute good faith to authority figures. Ah, I hear you say, “The New York Times is not an authority figure.” True, but it has made itself look like one and sound like one. Likewise, school textbooks are authority figures, by association with teachers and the principal of the school.I rarely get anyone to listen to me about the coming catastrophe. Of course, I’d never put it in such a gory fashion as that; I would trim it down to a smaller matter such as “deliberately harmful vaccines.” But even there, I have the problem of not being an authority figure. If the story conflicts with the mainstream position, it is automatically seen to be not in good faith.Regarding vaccines, Dr Vernon Coleman in the UK was definitely an authority figure in the old days at the BBC. They often called upon him to chat about the latest vaccination. The same goes for Dr Peter McCullough in the US, mainly within the medical profession, not for the public. He was revered by colleagues in cardiology.But Coleman and McCullough were made to shut up. The BBC has punished (and smeared) Coleman, and the AMA has punished McCullough. Generally speaking, the public follows this trend! They accept that the bigger authority figure, BBC or AMA, has got it right. This, of course, shelters many bad doings from criticism. The bad guys know that all they need to do is establish such authoritative entities as the BBC or the AMA, and “the sheep” will follow.3. Secrecy and Inaccessibility of GovernmentConsider another reason why I can’t find a ready audience. Much of the bad things I preach about have to do with government, particularly the US legislature and the so-called “agencies.”I am sure that the government is a haven for criminals. Why wouldn’t it be? A criminal has to invest huge effort in hiding his crime and disguising the evidence of it. It would be better for him if he could take over the police and the prosecuting bodies. That way, he could make sure they ignore him and/or protect him.But couldn’t I, the tattle-taler, expose that very fact? Aren’t citizens amenable to logic? And have they not in fact witnessed an occasional instance in the past of a criminal hiding in government? (He/she does not have to become the actual offfice-holde; it suffices to place cooperative persons in the relevant government positions.)Also, citizens are naturally inclined to go along with a government’s claim that it needs secrecy. Furthermore, once something is set up as a “national security matter,” people will honor that even to the point of despising anyone who beaches that security.Chelsea Manning copped a lot of hate for releasing classified US Army documents that showed the US committing war crimes. I believe she was doing her proper duty to America by releasing the documents rather than keeping this knowledge hidden from the public. But the very concept of government secrecy wins unthinking admirers.4. The Sacredness of the CourtA related matter is the untouchability of judicial personages. We have endowed all judges with a freedom that flies in the face of accountability. Technically, a federal judge in the US can be impeached by Congress, but this has happened only eight times in history.All eight were tried (by the Senate) for crimes that were of the corruption type, whereby a judge took a bribe or did something to influence the outcome of a case, to his own advantage.The much more serious matter, however, consists of judges following a secret law instead of public law. A perfect example of this, reported in Eustace Mullins’ book “The Rape of Justice,” has to do with a secret society, the Freemasons, requiring an oath of loyalty whereby a member promises to protect other members, justice notwithstanding.There is also the problem of criminals having placed someone into a black robe for their purposes, as mentioned above. The initial nomination of such a judge is presumably the fault of the president or governor of the day.”Judicial discretion” is also a source of trouble. Consider these three facts: 1. a judge can make a summary judgement, depriving one of the parties of a voice. 2. A judge can rule on whether a certain piece of evidence will be admissible in court. 3. A judge can refrain from hearing a case at all by dismissing it — I have often noted how wide is the discretion of a judge to curtail citizen’s involvement merely by saying that the citizen lacks standing.Note that the New Hampshire Constitution has found a way around that by guaranteeing standing to any citizen who wishes to challenge the use of taxpayer money for such-and-such an expenditure.In my lifetime I have seen a rallying by citizens to get courts to undo particular injustices. It was a cultural trend that carried its own dynamic. Since 1990, or so, one can see an opposite trend, by which the public accepts injustice, or at least seems unaware of its power to make a fuss. I guess you could say that this feeling, too, has its own dynamic: injustice thrives.5. The Pliability of the English Language and the Importance of LyingAnother factor that prevents a suffering people from striking down their nemesis has to do with language. Needless to say, the power of one person over another over has something to do with using words. Even your dog’s behavior is influence by your saying “Bad dog!” But English has many workarounds. A simple message can be changed, deliberately, to keep someone off guard.In his book “Animal Farm,” George Orwell presents a community of horses, dogs, pigs, and birds. They have taken over a human’s farm and are running it cordially until the pigs — especially one pig, Napoleon — figures out how to take advantage. To put it briefly, he does this by re-writing history, by placing blame on innocent animals, and by lying about his own deeds and merits.Today, lying has gone all outdoors, so to speak. The brashness of it is amazing, as when Pfizer keeps repeating “The vaccines are both safe and effective” when they are neither. Or when Democrats, and the media, say “There was no election fraud in 2020.”As English is the only language I know, I can’t be sure if my language is the only one to be twistable, but probably all of them are. I note that in English it is easy to stop a relevant questioner by saying such hogwash things as “We cannot confirm or deny” or “As there is the possibility of a court case, we cannot comment.” That effectively throws up a barrier. (“I don’t remember” and “We’ve lost the records” are pretty good, too!)Another thing to mention is people’s gullibility for false-flag operations, no matter how many times they have been revealed. If Nation A wants to start a war with Nation B, it does something terrible to its own people and then announces that Nation B did it. To say “No, it was us, our own military” is sheer blasphemy.6. Outright Mind ControlOur ability to improve our situation is seriously affected today by the success of many mind-control programs. Covert operators, some of whom were imported from Germany under Operation Paperclip, and some of whom work for Britain’s Tavistock, invented an array of ways to make a person think as you want him to think.Methods include drugs, hypnosis, trauma, torture, and the formation of cults. Cults engage in degradation of an individual as well as peer-pressuring him to conform. Blocking off a child’s potential for learning is also used — she simply does not get to find out that there are other possibilities. Soldiers in training are additionally taught that loyalty requires unity of thinking.The delivery of false news, such as by CNN, is a major power-move today. Indeed, since it is delivered as “news” every evening, there is opportunity for the persons in charge to change the story frequently as needed. Each new version, being the newest, has credibility. Silly as that may be.7. DivisivenessBreaking a solid group into factions is essential for the powerful, to prevent competition.For the human being, membership in one’s group is more important than most people realize. It is the source of needed protection as well as the belongingness that motivates work. It must therefore be attacked. While divisiveness often occurs naturally, I am here looking at the technique known as divide and rule.I suggest that it is worth being suspicious of any religious or political leader who gathers his flock by asserting that only his way is the correct way. People love to hate the bad group and will spend great amounts of their time on this matter, rather than getting together and solving the issues as a unified nation.ConclusionOur ability to solve our huge problems today depends on our becoming at least aware of the seven blockages listed above. To recap, they are: bigness and its temptations, the assumed good faith of authority figures, the secrecy and inaccessibility of government, the sacredness of the court, the pliability of the English language and the importance of lying, outright mind control, and divisiveness.Each of these could be rendered less harmful if we attended to their tricks. It would help even to just talk about them. Why let these deceptions and manners of deference rule the roost?– Note: Mary Maxwell is eager to disseminate her book about the Boston Marathon bombing. Aren’t you a little sick of seeing innocent Americans take the rap for somebody else? Please contact her if interested: She also needs, a.s.a.p., a band to sing the song she wrote: “Jahar on the MTA.”

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