Reader, fwd: “Breitbart, B Inspired News, There are still good people” – Dec 12 2022

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Date: Monday, 12-Dec-2022 06:14:09

(Thanks, R. :)A Reader sends us:=====
B Inspired NewsInspiring Highlights of the Week

Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, sends his team’s official plane to fly University of Virginia football players to Miami so that they can attend the funeral service for their slain teammate.A cat is reunited with his family after being found in a checked bag at the JFK Airport.An Ohio couple delivers packages found on the side of the road after a FedEx delivery driver bizarrely tossed them out of a truck.California Teen Saves Father’s Life When Trapped Beneath Truck:

‘My Son Is My Hero’A California teen is being lauded after he helped save his father’s life, who became trapped underneath a truck they were both working on.WATCH: Houston Volleyball Player Dives on Table to Save Ball During NCAA TournamentA college volleyball player dove and crashed down on a table to save a ball at the NCAA tournament on Saturday.WATCH: Border Patrol Agent Rescues Buck Caught in Fence on Texas RanchA Border Patrol agent in South Texas rescued a young deer trapped in a fence along a ranch in Brooks County. The spike buck managed to get his head through the fence before being trapped by his…WATCH: Officers Rescue Boy, Woman from Freezing Pond: ‘They Acted Without Hesitation’Police in Aurora, Illinois, rescued a nine year old boy who fell through the ice on a retention pond at an apartment complex on November 23.More Real. Happy. News.PHOTOS– Officers Rescue 3 People from Sinking Car: ‘You All Make Us Proud’WATCH – Mom with Twin Newborns, Toddlers Receives $5K and Pile of Diapers from Secret Santa: ‘This Will Help Us So Much’PHOTOS – Anonymous Donor Again Gives $3K to Bless Children with Disabilities: ‘A Ray of Sunshine’WATCH – Mom Who Lost Leg to Cancer Receives Car from Secret Santa’s Helpers: ‘You Guys Are Angels’WATCH: Secret Santa Gives $5K in Tuition, Other Gifts to Student Recovering from Drowning AccidentWATCH – Secret Santa Gifts Treadmill to Woman with Heart Condition: ‘This Will Help a Lot’Secret Santa Gifts Idaho Piano Teacher $15K Credit to Buy Piano: ‘Unbelievable’WATCH – Student Who Helps Those in Need Receives $3K for Car Repairs from Secret Santa: ‘A Fine Young Man’WATCH – School Secretary with Health Challenges Given $20K from Secret Santa: ‘I Never Thought This Would Happen to Me’*************************************************************

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