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Date: Tuesday, 13-Dec-2022 04:41:37

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tues. 13 Dec. 2022Compiled Tues. 13 Dec. 2022 12:01am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities”.The

Mass Arrests Have Begun!
…QQuantum Computer Activated.
We Are a Go.
Green Light
Digital WarA Call to Action
For Peoples of the World.
And Then Fight for Your Freedoms

Write the US Supreme Court on Brunson’s #22-380 Emergency National Security Appeal.Whether a US Citizen, or from another country, you can fight for your Freedom to have your vote count in Fair and Free Elections of your country by writing a letter to the US Supreme Court in support of the Brunson’s #22-380 Emergency National Security Appeal.The petition alleged that Joseph Biden, Kamala Harris, Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, plus 384 members of Congress broke their Oath to Protect the US Constitution from “Enemies foreign and domestic” and risked foreign enemy control of the 2020 US Election by refusing to investigate over 100 documented charges of Election Fraud.An Act of Treason.“We did not come this far, fight this hard, overcome this much, only to surrender our country back to the depraved Washington Swamp”.
…President Donald TrumpThe Cabal Has Planned a Stock Market Crash, Poison Water & Shortages of Food & Goods for this Coming WinterBe Prepared By Having Adequate Supplies of Cash, Food, Water and Essential Items For Yourself and Others“A Christmas Carol”December 11, 2022 – #4865 Music & the Spoken Word (”I think of Christmas time as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time: the only time I know of in the long calendar year when men and women seem by one consent, to freely open up their shut-up hearts and think of people as if they really were fellow-passengers”.
…Charles DickensJudy Note regarding the Global Currency Reset: A text received late Mon. 12 Dec. stated, “Sources are saying the Event will roll out over 3 days with Tiers 2 & 3 today (Mon. 12 Dec.); Tier 4-A Tues. (13 Dec.) and wrapping up with the launch of 4-B on Wed. (14 Dec.).” …A Private BankerHighlights for Mon. 12 Dec. 2022:Mass Arrests Have Begun. …QApocalypse HOPI Prophecy Coming True Floyd ‘Red Crow’ Westerman (Kangi Duta): Apocalypse HOPI Prophecy is Coming True | Floyd ‘Red Crow’ Westerman (Kangi Duta) – YouTubeThe four Brunson brothers are suing the Fed Government. beloved US Constitution was literally hanging by a thread. As Patriots we are obligated to help plant seeds of understanding into the general public in order to prepare them for the upcoming Events that were bound to change our World as we know it.See the below in how you (whether a US citizen or from another country) can make a difference in an upcoming Supreme Court decision on whether or not Congress failed to investigate over 100 complaints of 2020 Election Fraud – complaints that were said to include overwhelming proof of intervention by foreign powers that changed results of the Election – a heinous act of Treason that has taken place many times in other countries and needs to be stopped worldwide.Mon. 12 Dec. Captain Kyle: Military intervention will likely start this week.The US Military has been in control of the country for quite a while.In the Act of 1871 the Cabal took over the US government.Any laws implicated in the 152 years since have been illegal.Everything that has to be done to change back to basics of the original Constitution is massive and must be done in a way that society does not come apart.The Military works in the dark and cold in order to contain people to their homes. We are likely to wake up in the morning to find out something has changed.Cyber Attacks were bogging down networksThe ongoing demonstrations in Brazil is a template on how the public responds to what is taking place.Germany and France are in blackouts and will follow Brazil in becoming a Republic.They are giving power back to The People. We are going to go through a period of understanding what really is and what being a Sovereign person really is.Project 1776 is repatriating people to understand what were their rights given under God.Hold elected officials accountable. Our responsibility is to make sure what has happened to freedoms as outlined in the US Constitution will never happen again.The Supreme Court has asked to see a little case which revolves around the Senate not taking a 10 day break to check accusations of Voter Fraud on Jan 6th. The Supreme Court never do things like this normally. They don’t need any lawyers (to stall or get in the way of justice) and they can view it and act upon it in just hours. They will find the 388 members of the Senate guilty of treason and therefore unfit to hold office. They will probably do this on the last business day before Christmas break (not sure of the date) and so the Senate will all go home and just be told not to come back after holidays (tribunals will come later). This action will null and void ALL elections since 2020 and put Trump back in place instantly. Timing is everything.A CALL TO ACTION: Jan. 6 2023 the Supreme Court was set to meet on a petition by the Brunson brothers that Congress failed to investigate over 100 complaints of 2020 Election Fraud.Because of Congress’s Treasonous Act of not investigating possible Election Fraud, a ruling by the Supreme Court in favor of the Brunson petition could dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress.For the last couple of years the Brunson brothers have on their own dime, taken like cases through Utah State and federal courts.
Now they need the help of all Patriots to see it through the Supreme Court.Imagine if SCOTUS received one million letters from ordinary Americans. Would that indicate the pulse of the nation? How about if ten million students, grandmas, aunts, moms and dads sent them a note of encouragement?Whether a US Citizen or a citizen of another country, you can fight for your Freedom to have your vote count in Fair and Free Elections by writing a letter to the US Supreme Court in support of the Brunson’s #22-380 Emergency National Security Appeal.The petition charges that Joseph Biden, Kamala Harris, Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, plus 384 members of Congress broke their Oath to Protect the US Constitution from “enemies foreign and domestic” and risked foreign enemy control of the 2020 US Election by refusing to investigate charges of Election Fraud.Your original letter could go into a stamped envelope addressed to: Supreme Court of the United States, 1 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20543.A copy could go into a stamped envelope addressed to: Loy & Raland Brunson, 4287 South Harrison Blvd, Apt. 132, Ogden, Utah 84403. *Add $1 dollar to say thanks.A copy could be framed on your wall to remind your posterity of their Patriotic duties and God-given rights to defend freedoms outlined in the US Constitution.For more information: US Supreme Court could:Require the US Capitol Sgt. At Arms and Secret Service officers be instructed to void and repeal credentials of all 388 defendants and escort them out of the US Capitol and White House permanently.Require all 388 Defendants be stripped of any presumed “immunity” for breaking their Oath to Protect the Constitution from “enemies foreign and domestic” by risking foreign enemy control of the election.Require all 388 Defendants be personally liable for $2.9 Billion from their own pockets in Civil penalties for trespassing on God-given unalienable Rights of We the People.From Juan O Savin on writing the nine Supreme Court Justices:We’re waiting on the American People. That’s the reason President Trump did not sign the Insurrection Act. He was advised by Military Intel that signing the Insurrection Act would do the same thing it did for Lincoln – in a matter of months we’d have gone into Civil War.This is part of the reason for the Amicus Letter Campaign (writing letters to the Supreme Court judges in support of the Brunson case scheduled for conference on Jan. 6 2023).We get it right & in enough letters, or we fall on our face. “The pen is mightier than the sword”.You take this action and the Jan. 6 conference goes away. That committee & actions subsequent to J6—VAPORIZE.Write a Letter if
You want J6 Justice?
Border Justice?
Lower Energy prices?
Don’t like 87k new IRS agents?
Don’t like the way the Vote’s conducted & counted?
They’re getting ready to arrest Trump?
WRITE A LETTERThe Supreme Court Justices who sought out this case the same way they sought out the case that overturned Roe v Wade, are under attack. They need to know we’re backing them and that they’re on the right course.This is what we want and we will fight this fight by the pen.Global Currency Reset.A text received late Mon. 12 Dec. stated “Sources are saying the Event will roll out over 3 days with Tiers 2 & 3 today (Mon. 12 Dec.); Tier 4-A Tues. (13 Dec.) and wrapping up with the launch of 4-B on Wed. (14 Dec.).” …Private BankerOn Mon. 12 Dec the Private Banker reported that “everything we have been waiting for was about to take place. … A bad Actor would be militarily removed, the Mainstream Media would begin reporting more and more Real News and people would be removed “from everywhere”. … A couple of things were slated to begin happening on Tues. 13 Dec. Important Events would continue to be made public until the end of the month. It would be a December to Remember.On Mon. 12 Dec. the Iraqi Dinar posted a new $4.00 Rate on the Forex (on the bank back screens and trading upward). The Vietnamese Dong would be posting it’s new rate on Sat. 17 Dec. and Zimbabwe Notes would be posting their rate next week, as would the gold-backed USD likely be coming out Tues. 20 Dec. or Wed. 21 Dec. …A High Up SourceAll US fiat currency has to be turned in to exchange for the new US gold-backed notes by 31 Jan. 2023. …Simeon ParkesOn Sun. 11 Dec. Tony Renfrow sent out a tweet “Today I’ve got calls from the banks both here and in Iraq. Things are definitely moving on both ends. Christmas is coming”.Sat. 10 Dec. Goldilocks: “Banks are preparing to activate the new digital gold backed financial system. At this time, banks are being audited to show proof of assets to support banking transactions. When this is complete, the implementation of an international payment system will come into play”.Thurs. 8 Dec. Captain Kyle: Captain Kyle: “The Iraqi Dinar has Been Re-evaluated in Iraq at $11” QFS XRP IS CLOSE! #Gesara – YouTube The Iraqi Dinar has revalued at $11+ In-country Rate.Only traded and exchanged in Iraq, not yet International. Republics:“Right now senior politicians and people in high office were being arrested, having Tribunals and most of them (in excess of 90%) were being executed. At the start of this there were 450,000 indictments. Now we are getting at the tail end of it”. …Charlie Ward on Fri. 9 Dec. 2022In March 2020 the National Guard was Federalized. On 17 Jan. 2021 that US National Guard was activated by President Trump. One million National Guardsmen in all 50 states were put on a federalized status.Right now the World Alliance Military led by Special Forces of the US and other countries was rescuing children, arresting pedophiles and helping nations across the globe transfer to Independent Republic status using the country’s own military forces backed by Special Forces of the US National Guard, Coast Guards and Department of Navy.The Brunson vs. Adams case at the Supreme Court simply states the obvious: Congress violated the Constitution.Rumor Mills Reading Room:WATCH as Mike Adams and Steve Quayle discuss the globalist plan for mass depopulationBank Cards with a Chip Inside + Antenna! – video 3 mMon. 12 Dec. How To Build A Working UFO (Video)Mon. 12 Dec. More Suppressed Images From The Robert Scott Expedition To Antarctica In 1912 (Video)Fulford preview 12/12: “Gnostic illuminati’s promised world revolution unfolds”.The Real News for Mon. 12 Dec. 2022:Supreme Court Hears Case that could Empower State Legislatures, not Judges, to Regulate Elections: Defense Weapons were at all time low. The Deep State has sold them to countries across the world, plus allowed them to reach the Black Market that accentuates the risk of weapons falling into the wrong hands of terrorist groups.The Bank of International Settlements has warned that pension funds and other non-bank financial firms have more than $80 Trillion of hidden, off-balance sheet dollar debt in the form of FX Swaps.On 30 Jan. 1989 Russell Means delivered an astounding opening statement to a Senate Special Committee on Indian Affairs. Unfortunately 33 years later, the situation for American Indians did not appear to have changed much since: Russell Means – Statement to Congress (Audio Enhanced) – YouTubeQ has it all: The Cabal attempted a coup to overthrow a sitting US President: Thanksgiving financial representatives from all major countries including President Trump, met in Geneva Switzerland and approved GESARA/ NESARA.As the US was functioning under Martial Law that could be made public at any time, the Brunson case at the Supreme Court was being used to educate the Public on what was really going on.Last year the collapse of banks began throughout European nations, Middle East, South America, Canada, Australia and the US – a collapse that would expose a Crypto World money laundering system in all countries.The Deep State in the U.S. plans to create a full authoritarian money system control by implanting Central Banking digital currency (CBDC) as the global economy, although this operation was bound to quickly collapse and expose corruption of the Deep State Shadow Government. A huge Crypto Currency corruption scandal would hit with the COLLAPSE of a major U.S. bank and hundreds of small banks across the U.S.Julian Assange through WikkiLeaks has intel that could result in 98% of all governments in the entire world going down. …SGAnonThe Military Alliance through Space Force was in control of Nuclear Weapons and Threats brought on by the Deep State. …SGAnonRight now in the Pacific Rim & three other continents the Alliance Military were rescuing children and taking down pedophiles. The governments were asked to stand down.International Tribunals were scheduled for mid 2023.“The bad guys planned on arresting Trump before Christmas – but that would open the door for more arrests by the Alliance. The bad guys were beginning to realize that if they arrested Trump they themselves could be arrested, too. It will be interesting to see what happens. I’m beginning to feel the Event would happen by Divine Intervention.” …Charlie WardMon. 12 Dec. Texas: A huge migrant caravan of over 1,000 people crossed illegally into El Paso, TX last night, making it the largest single group we have ever seen. The city of El Paso reports Border Patrol now has over 5,000 in custody & has released hundreds to city streets.


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