Official Admit: British Commandos Are Fighting In Ukraine – Russian Commander: Next Escalation Will Be Nuclear – Filling Silos With ICBMs YARS

Official Admit: British Commandos Are Fighting In Ukraine – Russian Commander: Next Escalation Will Be Nuclear – Filling Silos With ICBMs YARS

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Date: Wednesday, 14-Dec-2022 21:16:04

By WarNews24/7
Translated from GreekThe Russians are preparing the nuclear arsenalFor the first time since the start of the war in Ukraine, there is an official admission of British special forces involvement. Britain’s Royal Marines have taken part in “high risk” covert operations in Ukraine, the country’s General has revealed for the first time.According to the Russians, British forces are present in every armed formation in Ukraine. The British plan and direct deep strikes deep into Russian supply lines. They are the ones who select targets and direct the MLRS HIMARS missiles.Britain’s national newspaper The Times reports that Royal Marines took part in “discreet operations” on Ukrainian soil lasting several months, it saidThe article quotes statements by Major General Robert Magowan in the British Armed Forces Gazette. Magowan is a former Commandant of the Royal Marines, having joined the elite Royal Navy unit in 1989.The lieutenant general in his introduction states that:“(…) the commandos had supported discreet operations in a highly sensitive environment. Our operations involved high political and military risk.”British special forces in Ukraine
Regarding the details of Magowan’s statement, the Times article states:”In the Globe and Laurel, the official publication of the Royal Marines, it described how 350 marines from 45 Command escorted diplomats from the British embassy in Kyiv (in Poland) earlier this year when it became clear that Russian troops were preparing to invasion. Commandos returned to Kyiv in April to protect the embassy as Britain sought to restore its diplomatic presence there.Prior to this statement, information about the presence of American and British troops (not just mercenaries) was strongly dismissed as untrue by the majority of the media. Russian President Vladimir Putin has described events in Ukraine as a conflict between Russia and “the entire Western military apparatus” and claimed in September that entire military units in Ukraine were “de facto under the command of Western advisers.”Putin’s estimates were rejected. “There is no evidence of the involvement of NATO ground forces in Ukraine ,” Edward Arnold from the London-based think tank Royal United Services Institute told the BBC and added:“There are also no NATO commanders directing Ukrainian units on the battlefield. It is also highly unlikely that this will happen in the future as NATO tries to mitigate the risks of escalation.”Magowan refutes him in the Globe and Laurel:“In January this year, 45 Commando Group moved at short notice – in the middle of the dark winter of northern Norway – to evacuate the British Embassy in Kyiv, Poland. The International Response Force 999, if you will. Then, in April, they returned to the country to restore the diplomatic mission and protect key personnel.In both phases, the Commandos also supported other discreet operations in a highly sensitive and high civil and military risk environment.”The aforementioned 45th Command, based at the RM Condor base in Arbroath, Scotland on the North Sea coast, “specializes in Arctic warfare ,” according to the Times. The Times article explains that earlier in the year the commando unit “took part in exercises in Norway when it was briefly transferred to Poland to help with the evacuation while training in the frozen mountains and fjords above the Arctic Circle.”Magovan also confirmed support for the training of Ukrainian soldiers, praising “the role of the marines in training the armed forces of Kiev.”The general wrote:
“In addition to broader defense, we have been heavily involved in training hundreds of Ukrainian servicemen this summer. We also plan to train Ukrainian marines.”It is the first time the military has admitted that British forces were also involved in special operations while in Ukraine.Remember in the video the presence of American soldiers in Ukraine: At sourceFirst armed conflict between Russian and American forces in Bakhmut – Americans fall into an ambush & retreat – The 5 dramatic minutesRussian Commander: The next escalation will be nuclear!
Russia is unable to “defeat the NATO bloc” without using nuclear weapons, a Russian commander has admitted.Alexander Khodakovsky, commander of Russian forces in Donetsk, stressed that Russia is fighting against the entire Western world, so the next escalation of the war in Ukraine ” can only be one: nuclear”.”We know our capabilities. We realize the limits of our resources.If NATO countries exceed certain limits, eg dispatch of Leopard tanks. They are very close to crossing the red line.Everyone realizes that the next escalation will be nuclear.We do not have the capabilities to defeat the NATO bloc by conventional means. But we have the nuclear weapons for that.That’s why there is only one option ,” said Mr. Khodakovsky.YARS in silos – Operational mode
The Kremlin has not commented on these statements of the Russian commander, but a development shows that Moscow is intensively preparing for such a moment.Russia’s Yars intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) has been siloed at the Kozelsk formation in central Russia’s Kaluga region, the Russian Defense Ministry announced today, and will now be ready for operational use.This news was reported by the Russian state news agency TASS, while the Commander of the Strategic Forces Formation stated that this is an extremely positive development, because now the Yars intercontinental ballistic missile can be put into operational operation according to the schedule as planned, thus strengthening the Russian strategic missile forces.Russian tabloid newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that the Yars missile complex, which was loaded in the Kaluga region, has a power “12 times greater than the American bomb that destroyed Hiroshima” – referring to the atomic weapon that fell on the Japanese city on August 6. 1945.The mass-circulation newspaper report outlined some of the missile’s specifications, which include a launch weight of 46,000 tonnes, an operational range of up to 12,000 kilometers (7,456 miles) that can hit the US or anywhere in Europe, and a payload of up to 500 kilotons .The RS-24 Yars is an improved version of the earlier Topol-M. Known in the West as SS-29, it was developed by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering and was first tested in 2007.Able to prepare for launch in seven minutes, the missile can be launched from a prepared site, a special silo with a sliding roof, or from an unprepared position during battlefield deployment.The Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that the missile was installed in the silo using a special transport and loading unit in an operation that lasted several hours.Vadim Vyazovsky, an engineer, said: “I am proud of Russia that my country puts into operation such products that the motherland can sleep peacefully.”Yars was put on display in October during military exercises of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces overseen by Vladimir Putin. Igor Korotchenko, then told the Russia-1 channel that it is “very important to show who our main opponent is and what awaits him”.Numerous videos at source:

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