December 13, 2022: Ring-Ring! Hello? Reality Calling [videos]

December 13, 2022: Ring-Ring! Hello? Reality Calling [videos]

December 13, 2022


As most of us now realize, this “war” is not a brief skirmish. It has been raging quietly behind the scenes in many ways, in many countries while the masses went on with life, for the most part oblivious to the insidious overlay of evil draped on every aspect of our lives.

It’s true that Humans are extremely adaptable and we can get used to almost anything. Even tyrannical edicts such as the ones that erupted during the plandemic three years ago were absorbed and relegated to the “minor annoyance” category by the docile sheeple who believed it was all for our own good.

Perhaps the most surprising offshoot of the hoax is the fact that some people are still walking around on a daily basis with masks on—including driving alone in their car and out walking the dog when no one else is in close proximity. What, pray tell, happened to their brains? Their common sense?

One would think that as an evolving race, Humanity would get wiser over the decades but the wily controllers knew how to keep us under their spiny thumb. We continue to fall for their lies, fake science, thuggery, and media-driven campaigns to keep fear circulating. Their toothy smiles assure us politicians are working hard for us yet all the while they are plotting behind our backs to strip everything from us and exterminate us.

There are many who do not believe a conspiracy of such massive girth could possibly be in play, yet the deaths from the diseases we dedicate millions of dollars to cure continue to fell untold numbers. Who would allow such evil to persist, fester, and infect our civilized society? How could this happen?

It seems Humanity may have one last chance to rally their intelligence sufficiently to jump from the pot that has been on the slow boil for decades. Some frogd may be too far gone in their reverie but the warriors doing their utmost to salvage as much of our ranks as possible believe we will find only four to six per cent simply won’t emerge from their stupor and face reality. Their psyches are so damaged, so fragile, that they cannot accept what has happened at the hands of the psychopaths. Only the very brave can sustain the bludgeoning of truths we have and emerge unscathed.

We suppose the casualties believe life was meant to be this way; dark and difficult, but we know from our crafty warriors that the tables have been turned, the ultimate funerals for Satan’s minions are taking place and we are gradually being set free.

White Hat Military Installations DESTROY Vaccine-Contaminated Blood Stockpiles

Some, however, are so suspicious, so lacking in faith that after six years or so of seeing the benevolent forces at work, showing us what is happening, and accurately predicting future events sometimes to the day and hour, they still think it’s a ruse or that it’s not being handled properly or expeditiously enough.

Millions of us know that the Q Military Intelligence unit is the real deal. There have been too many ‘coincidences’ for it to be any other way. We have had too many “Q proofs” and validations by key people for any doubt to survive.

Dec 13, 2017 12:12:53 AM EST
Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 9044d9 No. 85926
Patriots, rest assured we are in control.
Watch, confirm, and disseminate.
The country is not divided, this is fake news. ANTIFA was organized purely for optics re: division.
It’s FAKE!
Estimated 4-6% we consider ‘hopeless’ and forever brainwashed.
Re-read crumbs re: slave grip the D’s have on the black pop.
Why is this relevant?
Why are jobs/economy (growth) relevant?
This requires a DEEP CLEANING.
These people are stupid.
You are safe.
Have faith.

As the saying goes, For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.

Perhaps this 22 seconds will suffice for “proof”.

Google Search Proves Existence of the Deep Mil Intel Q-Patriot Operation

I also did a search on to see the other results and what people are saying about that revelation above. What are the chances that the NSA—who have the utmost in technology related to data, information and security—would have a connection like that to the Illuminati linked to their organization? And for those who believed the nonsense that the Illuminati was a myth, a conspiracy theory… I think not.

The ultimate result of a world steeped in evil and rendering Humans powerless is that the faithless cannot conceive of a benevolent Creator whose spark animates each of us. They cannot accept that an evil so lacking in compassion or Light could take over the world and corrupt the perfection designated by the Creator. That is a very dark place to dwell.

As people come to terms with the sad truth that our fellow man sold us out for money, fame, power, and more, it will be their anger and resentment that are simmering and soon to come to a boil.

Treaties, code of honour, oaths of office—even the Galactic Codex meant nothing to the controllers who sought only to empower and enrich themselves. Soon “prey” will take on a whole new meaning to most of Humanity; those most difficult to rouse from their blissful slumber—and blissful it will seem after the grotesque, brutal nature of the psychopaths running the world comes to Light. Fine Young Cannibals they are not.

We understand that some souls will be unable to face the truth and may retreat from this realm. Suicides are expected, but after painstaking efforts to show the world the operating system that has maintained the status quo for so long, they hope to enlighten the majority and help us move forward with new eyes, new hope, and determination to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.

The risk of taking so long to expose the truth is that we are gradually losing some of the best and the brightest. They may have been suffering and chose their exit. Our lives are shortened in this density and the morbid nature of the medical industrial complex means millions die too soon.

The three-way discussion linked below with illustrations courtesy of James Rink explains from several viewpoints what has happened in our world to make it such an evil and dangerous place. Use discernment, as always, but I believe much of this will resonate with those who have researched and come to a basic understanding that we have been lied to about everything—including the nature of Creation. Thanks to the crew for the share. It is fascinating to consider. 2 hrs.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=5x3axT7PWX&p=https%3A//

Super Soldier Talk – Secret History of SSP Breakaway – Nav War and Colin

Unfortunately, the constant barrage of disinformation and propaganda via the cabal’s mainstream media outlets meant that over time the population got lazy and failed to use their potential for critical thinking. The atrophy of our discernment and knowledge base deteriorated to the point that most people will believe anything they hear or read in a magazine.

The Covid hoax was the culmination of decades of brainwashing and indoctrination. Who could believe a conspiracy of this scope could be perpetrated on the entire world? And that is why they were successful—except for the few of us who were wise enough to question and had a common sense background to give us the perspective needed to realize a tremendous snow job descended from governments who used the most despicable of methods to control people and strip them of their rights.

Then the real crime was injected on the populace: the “vaccines” touted as the magic bullet that would save lives and end the fake pandemic. Did I share this video below yet? Did you miss it? It’s only 5 minutes long and one we can’t afford to skip. Please share.

This Canadian doctor explains the “vaccines” in terms of what they are designed to do to the Human body. We were warned that in 3 – 5 years we would see the death toll rise to astonishing levels. Who will be a party to that? All of us—if we don’t warn the rest.

Please watch “Boosters for Life” at State of the Nation.

We understand that the Wu Flu scamdemic and the subsequent associated crimes will be what enables us to take the entire parasitic, satanic structure down and everyone complicit in it.

Military Arrests Covid-19 Coordinator Jeff Zients

There are very real conspiracies unfolding and planned all over the world to manipulate the minds of the unwary and shape the trajectory of events in favour of the globalist controllers. They have controlled everything that happens on this planet to the point that nothing is left to chance. If they need something to happen, they MAKE it happen. Case in point—9/11.

The Illuminati agenda was to reduce the population from 7 billion to 500 million; the remainder being genetically manipulated into non-Human or “transhuman” entities easily controlled by those engaging in “animal husbandry” here on “the farm”, as Earth is called by some races of Beings. The Human race would be little more than robotoids.

Poison air, toxic water, genetically modified food, lethal drugs, the suppression of healing substances, gun confiscation, fake pandemics… none of it worked fast enough. To speed things along, the globalists are going to use their mind-controlled hirelings to starve us, prevent us from having the energy we need to fuel our society and cause chaos and suffering.

There have been reports that Microsoft’s Bill Gates has been buying up land in America where fields will go fallow and produce no food. Meat processing plants have been shut down. Cattle and livestock including chickens have been decimated—probably due to the claimed diseases released in their midst by the evil ones. Very mysterious mass die-offs of many species of creatures from birds to caribou to whales have plagued our truther circles for years. Now energy in the form of gas, oil, electricity, nuclear, coal have all been targeted.

Who Is Purposely Sabotaging Power Plants All Over America?

I can report the “fake meat” selection in our meat section at the grocery store has ballooned recently. Most people aren’t nutritionally aware of what dietary changes can do. What’s their Plan B to supplement the protein, etc. in a meatless diet? How many crickets does one have to consume, exactly, to get enough protein? What happens if the food sources for crickets dry up? What then? What if people don’t want to engage in cricket husbandry?

If we are the glass-half-full sort, we might take the tack that all our big challenges can be put right or at least accommodated quite easily if the advanced methods of providing for Humanity are introduced. We can go back to the aetheric [Tesla] energy and global power plants used long ago before the parasites decided to privatize and charge us for everything.

We can use replicators to provide nourishing food and other things we need. Our civilization will radically change when we abandon the systems used by the controllers to profit from Humans and prey on them; to keep us backward and in the dark ages, relatively speaking. We know the technology available would seem like magic to most of us. We have little concept of what is possible. The 6,000 patents soon to be released will do wonders.

Hopefully there are water treatment devices and systems for desalination of the ample sea water on the planet which would eliminate the lack of clean water for so many. The world provided for us originally by our Creator was based on beauty, functionality, and abundance.

What would it take to get Humans to change to completely different methods of living? While Humans are very adaptable, many would rather fight than switch. Some of our creativity has been shut down by the so-called educations we’ve been given. Add to that the fact that the true physics of the Universe has been hidden.

Might it be a strategy of the guardians to “force” the passing of old ways to facilitate the introduction and implementation of the new? Just a thought.

So much has gone into protecting us and ensuring our eventual jail break that I am confident that while the process may be painful at times, in the end we will fare far better. I have the faith and knowing that our future is bright and blissful.

As strains of saxxy Yuletide tuneage float on the frigid breeze circulating in the house, I cling to nostalgic snatches of days gone by with family and friends over the years… before Reality called and changed everything. Christmas dreaming, you might say.

Not only looking back, but also forward we anticipate the developments around some of the biggest stories yet to unfold… like this one.

Judge Orders Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs to Appear at Emergency Court Hearing Over Election Lawsuit

Before I go I had to share this incredible “prop” as some claim it to be. So often a truth is covered up or explained with stories about a “contest” or a movie or a publicity stunt. Yes, some of the giant skeletons circulating the Internet were lied about and said to be part of a Photoshop contest.

The video of a naked young man descending knotted sheets or curtains at Buckingham Palace stables wing was attributed to a publicity stunt. It appears to be more of an act of desperation. We heard the frightened young man fell and did not survive.

What do you make of the video below? Fabulous fake? If it is, it is the most convincing fakery I’ve ever seen. Why were there dragons featured prominently in “Game of Thrones”, along with dormant dragons’ eggs, etc. ?

Why were they cast in an almost starring role in “Avatar? I say nothing is impossible, and maybe there’s good reason for our obsession with dragons.

I’m on the clock, running on empty. Adios for today.

It was Number One to the rescue yesterday and everything is copacetic today. We hope any frustrations you experienced accessing the site have vanished and your cruising experience with us is a pleasant one.   ~ BP

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