December 16, 2022: On the Downward Slide to the Winter Solstice [videos]

December 16, 2022: On the Downward Slide to the Winter Solstice [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 December 16, 2022

On the 5th day of Christmas… after the partridge, the turtle doves, and the calling birds I’m glad we got away from all the avionics. The droppings were a bit much and gold is a solid investment that will stand the test of time.

One of those golden rings brings a new facet of the Canadian Sherman murders from five years ago and what do you know—it’s political—from the party that makes things happen; the globalists. Link to Telegram.

Barry Sherman Lobbying Conviction Could Have Removed Trudeau From Office

Here in the Great White Northern hemisphere it’s almost the Winter Solstice, and down under they approach the Summer Solstice. Lucky them. That’s a pronoun now, you know. Politically and socially correct. Or… be offended.

We may be separated by geography and water, but Humanity is going through the same process and we have largely united.

In fact, you may surmise there is really no difference between Canada and the United States any more. The deep state has infiltrated everywhere. We heard the FBI assisted Turdeau in tracking and retaliating against patriots participating in the truckers’ freedom rally in Ottawa last January.

They all work together and the 49th parallel “border” is simply an imaginary line used to make life difficult for We, the People with family and jobs in both the US and Canada. The cabal has tunnels everywhere to carry on their Human/arms/drug trafficking unseen by the surface population.

Want to know more about tunnels and DUMBs [deep underground military bases]? Patriot Underground hosted a blockbuster round table with Kerry Cassidy and Gene Decode this week and when Kerry and Gene get together you get the straight goods and a reality you don’t hear anywhere else. Must listen for the education you thought you had—but don’t. Thanks to the crew for pointing to this one. There is a summary of the topics under the video at PU’s Rumble channel at the link.

Roundtable With Kerry Cassidy & Gene Decode

The following is another must listen but short video from a hero who lost his life for telling it true. Milton William [Bill] Cooper, former US Navy, who was gunned down by lawless cabal operatives in front of his home in Arizona not that long ago. He did much to inform and warn people; flyers, books, [Behold a Pale Horse] radio shows, lectures—and after he warned about 9/11 they took him out. Link to Telegram. 1 min. 19 sec.

The Roman Circus..🎪

William Cooper in his famous CNN interview..

He’s right and that’s why he was killed..

I’m still seething over the experience at the veterinary hospital yesterday and since the interest in pet vaccinations is keen, here is a 34 minute discussion with Dr. John Robb and Dr. Will Falconer, a former classmate of my holistic vet who helped us detox Eli after his two rounds of ‘puppy shots’. Robb has been fighting the irrational vaccination indoctrination and offers facts and research on titers to prove immunity is present in a pet to avoid needless and harmful shots.

At Dr. Robb’s website,, you’ll learn how you can save money on titer testing and get his official “Immunity Certificate” for your animal. Also there are petitions to help you get your state’s legislatures to change their out of date rabies laws and letters you can use to write individual law makers.

“The titer tells us the pet has already achieved immunity. So there’s no benefit from the vaccine…you’re injecting something that can only harm, with no benefit. That’s malpractice, in my opinion.”

The comments below the audio are good as well. Dr. Falconer says…

Dr. John Robb joins me to discuss titers and immunity. He’s gathered a lot of data on titers in pets to inform his stance. Dr. Robb wants to see titers accepted widely by all licensing authorities as a means of preventing over-vaccination.

Can we ever one hundred per cent detox from vaccines or reverse vaccine damages? Petitioning our policy-makers to end forced vaccinations for our pets is a good place to start avoiding the problem before suffering begins and information about that is included on the page linked above. States with solid, Trump-endorsed leadership just might be willing to attack the pet vaccination corruption if the People demand it.

I did a quick search on how long it would take a dog to develop antibodies after a rabies shot and, as I suspected, refusing to do Eli’s surgery yesterday unless he was vaccinated on the spot to protect hospital staff and pets onsite isn’t even junk science; it’s fear porn and bullying—not to mention a cash cow.

An animal can be considered immunized within 28 days after initial vaccination, when a peak rabiesvirus antibody titer is reached. An animal is considered currently vaccinated and immunized if the initial vaccination was administered at least 28 days previously or booster vaccinations have been administered in accordance with recommendations. Source

And check this out:

Duration of immunity after rabies vaccination in dogs: The Rabies …

Our data demonstrated that i) duration of immunity to rabies in vaccinated dogs extends beyond 3 years; ii) immunologic memory exists even in vaccinated dogs with serum antibody titer < 0.1 IU/mL; and iii) non-adjuvanted recombinant rabiesvaccine induces excellent antibody responses in previously vaccinated dogs 14 days after administration. Source

So for individual states to demand rabies shots at all is pushing it, but to mandate that pets get rabies “boosters” every year or even three years is absurd when a titer would probably show antibodies are present and the animal is protected for life as some researchers have suggested.

How do some vets get around the science? They make titer tests so obscenely expensive that most people would opt for the $20 booster over a $245 titer test. This is mob rule, is it not? Intimidation! But it’s the client’s choice.

Eli found an errant pine needle to chew on by the fire last night

It’s up to us to be informed and our loved ones’ best advocates, folks. We are their medical power of attorney. For me to be able to live with myself, I’m going to have to step up to the plate. The last time I would choose to vaccinate my baby is at the time of a surgery when he needs his immune system in peak condition to heal.

Knowing that vaccines have harmed our pets, a thinking person might then consider that perhaps vaccines are harming people, too—particularly the very young before their immune systems are mature. Without a fully-functioning immune system, what protection do we have?

The problem with vaccine damages is that the mild to horrific effects in pets usually don’t manifest on the spot. It’s usually weeks or months later when seizures, autoimmune conditions, allergies, etc. emerge so the correlation is lost and vaccines don’t get the bad rep they deserve. And thanks to recent legislation, Big Pharma is now immune from lawsuits related to “vaccines”.

The big picture on the toxic potions peddled by Big Pharma with impunity has yet to emerge into the mass consciousness, but after the death of three journalists covering the FIFA soccer matches in Qatar, the push is on.

How do physicians who know—or even suspect—live with themselves? Doctors and psychologists have become legalized drug pushers and so have veterinarians. Time to go.

Some of us will speak for the children. Some of us, the animals. Link to Telegram for video clip.

John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address inspired children and adults to see the importance of civic action and public service. His historic words, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” challenged every American to contribute in some way to the public good.

I bet Kari Lake would get these unfounded pet vaxx laws trashed. Link to Telegram.

Funny how Q told us to focus directly on Arizona and now Kari Lake has a legitimate chance to be the first dominoe in fixing and truly exposing our broken and rigged election systems.
She hasnt wavered in her commitment to fight for We the People.
We are with you Kari Lake.

Telegram (
Praying Medic
A ruling has been issued in the Kari Lake v Katie Hobbs case allowing for the inspection of Maricopa County ballots with certain provisions.

Summary of what happened in Arizona in the 2022 election. 6 min.

Elon Musk is Tweeting… and it’s most intriguing.

It’s right in front of our faces. Bad Bunny, indeed.

El-ite artistic endeavours

It could be a very difficult Christmas for a lot of people. We’ve just learned of the passing of the father of some good friends; thrice boosted, stroke. He went relatively soon thereafter. That’s not any easier to take after loosing a puppy, too. Love and hugs go out to all the hurtin’ units in the world dealing with pain and suffering of any kind. Our loved ones are in a far better place when they leave here and they probably earned their exit.

This is my favourite video of the week. It’s from David Icke, and very different from his usual. This is about the true nature of our reality, and that is its title. If all of Humanity understood this, the way forward would be easier. Ready for a lovely stroll in the woods?×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=AAEFvM1Np4&p=https%3A//

The Nature Of Reality – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

The crew reminded us to watch the water on December 16. Does the release of Avatar 2: The Way of Water have anything to do with the Q post below? It opens in theatres today.

Feb 15, 2018 1:08:41 AM EST
Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 276796 No. 382161

We’re closing today with a selfless wish and a beautiful rendition from Chris Botti with Eric Benét of “I really don’t want much for Christmas.” If this was the intention of all of Humanity, it might manifest a Christmas miracle.

Signing off for now. Tomorrow’s a big day for 17.  ~ BP

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