Q’sDay December 17, 2022: The Surreal Getting Real Consequences [videos]

Q’sDay December 17, 2022: The Surreal Getting Real Consequences [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 December 17, 2022

On the sixth day of Christmas… it appears from the trends I’m seeing on social media that the time has come for consequences—and yes, they’re Canada geese. What did you expect? We’re back to the birds again, and the bigger the birdie, the bigger the… egg.

Around the world, turbulence is rumbling the guts of Humanity and the cabal and those power struggles erupt in the news.

What’s trending on Twitter:

“Epstein Island” and “LOCK HIM UP”

It appears the dark past is coming back to haunt the treasonous, murdering deep state. Link to Telegram for Steve Bannon/Jack Posobiec audio.

The Newly-Released JFK Files Drop Bombshells In The Kennedy Assassination Investigation –

My PC did an update and Firefox removed “restore previous session” from the menu and all the tabs on that browser are gone other than a few most recent ones so I’ve wasted valuable time trying to find answers on how to fix that. As a result, this post will be short[er].

At 12:50 pm my time the Rumble video platform was down completely. Communication blackout?

When I refreshed the page and it came back up, this video presented. Qincidence?


The crew urges us to access the report on the military tribunal of Speaker Nancy Pelosi aka Nazi Pelosi. It seems she encountered consequences.

Thirteen hours over two days is how long it took Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall of the United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps to present evidence against former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whom a 3-officer panel found guilty of treason, seditious conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit murder late Thursday afternoon.

Nancy Pelosi Military Tribunal, Part I


From Telegram on Peru:

In Peru, the army performs a parade and positioning to confirm the state of emergency in the country, which delimits some personal rights to guarantee security, law and order.

Elections figure heavily into current events at this time, and we are seeing small, positive developments. The consequences of the US election rigging are trickling out. Recounts. Litigation.


I was kidding when I said instead of “election day” it should be “election months”—but that is precisely what is happening in America since November 8, 2022. It seems like years ago.


This should get the attention of a few snoozers.

INVASION UPDATE: Illegal Aliens Filmed Popping Up Out of Sewers in El Paso

For SGAnon fans, he posted his first interview with the PPN guys. [See below]. I was listening on my iPad last night and the audio disappeared. Lips were moving but no sound so now I am listening to the remainder. It has over 17,000 views and is working fine.

Our knowledge base colours our perceptions and listening to researchers helps us become more informed and see the world through better lenses so we have a more accurate picture of what is unfolding and what the future might hold.

Both SGAnon and Derek Johnson have broad appeal and generated huge audiences very quickly and for good reason. I rely on conversations like these to fill in the gaps in my knowledge base because I can’t follow all the developing stories or dig deeply into most of them. It helps prioritize the operations so I innerstand the significance and what is important to follow going forward.

The SG segment begins around the 20 minute mark. Total video 1 hr. 17 min.  ;0)


SGAnon Sits Down w/ PPN

As they point out, and Q has stated, the Military is the only way, but it may not look the way we might think. Historically, military involvement may have meant in-your-face soldiers, regime change, violence, dictatorial rule, etc. but we have the involvement of the Star Nations and outside this twisted, Satanic, predatory world we occupy, love is the vibration that guides everything and that reality is also guiding what happens here for Humanity.

Benevolent forces are the guiding Light and peace and compassion are the goals as we move through this process to educate and liberate Humanity. The military involvement is kept either entirely hidden, or very low key. Blatant examples of uniforms will probably not manifest in most areas and will be limited to any locations where the cabal’s minions organize to commit acts of violence.

Military assets would be used to protect civilians and property as required. To conclude that nothing is happening because we don’t see National Guard, Army, etc. in the streets is baseless. That’s not how it’s going to go and “martial law” doesn’t mean what most believe. That is why the Law of War Manual was updated in 2015 and Q repeatedly indicated sections of that manual relating to “foreign occupation” and steps the military would be required to take to address it. That doesn’t translate to marching in the streets enforcing lockdowns—unless that is determined necessary.

In his videos Derek Johnson has been educating people on this extensively. It’s fascinating, but very detailed. Our personal “edumacation” needs at least a rudimentary understanding to interpret what we see every day.

The comms and decodes on SGAnon’s Truth Social account are fantastic and exciting, in my opinion. To discount President Trump’s “speeches” as anything but comms is to fail to understand the nature of this war. Everything the Q Team puts in front of us, whether it’s a Trump speech, a Dan Scavino video, a Truth Social post, or an update from someone else, we can wring clues and messages from it if we know what to look for. I would not discount these things at all and there are folks who post the meanings and their interpretations all day long on Telegram if you want to decipher the comms.

We don’t have to do the decoding or scour social media like an obsession. There is plenty of material available so I just look at what comes my way and it’s enough. There is ample evidence that the military are in control. As digital soldiers we were called upon to share information and that is what we do. There is good and bad but overall the news is good and we are headed in a positive direction so let’s keep our sense of humour, support those who are doing good work and keep the ball rolling.

The situation evolves every day, even if we don’t see anything different because the firm hand of “martial law” is the guiding hand. The consciousness of you enlightened souls is making more of a difference than you know so we hope you will continue to stay engaged.

SGAnon posted the following explanatory video: 17 seconds long.  If you are on Truth Social I recommend you have a look at the comms he shared in the last 24 hours or so. A lot is happening and it’s no secret.

Military/Trump Showing Us w/out Saying It | Military Justice is the Only Way Forward

Doesn’t this seem surreal? How can it be real? How could this be allowed to happen unless… maybe it is just a movie?

DEVASTATING! AWFUL: Six Year Old CANADIAN Girl DIES After Suffering MASSIVE Stroke, we suspect vaccine induced and messages from close people say so, MUST be investigated, it has begun!


Join 👇🏻

Because Q said it’s a movie, I clung to that in hopes that this is all a bad dream and we will awaken to a bright and shiny new world without disease and parasites. And Satanists.

It’s time to wise up about the plandemics, folks. It’s all about the money—and getting rid of most of the population while pretending to protect us. See the revealing article below for the decode.

“The frequency and impact of pandemic-prone pathogens are increasing. Modest investments in PPR capacities can prevent and contain disease outbreaks, thereby drastically reducing the cost of response”

Pandemic Preparedness: The New Parasite


The other day I said that the Tip Jar on the sidebar of our website was set up to send donations directly to Number One but I assumed he had made the necessary changes after the PayPal issues awhile back when he had not. It wasn’t set up so if you were trying to send a token of your appreciation to Patrick as our Engineer/Webmaster to keep him on retainer you may have experienced a mal. It is set up now with a new payment processor, FYI, and we appreciate your tokens of gratitude although we do not solicit financial support because that is not how we operate. We both absorb what we can and do what needs to be done regardless of the personal expense. In the past Patrick has let me know when a large donation comes through and we split it, so thank you to all who have been so generous. It’s always a nice surprise. Now that Number One has rendered us a fully secure website with an SSL certificate, things should be easier for everyone.

Now for the canine section…

Eli snuggled in his new blanket for about 2 minutes, then dragged it across the kitchen where he could watch me baking his cheesy chicken treats.

The photo below was a mistake, or the result of my other half testing a lens and from a photographer’s standpoint it is drastically over-exposed, but from my standpoint it is a ghostly image of our first Golden puppy, Morgan, who immigrated to Phoenix with us. Sometimes errors bring us gifts and when this popped up in the images, I felt it had a place today. He looks like he can see beyond, doesn’t he?

All the drama around our dogs; births and deaths seems to take place around Christmas. Morgan developed lymphoma and we sent him over the Rainbow Bridge on Boxing Day, 2013, two days before Mica was born. Eli was born the day after Mica, 8 years later. Mica developed osteosarcoma and a few months after a rabies shot died of some kind of heart failure on January 27, 2022, barely 8 years old. I can’t help but reflect on our fur babies at this time of year.

We so often refer to dogs as “rescues”, but in reality I think they are the ones doing the rescuing. We take them to their job sites and they instinctively do them. Kind of like us; they put us here in this upside-down chaotic place with no memory of who we are and we are just doing what we feel we must do as best we can. It seems to me that our pets are screaming: DON’T GET VACCINATED—and don’t let them vaccinate us!

Signing off for today. Have a delightful, festive weekend and watch the world change before your eyes.  ~ BP

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