Council of Overseers: The Alignment Of The Sun, The Center of The Galaxy and You – Dec 19 2022

Council of Overseers: The Alignment Of The Sun, The Center of The Galaxy and You 

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The Center of the Galaxy is believed to sit at 27 degrees Sagittarius ~ and on December 18th till the 20th, 2022 we will experience The Sun aligning with the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Most of you remember the major event in December 2012. Ten Earth Calendar years ago.

The significance of this to you personally will play out based on your own individual Blueprint. Just as the 2012 alignment impacted all beings uniquely. It is important to remember this and use this opportunity to go deeper within you. This is the only way awareness grows. YOU must know what you are.

Take the so called time (it is all relative) to slow down and really find out what you believe you are. This knowing; whatever it is, wherever you are on your journey, is the inner space where this alignment will impact you.

With no awareness, you will not be aware of what is impacting you ~ that is simple. So first develop inner awareness, make that connection, so that you become aware of what is shifting inside you consciously. This connection is why you are here and reading this now.

The entire Galaxy revolves around this Central point. This includes our Solar System. Your foundation, your inner heart, your awareness and knowing, is also evolving and aligning with this central place. As much as you are aware of this inner core you, to the same degree you will experience this opportunity.

Your Higher Self awareness and the transcendence of the limited you, is the evolving you ~ that is experiencing a shift, leading to your full self actualization in the ascension process.

Your heart, your awareness, activated anew with the Suns bathing energies of these higher frequencies with your consciousness. This is what this is and again is unique to you. You may feel this as the Central Sun alignment with all that you are conscious of BEING within you.

The potential acceleration of what one is aware of Being now, is the grand gift that this alignment brings to you.

With many beings in alignment with the Central Sun and The Divine Council of Overseers, we bring to you this greater awareness so that you will know what you know of yourself to be. So that you will understand what is taking place for you.

The heart only knows. Live, see and breathe through this. In this we bless you, with all the blessings you are prepared to receive. It is within you. In love.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian



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