Detect Liars, Like on the TV Show ‘LIE TO ME’!

Detect Liars, Like on the TV Show ‘LIE TO ME’! –

Posted By: NightSky
Date: Sunday, 18-Dec-2022 16:04:54

Lie to me was a very underrated show. Not only did it star, Tim Roth and Kelli Williams, it literally showed you how to know when others are lying.Tim Roth knocks it out of the park playing Cal so well!!Lynda*********Opening Scene to Lie to Me.
There are a number of myths about detecting deception. Fidgeting, looking away, touching your mouth, all of these things are commonly thought to be practices that indicate deception. Jim Clemente, former Supervisory Special Agent for the FBI, explains why that isn’t always the case and how people like him can decipher what these indicators really mean.Clemente is a retired FBI criminal profiler, and co-host of “Real Crime Profile,” a true crime podcast distributed by Wondery. For more information about his career, go to, or follow him on twitter at——–Detect Lies Like LIE TO ME!

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