(VIDEO 34.08) David Icke: We’re Not Supposed To Show You This, Here It Is.. Dec 19 2022

(VIDEO 34.08) David Icke: We’re Not Supposed To Show You This, Here It Is.. Dec 2022

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Monday, 19-Dec-2022 01:18:10


This is a lost cause that we’re involved in here is no way is a lost cause. We take our power back game over so we can paint another picture. Please hold that thought because it’s, um, It’s very, very important.
We don’t get pulled into fear by seeing what we’re involved with. Now, j Christa Medi said something very, very true when he said, if we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it. Because the answer is not separate from the problem. They’re indivisible. You know what I find in like some, what they call new age areas and stuff like that is you mustn’t talk about anything negative.
Oh, no. Well, I’m, correct me if I’m wrong, but I, I’ve never come across any knowledge that was negative. I’ve come across knowledge I’d rather not, uh, be true, but I’ve never come across knowledge that’s actually negative. Ignorance is freaking negative, not knowledge. Cuz you can do something with knowledge
And so the idea that, you know, we should be frightened of, of of, of looking at things as they really are. I mean, it’s just another version of looking the other way and hoping it’ll go away. It won’t. So when people say, well, what’s the solutions? Well, fundamental to any solution is to understand the nature of what we’re dealing with, cuz then we’ve got a much better chance of dealing with it.
We know what we, we’ve gotta deal with. And you know a lot in the conspiracy research arena, like I said earlier, brilliant, there’s so many people involved in this now, but the vast majority of them will not go even close to where we are gonna go in the next two hours or so because of religious belief systems or because, well, even if it’s true and I say it, I’m gonna lose my credibility.
I think you lose your credibility if you don’t go with what you B you believe to be true. And you edit that on the basis of what will people think of me if I say it? That’s how we got into this fricking mess. Un. Unless we understand how deep the rabbit hole goes and what we are dealing with. We are never gonna find an answer to it and just stop piling weapons and, and fighting the system.


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