A Sad Day For America:Jan. 6 committee announces criminal referrals against Trump – Video 2:35 m

A Sad Day For America:Jan. 6 committee announces criminal referrals against Trump – Video 2:35 m

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Tuesday, 20-Dec-2022 04:19:56

https://www.youtube.com/embed/9MsFF-q8_q8https://youtu.be/9MsFF-q8_q8The Jan. 6 Trump rally and so called “Insurrection” is a very complex issue. In my opinion, that committee was in no way impartial and bipartisan. It was a witch hunt from start to finish.None of us know what really went on with Trump and the Whitehouse during the capital building break in. But from what we can glean, there were communications going on between protestors and the Whitehouse, whether emails, phone calls or texts. That may be the smoking gun that allows a prosecutor to believe they have enough evidence to prosecute President Trump.What has not be revealed openly to the public is the fact there were proven to be numerous covert agents imbedded within the protestors that aggravated the protests and pushed for violence and the break-in of the capital. Keep in mind they carried no guns and didn’t harm anyone.While this was going on the government was recording all the cell phone signals and the locations of the protestors, which allowed the arrests later of about 500 Americans – with the majority of them still sitting in jail after 2 years.It was a set up from the beginning by the federal government, and lives have been ruined. Five people died during that time of stress and heart attack issues later, and one of the protestors was shot dead inside the US capital.
Later that evening a smiling Trump came out and thanked the protestors for their love and support.During the rally Trump said he would join the protestors at the capital, but he never showed up. It is obvious that Trump encouraged the crowd to protest, then allowed it to fester without personally stopping it from happening.Then he allowed those 500 to rot in jail, when he could have given them all pardons before he left the Whitehouse on Jan 19th. What kind of a leader does those things? The same kind of leader that had a full time lawyer going around the country paying off his alleged girlfriends to keep them from talking about alleged affairs. And once the lawyer was charged with crimes, Trump threw him under the bus like he was last weeks garbage.
That is what the patriotic speaking, America first, inspirational and charismatic president did, and got away with it.I have never brought this up before, but the reason this issue means a lot to me is because I was raised in religious circles and saw charismatic and influential ministers, like televangelists. And I saw them exploit their human influence and deceive and use people under them. Politicians are prone to do the same thing. So, when I see that pattern I recognize it as an abuse of power against innocent people and consider it a despicable and cowardly act.This is why when Trump was elected, the very next day I refused to listen to any of his speeches, and instead was committed to watching what he did from then on. But what I saw within a few weeks grieved me. He was not doing what he promised to do.The power of human speech, inspirational words and human charisma can magically mesmerize people with high emotions to do the leaders bidding. This is what leaders have done for centuries to gain power and exploit the masses. This is how Rev. Jones got all of those people in Jonestown to commit mass suicide. This is how the communist gained power in Russia, China, North Korea and Cuba – all with human charisma and manipulating the people’s emotions.Some will say, “But he was saying all the right things and speaking of patriotism and American values that I believe in!”. Of course, that is how a demagogue works. That is the deception of the spoken word.
A true statesman uplifts the hearts of people without exploiting them for his own gain.
A true leader doesn’t seek power and influence, but when given that honorable duty he uses it wisely for the people he serves, and then lays that power down after his term is over.That quote about power is still true: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.Ask the 500 in jail what they think of inspirational political speeches after 2 years. We have all been deceived and now our nation is over-run by socialists, our borders are down, we have lost all three branches of government and the puppet rulers are working hard to start a nuclear war with Russia.
All patriotism doesn’t end with Trump. A Rand Paul or a Gov. DeSantis can get the job done – if we can make it to the next election. George Eaton


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