December 21, 2022; Leaping Lords—More Apropos Than We Think

December 21, 2022; Leaping Lords—More Apropos Than We Think

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 December 21, 2022

Image source: Christmas All The

In my Christmas countdown, we are at ten lords a-leaping. Since we no longer embrace royalty, aristocracy, or titles other than military and key leadership roles, we won’t celebrate the frilly fops portrayed in some imagery. They weren’t real men. Originally the ten lords supposedly symbolized the Ten Commandments.

We might now reference members of the House of Lords who could soon be leaping from a lofty roof when the British people learn what they’ve been up to. How many upper echelon financial people had their final communion on the sidewalk below a tall building in the last several years? Since it’s Christmas we will defer to a more positive scene; a team of whimsical elfin characters defying the commandments of physics.

Image source: greeting card from Fine Art by Julie Scalzi

This article got a lot of eyes yesterday. I guess Nazi P is a done deal. If only it would manifest in the ‘movie’.When will they write her character out of the script forever?

Nancy Pelosi Military Tribunal, the Conclusion

It’s clever of the Alliance to make everything theatrical and dramatic because that’s what enthralls people. The general populace don’t want anything to do with “politics” but give ’em a good movie, TV series, sports match or soap opera and they’re riveted every week.

How long has Coronation Street been running? And I’m not picking on the Brits. America is probably worse. General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, As the World Turns, Rose Bowl, Super Bowl, Winston Cup… and in Canada we had Hockey Night in Canada and DaVinci reruns, Street Legal, wrestling and curling! Whatever happened to Gunsmoke, Big Valley and Cimarron Strip?

Television enabled the predators to control millions with only the airwaves, and we’re addicted to the ‘alternative news’, Q drops, Dan Scavino Jr., and Trumpisms on Twitter and Telegram. At least we can avoid the hypnotic effects of the boob tube. Alt news is the result when theatre and politics meld and the world is drawn into a quandary about existential threats.

We understand Nazi Pelosi has a photo op with Zelensky, but first—!

In Arizona the clown show continues. The Stephen Richer character is shameless. Link to Telegram clip from Midnight Rider/Karli Q.

Stephen Richer shows up to court virtually and is wearing a t-shirt. Absolute clown

You can watch the proceedings live on Karli’s channel. There are breathtaking tid-bits coming out on Telegram as this trial proceeds. Link to Telegram.

Cyber security expert testifies that they put 19 inch ballots on 20 inch paper after the AZ director admitted that if that was done their election process would be a failure.

YouTube (
The Fight for Arizona Election Trial: Lake v. Hobbs Day 1 – 12/21/2022
Expected to go Live at 11:00 AM ET on December 21st, 2022. Will depend on judicial system in Maricopa County.

So many cyber attacks. Maybe the Alliance is taking over the media.

Guardian hit by serious IT incident believed to be ransomware attack | The Guardian | The Guardian

We heard the National Guard would likely get rolled out in select areas and it’s scenarios like this that enable them to do so without the public knowing that it’s actually about rounding up the cabal. It might be both. There are criminals coming across the border. There might also be criminals trying to escape America over the border.

Wow… karma, swift justice, or just a Qincidence? “Died suddenly” and “COD unknown”. That means they ain’t sayin’. Since he received awards he probably wasn’t on our side. They bribe and glorify their own and this guy probably got to go quietly to save face for his family, like so many others. Hoepfully they’ll return the money.

It’s situation: critical in the UK.

Critical incident declared at UK hospitals as soldiers step in for striking paramedics

You will find Benjamin Fulford’s take on world events for this week in full at the link below from the crew. You probably heard about the disruption in Peru when the President refused to resign. The Inca are a very spiritual people with some still embracing the original lifestyle in the mountains of the Sacred Valley, with their water running down from the mountains along stone troughs, living in the original Inca-built, one-room stone homes with renewed thatching and dirt floors with their livestock wandering in and out. I was fortunate to be invited to visit a family through our tour guide and it’s like another planet.

They herd sheep, grow quinoa and other plants on the terraced hillsides and cook on an open fire the little guinea pigs they co-habit with. Many still speak the Quechua language. Maybe those indigenous folks don’t know or care what is going on outside their world because they have everything they want and need. Up with the sun and bed with the moon. They have no electricity or television, but a significant number of Peruvians live the city life just like us and they aren’t happy.

Benjamin Fulford Report: China Liberated as Million Man Christian Army Heads for Western Europe While Incas revolt

Wikipedia, the Little Shop of Lies, is appealing to our Human generosity for donations. Would you feel comfortable contributing cash to a website that twists, obfuscates, and lies by omission? It’s clear it is controlled by people who hate the patriots. I occasionally visit—but only for the most basic information when I can vet it without research. Some of the material there is blatant political character-assassination masquerading as fact. Could it be the good guys with another vehicle for their wake-up call? We’ve heard folks say they tried to access portions to correct the information and were locked out, unable to modify. Last I heard, it was the cabal’s “playground”.

Wikipedia is not for sale. A personal appeal from Jimmy Wales

Please don’t scroll past this 1 minute read. This Wednesday December 21st, as 2022 draws to a close, I humbly ask you to reflect on the number of times you visited Wikipedia this year, the value you got from it, and whether you’re able to give $2 back. If you can, please join the 2% of readers who give. If everyone reading this right now gave just $2, we’d hit our annual goal in a couple of hours. $2 is all we ask.

Wikipedia is different. No advertising, no subscription fees, no paywalls. Those don’t belong here. Instead, the Wikimedia Foundation relies on readers to support the technology that makes Wikipedia and our other projects possible. Being a nonprofit means there is no danger that someone will buy Wikipedia and turn it into their personal playground.

If Wikipedia has given you $2 worth of knowledge this year, please donate now, it really matters.

The cabal is so broke they have to monetize everything they can—particularly in the season of giving.

If you are starved for updates, you will always find good ones on this retired government official’s website. G. Edward Griffin brings solid reporting on the issues of the day.

And what have we here from the Washington Compost? More lies about Russia! Russia! Russia! EXPOSED?×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=8pdEgfntjo&p=https%3A//

WaPo: Now Western govts think Russia may *not* have blown up Nord Stream pipelines

Whoops! That was the old KGB Putin. I meant to use this new Alliance-controlled one.

You’ve heard ample research about what happened in the bodies of those who got the jab. Did you hear this? Good grief. We all emit frequencies, but years after death? Science is really in the toilet these days. No one will know what to believe.

BlueTruth Documentary Shows COVID Vaccinated People Emit Frequencies

This might be science worth examining, however.

Dramatic Recovery In Parkinson’s Patient with Gluten Free Diet

This is a very informative article that all natural health practitioners and coaches should know about. It totally underlines the importance of a very healthy diet and also gut health. Definitely an article for your files—I encourage everyone to read it.

“A remarkable case report describing the dramatic recovery of a 75-year-old Parkinson’s disease patient after following a 3-month long gluten free diet reveals the need to explore whether there is an increased prevalence of silent or symptomatic celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity both in those afflicted with Parkinson’s disease and the related multi-factorial neurodegenerative condition known as Parkinsonism.”

Follow me:

The Hollywood cloning factories mean celebrities can live forever. Sort of. Check out the morphogenesis of these people. Link to Telegram.

So, extrapolating the above, when a new face arrives in Hollywood and they are presented with the choice to exit stage left and never be anyone, or to sign a contract with Satan for power, wealth, adoration, eternal youth, etc. in exchange for their soul, they must sign away the rights to their avatar/meat suit, to be cloned at the whim of the industry in untold numbers, for eternity?

What happens to their soul, exactly? How does a soul survive if the Human consciousness within is forced to witness or participate in the execution of a fellow Human Being, especially a baby, and the torture et al that satanic rituals include? It has to involve demons.

Jim and his Team will be engaging in spiritual battle this week. Following is his update.

12/12 – 12/21 Portal Completion.

Entering Surface Liberation Phase

Just to clarify, by surface … I do mean the PHYSICAL surface of the planet.

This is the phase we’re entering after WE do our job today!

It was always the last phase of Planetary Liberation Operations & it may be the shortest one … because the main obstacles to freedom & galactic reunion were:

non-physical …
underground …
internal … (namely implants, a major component of The Veil)
and outer space (dark fleets, dark empires & grids).

The physical-surface dark forces don’t stand a chance.

Although The Unveiling.33 and RM/Cobra provide conflicting locations for the last Chimera pit, the 144K will know what to do … at the right time … at the right place!

So no need to worry …

As the last remnants of the [brutal] physical plane electronic warfare weapons are being removed … the 144K must stay focused on ensuring that Gaia comes out the other side of the 12/12 – 12/21 portal & onto the highest possible timeline …

Where YOU will be a very different being,

in a completely different world!

Yours In Service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior

Want to participate in the meditation or learn more? Jim does the best guided meditations I know of.

Date: Dec 21, 2022

Start Time: 3:30 PM EST

Exact Moment of the Solstce : 4:47 PM EST

Telegram Live Link:

Live broadcast on Free Conference Call: 1-518-318-5638

(This number will be good from the beginning of the meditation through to the end.)

What about coming attractions for 2023? Here’s the real zinger. Yawn. February might be time for that “long winter’s nap”. When we wake up it will be spring in this hemisphere.

In a fitting farewell to the dark cabal, we have an image to accompany their ‘swan song’.

It’s time for dog training and a bake-fest. Wish me luck. The eCollar transmitter only works when it wants to and let me down when I needed it most, and the cookie dough has been out of the fridge for 24 hours and is still like rock.

Thank you to the crew for the reliable updates and support.

Eli wishes you all a Christmas of love, peace, and joy as some of you may be packing, shopping, entertaining, travelling and otherwise not able to tune in until next week. He knows the best dog toys are not dog toys.  ~ BP

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