POLAND PREPARES FOR WAR, Now Recruiting 15 yo Boys, Polish Families Flee to Germany to Avoid Draft & War – Vid. 2:46 m – Dec 21 2022

POLAND PREPARES FOR WAR, Now Recruiting 15 yo Boys, Polish Families Flee to Germany to Avoid Draft & War – Vid. 2:46 m

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Wednesday, 21-Dec-2022 08:29:55

https://southfront.org/wp-content/plugins/fwduvp/content/video.php?path=https%3A%2F%2Fsouthfront.org%2Fpoland-prepares-for-war%2F&pid=2772https://southfront.org/poland-prepares-for-war/Southfront Report on entire line of conflict
The Donetsk front lines remain the heaviest battlefield in Eastern Ukraine, where Russian forces are trying to break through the heavily fortified positions of the Ukrainian Army.Russian troops continue their attempts to attack Ukrainian positions in the area of Novomikhailovka, Pobeda and Krasnogorovka. Russian artillery is shelling Avdiivka.Fierce fighting continues in Maryinka.On December 20, the Head of the DPR confirmed that Ukrainian forces are being pushed into the destroyed private sector in the western part of the town, where the defense of Ukrainian forces would become too complicated.To the south of Bakhmut, Wagner fighters continue assault operations in Kleshcheyevka. Fighting is ongoing on the eastern outskirts of the city. To the northeast, Wagner units are on the offensive in the area of Podhorodnoye. And to the south of Soledar, they attempt to break through the Ukrainian defenses in Bakhmutsky.In the Lisichansk region, the Russian offensive has almost stopped. The front lines are inflamed by positional battles. The Ukrainian command is trying to hold the defense along the Belogorovka – Verkhnekamenskoye – Spornoe line.In the Kherson region, the warring sides continue artillery duels across the Dnieper River.In the Zaporozhye region, Russian artillery is also shelling Ukrainian positions along the entire contact line without any attempts to advance into new settlements.In their turn, Ukrainian units continue their counter attacks in the areas of Novomikhailovka, Novoselka and Vladimirovka, but so far to no avail. Ukrainian sabotage groups are operating in the area, but most of them are detected by the Russian military and are destroyed.The Zaporozhye region remains the most probable area of another large-scale offensive of Ukrainian forces, where they may try to cut the Russian grouping in eastern Ukraine into two parts and cut off land communication with Crimea.At the same time, Kiev’s western partner Poland continues to prepare for war.The country’s authorities have recently announced the voluntary recruitment of citizens to “train them in military affairs.” Today, even children 15 years old can learn to shoot, throw grenades, and survive in difficult conditions.Also earlier, the Ministry of National Defense of Poland announced large-scale military exercises in the spring of 2023, to which they plan to attract up to 200 thousand military reservists who will take the oath after they pass the courses.Many residents are hurriedly leaving the country in an attempt to avoid mobilization. Columns of cars have already been spotted on the border with Germany.source:


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