December 22, 2022: Deuces Rule the Solstice Energies [videos]

December 22, 2022: Deuces Rule the Solstice Energies [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 December 22, 2022

There are a lot of two’s in the date today, the first day of winter, and deuces rule. 12.22.2022. Add ’em up and we get a lucky 13. A baker’s dozen. Perfect for Christmas.

Ouch! This is a Trump card if I ever saw one. The number two guy in the Trump family, one might say, is the new CEO of Twitter. THIS is how you play the game, my friends. I knew the successor would be far worse for the deep state than Elon ever was. Donny Jr holds nothing back.

[How did birds get to be so prominent?]

BREAKING: Elon Musk to Appoint Donald Trump Jr. as New Twitter CEO After Stepping Down

You may have wondered, as I did, what kind of sneaky, malevolent bill Congress would try to pass right before Christmas. They do it all the time, late at night and at holidays when the press isn’t there. Trump makes the People aware that these 4,000+ pages of the Bill that few have read are a very bad idea and will further destroy the nation. Listen to his message below.

Real America’s Voice (RAV)


BREAKING: Former President


releases a statement on the massive $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill. Watch #RAV LIVE: Roku: Pluto:


1:07 / 2:41

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While my Christmas countdown of the twelve days does not closely reflect the traditional intent or lyrics of the song nor the images commonly attributed to it, many creative people have put their own spin on it over the years and the results are delightful. We are told the eleven pipers piping symbolized the eleven loyal disciples of Christ, but the imagery the mind brings to the words varies.

If you’re Scottish you might envision the bright tartans and tassels of a bagpipe band; if you’re military you might consider the pipe and drum corps. Children might assume it’s the Pied Piper sort of messenger, but who would have thought of—wait for it—birds? Sandpipers, to be exact. I guess someone had to go there, and although we’ve had our fill of birds as gifts thus far, I like this piece. It’s so utterly creative.

Eleven Pipers Piping by Kippax Williams from Fine Art

With respect to the Arizona election trial initiated by our gladiator Kari Lake, the following is the kind of information that even the unwilling can recognize and assimilate. It’s not too technical, not too overwhelming or theatrical—just the facts. How can you not want to know this? The ones administering the election were lawless and tried to cover their tracks. It was planned, and must go to “intent” in the eyes of the court—if it’s a legitimate court.  Link to Telegram.

Maricopa Court just heard evidence that many ballots were printed at 95% of the expected size, directly leading to scanning errors, and subsequent ballot duplication.

And the only way for that to happen is a human setting the configuration script. (programming)

The facts of the law distilled down mean the following, and you can read an excerpt concerning an “uncertain” result at this Telegram:

Just in case you missed it.

The fact is Kari Lake does not have to prove intentional fraud to win…

If more than 17,117 ballots lack Chain of Custody that’s a win for Kari Lake.

The reality is 293,000 ballots lack Chain of Custody!


For a brief snapshot of the reality and the law, we need only revisit what Ron Watkins/CodeMonkeyZ and others stated at the very beginning. “Fraud vitiates everything.” And now we’ve come full circle. The only question remains: What will they do about it?

This cannot pass for a real courtroom proceeding, can it? It’s ludicrous. It’s as absurd as the Bill Clinton and OJ Simpson trials. Link to Telegram. 1 minute.

If you missed the first day of the Maricopa County election hearing, this video is an example of how the day went for the attorneys representing Katie Hobbs and the witnesses called by Kari Lake’s team.

I saw a figure somewhere of 3:1 for Kari Lake votes over Hobbs. We know the Space Force knows what the result of the election was in every state. We’re just waiting for the somnambulent public and loonatic left to catch up. Q said “PAIN” was coming, and they didn’t lie. Day 2 of the trial runs today, and the trial sought by Abe Hamedeh begins in Phoenix tomorrow.

What will Santa bring the People for Christmas? If the election results are called into question in Arizona, then the entire country will be in a state of election upset. It changes everything. We don’t have to prove election rigging in every state, or even in half a dozen. Arizona would do it, from what I hear.

Trump is now asking if the man in the oval office got there by an illegal election, do we want him in charge of our country and should he remain in office. It’s sad we have to coddle the masses this way. Pathetic, really.

Q told us to “enjoy the show” and in many respects we have. So much of what happens is for “us”, the awakened patriots who have suffered long and sacrificed much while we largely remain in the dark , fuelled largely by faith.

This stuff, below, is for us. Some may not consider it trustworthy, or factual, or authorized, but I believe it is the best the Alliance can do to show us that justice is served in unconventional and unofficial ways. I love how they casually tossed in the Bill Clinton reference. I don’t recall hearing that before.

Would you rather not hear anything at all, or would you prefer a one line statement that so-and-so had their military tribunal and was executed by unrevealed means? This operation is historic, well-documented, and oh so colourful. It’s our choice how we interpret this reporting or if we just throw it out entirely.

Jeff Zients Dies in GITMO Custody

You probably saw the followiong, but if not, it’s very telling. NOT creative, just recycling the same old word games and mind control.

Catturd @catturd2



SGAnon pointed out on Truth Social some comms you may have missed. They’re not lying. Wink-wink. Sounds like a round-up to me.

A good friend of ours said on Facebook last night that she was stuck at the Calgary airport due to flight cancellations. There have been a lot. Bad weather, you know. My sister-in-law said it was -34C in Cowtown this morning. I bet there’s lots of ice fog along the Bow.

SG’s remark:


… Seriously?
It’s painfully obvious.

Who has ultimate control?
It had to be this way.


I just came across this Juan O Savin update you may wish to take in. 2 hrs.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=i506vTC5Gn&p=https%3A//

THE SEASON OF MISRULE ~ A Fireside Story ~ DARK to LIGHT w/ JUAN O SAVIN ~ 12.21.22

The scams are everywhere. These jokers want everyone terrified of getting a flu bug and having another pandemic. Who, at this point, is going to run out and get another shot—particularly one with mRNA? Call it a Universal flu vaccine or anything else—we don’t need one. We have immune systems. People with weak immune systems should look at boosting them naturally with supplements and supporting the body to fight disease. “Vaccines” and other pharmaceutical preparations are not a panacea and create more health risks and deaths than the establishment reveals. Can they justify killing us if we beg to be injected? Is it then a crime?

These things are shameless. They are directly targeting children. Get on Santa’s “good” list and wear masks and more bullcrap. Someone on Telegram said to read the comments because “tribunals” came up. They say people are awake. Watch… if you can stomach it.

After watching that I feel sick. Must leave.

I have to rely on Dave now and then to catch me up on the important stuff. Maybe you need his summary, too.

If there is such thing as hell I’m pretty sure this woman is to evil to burn! Manipulating children with Santa to take a jab that is causing death and massive injuries. They don’t prevent transmission!!!

Theresa Tam uses Mrs. Claus to promote Covid jabs and masking

Watch: Theresa Tam Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer uses Mrs. Claus to promote Covid jabs and masking.

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Back tomorrow.  ~ BP

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