Globalist Puppet Leader Zelinsky Reaches Political Nirvana With Address to US Congress = The Fix is in For Nuclear War

Globalist Puppet Leader Zelinsky Reaches Political Nirvana With Address to US Congress = The Fix is in For Nuclear War

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Thursday, 22-Dec-2022 09:01:16

Watch first minute of video, see the unbridled approval a corrupt congress gives to Zelensky you are witnessing is the gathering of leaders that overthrew the US, and now have all the might and power of the US military to go to war with any nation on earth.
They are now showering their praise on a puppet ruler set up to start a war with Russia.When I saw that many politicians clamoring to touch Zelinsky on his walk to the podium, it looked like the meeting of a witches coven to launch an evil attack on innocent people.His arrival to the US Capital and to speak to the US Congress and America, is political nirvana, it is the highest form of heavenly praise an individual can receive in this modern world. The only thing greater would be the actual return of Jesus Christ at the capital, and I’m not too sure if the mainstream media would even cover that.What this event reveals is the unwavering intention by the US leaders to defend Ukraine against Russia, and this event guarantees that the Ukrainian conflict will lead to a nuclear holocaust.
This is what they are celebrating. This is what the globalists want. This is what they have doubled down to achieve.If you were wondering if the globalists and their puppet politicians were going to continue pushing for the Ukraine war, now you know. There is no movement in Congress to moderate the situation in Ukraine and pull back from the brink of a nuclear confrontation. It is now only a matter of time until the final steps towards war between Nato and Russia begins. Plan accordingly for your families safety and well being. George Eaton

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