Human Race May Originate From Elsewhere In The Universe – Dec 22 2022

Human Race May Originate From Elsewhere In The Universe

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It is possible that the theory that humanity evolved from another part of the universe and moved to Earth and other parts in the galaxy could be true.

Is it possible that we are now extraterrestrials here on Earth? If so, from where did we come?

Dr. Ellis Silver, an environmentalist and biologist well-known, has accumulated evidence to support the theory that humans originated elsewhere in the universe.

His book, “People Are Not From Earth” explores 17 theories why humans may not be from Earth. He also provides information about the origins of humanity and a possible timeline for human history.

Dr. Ellis Silver makes an interesting point regarding human psychology. This shows that we were most likely created somewhere else in this universe, probably on a planet with low gravitation.

“Mankind is meant to be the most advanced species on the planet, but it is startlingly unsuited and ill-equipped for Earth’s environment: solar damage, a strong aversion for naturally occurring foods, insanely high rates of chronic disease, and more,” Dr. Silver told Yahoo News.

“As a species, the Earth serves our needs roughly, although perhaps not as well as those who brought us here originally believed. Lizards are allowed to sunbathe for as long as they want — and many do.”

Are we really from another planet? “We are awestruck by the sun, which is strange because most creatures are not.”

The book also discusses how chronic diseases such as the terrible back may be a sign that our species evolved in a low-gravity environment. A study by Dr. Francis Crick shows that humans possess an additional 223 genes.

This is something the doctor considers. ‘Collaborative research from a gathering of exo-scientists postulates that there are genes from over 20 extraterrestrial civilizations in human DNA,’ according to bibliotecapleyades.

These extraterrestrial scientists are continuing the work of Nobel laureate Dr. Frances Crick as well as other researchers in this field. The current findings are confirmed by Professor Sam Chang, who has quietly revealed information about his own results related to the Human Genome Project.

Dr. Silver believes the human race has many peculiar traits that are extraterrestrial. According to Dr. Silver, the human body won’t be able find the optimal conditions for its work. Dr. Silver explains, “We’re all chronically ill.” “In fact, I would be quite shocked if you could find a single individual who is 100 percent fit and healthy and is not suffering from some (perhaps hidden or unspoken) ailment or disorder (there is a comprehensive list in the book) — I have not been able to discover anyone.”

You will also find other thought-provoking ideas in the book “I believe that many of our difficulties come from the fact that our internal body clocks have evolved to expect a 25-hour day (as sleep researchers have demonstrated), yet the Earth’s day is just 24 hours.

This is not a recent occurrence; the same variables can be traced back throughout humanity’s existence on Earth.” Doctor Silva’s alternative theory that early humans may have crossedbreeding with other species if they didn’t arrive on Earth via spaceships is also on the other side of the spectrum.

Alpha Centaury is the closest star system to ours and it’s the most likely spot where humanity could have reached.

“Despite the fact that humanity is supposedly the most advanced species on the planet, it is startlingly unsuited and ill-equipped for Earth’s environment: sun damage, a strong disdain for naturally occurring (raw) foods, absurdly high rates of chronic sickness, and more.

“Plus, many people have the impression that they don’t belong here or that something “just isn’t right.” “This argues (at least to me) that humanity formed on a distant planet and was transferred here as a highly developed species.”

Another interesting concept is Earth as Prison Planet, in which a naturally violent species like ours can be imprisoned until they learn to behave.

Dr. Silver advises that readers take the themes in the book with a grain-of-salt because he accepts many possible realities and may have a multitude of outcomes at the end. “Humans are not from Earth” was released primarily to evaluate reader reaction and to stimulate discussion, especially among those who had not previously contemplated such a possibility.”

It is sure to stir up some questions. The book provides a unique perspective on the subject and inspires people to investigate further until they find out the truth. To help with further analysis, he asks readers for any comments.



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