(Reader: M) Honor your Oath – DEC 23 2022

(Reader: M) Honor your Oath



 -Friday, 23 December 2022, 22:08 PM

Reader Post | By M

How many doctors, government employees and military members are breaking their oath?

I believe we’ve reached the point where nearly all of them are.

Prescribing drugs to people does them harm.  You must stop it and speak the truth.

Supporting the jab does people harm.  You must stop it and actively speak out against it.

You might even need to leave your position and start a natural health practice of your own.

Being involved in infant genital mutilation is very harmful.  You must stop it and speak out against it till it stops.

Supporting the evil people trying to ruin the country and the world is breaking your oath.

You must stop it now.  

Everyone in every position must actively stop all evil practices on the earth and speak the truth openly to everyone now.

You must stop delaying GESARA.  You must announce GESARA and all helpful technologies now.

The people have spoken.

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