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Date: Saturday, 24-Dec-2022 06:21:32

(Thanks, C. :)Reader Charles Miller writes:=====Dear Hobie.Please find below perfected service to President Trump, at, 10:42 pm, pacific, 12/23/2022.The Beneficiaries Letter of Advice and Wishes, is part two, compounding on the publish today of “SUPREME COURT RECEIVED ORDERS IN BRUNSON CASE.”.More pieces to come.IT IS TIME FOR THE PEOPLE TO SPEAK.
We the People cannot be heard unless we speak.
The tools to speak directly to President Trump and to the Peoples Court, the one supreme Court created by the People in our Constitution are available to any American with an internet conned device.
How powerful are we, speaking together? Viral perhaps.
The two articles contain the easily accessed on line mechanisms to communicate to our Public servants.
Access the websites, write, hit send, create official government record.
A few minuets will make a difference.We the People can create the biggest Political storm in history by working together NOW.The Brunson brothers opened the door for all of us.
Thank them by personal action.ITS STAND UP TIME! Mr. President, Donald John Trump.Beneficiaries Letter of Advice and Wishes.President Trump, YOU WILL: find below link to duly served and properly published public record document delivered to the Peoples one supreme Court, and the inferior legislatively created Supreme Court of the United States of America.Your Beneficiary and contract holder for services to my country provides the public record, published document, linked below, as a courtesy to both the man, Donald John Trump, an American and the only duly elected President. In short, this Beneficiaries Letter of Advice and Wishes, is due process, your opportunity to respond and act after proper notice.Now, this moment President Trump you have been placed in the very tight position that requires a choice which captures great and horrendous consequences both personal and massive systemic affect, or, a true MAGA moment.THE CHOICE.Turn over to the Supreme Court all the evidence in your possession or to which you have access, to the Supreme Court, concerning election fraud or, wait for the Subpoenas that will come sooner or later from either the Judicial or Legislative branches, or both, when the honest public servants, figure out both branches have Subpoena powers over public records, particularly those affecting the obstruction of proper exercise of government duties and obligations owed to the People captured in the 2020 election procedures.”SUPREME COURT RECEIVED ORDERS IN BRUNSON CASE.”, this Beneficiaries Letter of Advice and Wishes is a full faith and credit public record document the moment I hit send to, because you as my employee and a public servant operate a public office and have no discretion to determine whether my duly served documents are not official communications between one of the People and our public servants. The linked article explains this fact of law clearly from the perspective and standing of the Creditor to all governmental powers.Second, the office of President while in your possession, prior to its theft, declared to the American People and the World that fraud was associated and controlled the 2020 election across the country. You Mr. Trump made these declarations in November, December of 2020 and January 2021. Since then you have declared the same facts and indicated numerous times you were in possession of documented by extremely credible sources, facts of public record proving your claims.Third, you Mr Trump, and serving as President Trump, have been provided a direct easy mechanism to deliver your evidence to the Supreme Court. The linked article shows every American the “how to” access the Court and at the same time “create” official government records. Simply craft a document declaring the Presidents duty to provide the Court with evidence of crimes, attach your files proving the crimes, open the invitation link page and execute.The Peoples Court of Public Opinion is now in Jury Mode, looking at the evidence upon which to make a judgement. The 2020 election issue is only one of many in which judgement by the People will soon be forth coming. Please Mr. Trump, get ready to answer. Public records being fully disclosed might be a good place to start.BENEFICIARIES WISH.I, Charles C. Miller, Beneficiary of all government powers, and bona fide contract holder to all public servants obligations, Wish, my President, Donald John Trump to come to grips with the following facts, observations and opinions and report your findings to the American People. Preferably by direct personal and official actions.First. Opinion. As a real believer in MAGA from the beginning I witnessed the concept of MAGA descend into a political joke. The reason is very very simple. When the purveyors of MAGA fail continually to know and understand what created our great country and simply stand on the fundamental laws honoring the principles by applying them, there is no chance to create MAGA. When the operational procedures of the system that allowed and fostered the woke culture corrupting our country are the only focus of the President, the fundamentals die of starvation.Considering the next two linked article were forwarded to you and still you Mr. Trump focused on arguing with idiots known to be attempting to destroy our culture, those in the circus of the political arena in the tent of the media, all of your energy fed the corruption.”PEOPLES PRAYER TO SERVE RELIGIOUS LIBERTY.”“HIERARCHY OF GOVERNMENT” certainly appears from your actions that you fear the law and it’s application.This point is particularly relevant considering you serve the People as the Chief Law Enforcement Office of the federal government.No where in your rhetoric concerning the Second Amendment did you ever declare the law that the Second Amendment is the only license needed for “ Arms” or any other self, family or country protective device to be held by the People.The Second Amendment is the oldest license recognized by the People which is a pre condition for any and all government, state or national, operations. Yet you President Trump never informed the People of this fact. Mealy mouth statements concerning the Second Amendment, are a serious disservice to the Rule of Law and the concept of MAGA.President Trump, the other provisions of the Peoples first law controlling governments contained in the Bill of Rights also qualify as original licenses securing rights of the People by operation of law.Mr. Trump, please explain to the American People how a government that authorizes creations such as the corporations of TWITTER, FACE BOOK, GOIGLE, BLACKROCK ect. and massive numbers more, are regulated by law, while doing business in interstate commerce controlled by Constitutional authorities are allowed to operate with out the limits of the Bill of Rights controlling the issuing jurisdictions for those corporate charters.The simple understanding of this point takes very few words to be complete and capturing of all it touches.Under what law or theory of law could a government separate one part or portion of its Constitutional authority from the others?In other words Mr. Trump, please inform the People how the governments limits established by the Bill of Rights do not carry through every act of governments and attach to all government acts, particularly the construction of corporate charters.Mr. Trump, you by passed the law that controlled your media adversaries in the favor of argument with tortfeasors running the platforms attacking you.More to the point, when the Chief Law Enforcement Officer fails or refuses to inform the People, from which all government authority comes, that no government nor public servant has ever been granted power to RULE OVER the Peoples Bill of Rights, law, We the People become subjects of our public servants.The Peoples fist law controlling government is the Bill of Rights which is the law every public servant promised to serve and protect and gets well paid to do. That means no government act could be considered valid when that act trespasses on or allows government franchised, regulated and licensed entities to trespass on the reserved Rights of the People.Second Observations. The term “ systemite “ was coined in the mid 90s by a Canadian who crushed a fraudulent federal persecution. “ One who is trained by a system who cares not whether the system is legitimate or illegitimate. “When the leader of our country, our President serving in the Peoples Office, places known systemites consistently in position of power over government operations, when those individuals are known to serve a master set of principles that are intent on raping the American commercial, legal and political operations for their own personal benefit, MAGA is impossible. Include the majority in the Congress in this category of trespassing rapists.No one can serve two masters. Every public servant is either honest and follows the law completely because they know and understand it, or, they serve another master and are stealing their paycheck from the American people and committing crimes while doing so.Witness, the number of attorneys deployed since 2016. Attorneys working for government, attorneys attacking government, defending or persecuting Donal Trump.Yet, not one time did any of these characters simply state the law, particularly the Peoples first law of the Bill of Rights, not one time did the sycophants challenge the private acts of Congress as non-constitutional. This point is conclusive under simple review of Article 1 section 8 authorities defining completely subjects of legislation. When the subject matter of an act of Congress is not identified by Constitution, then the legislation is a private act, not public law.The beauty these characters act under is they do what they do in open public. The fact is a sales job by masters has provided them with all the power and positions they want and need. Those buying the bullshit are disinherited from the real American principles, facts, laws and constitutional procedures because those selling the bullshit have assumed positions for the deciding their bullshit is not bullshit, but we’ll composted fertilizer made up from lawful behavior.When fewer than 1000 federal judges are empowered to rule over the whole of the American People and the only challenge to their rule is argument among themselves, the master matrix of SLAVERY is in control.These judges and the attorneys who feed the judicial system, created the concepts that constructing the current confusions concerning free speech and personal liability of management felonies and constitutional TORTS disguised under corporate veils.No corporation could ever be created to, or authorized to, trespass on, or violate the the People’s right to full and complete protection of laws of the Bill of Rights. More to the point, those supporting the immunity of social media or corporate management and stock holders are practicing SLAVERY under the guise and direction of the law and it professional services providers.There is no constitutional authority, subject matter jurisdiction, nor personal jurisdiction granted by the People via our Constitution for any government function to interpret, alter, amend or circumvent the Law of the People no matter how many systemites say differentWhen the vast majority of attorneys, particularly those employed by you Mr. Trump, support that rule over system there is no chance for MAGA to be born because the fundamental principles, facts, laws and procedures creating the concepts underpinning MAGA are no where in evidence.Witness; the Brunson case and my deliveries to the Supreme Court. Plain ole Americans understanding the basics accessed the Supreme Court and put the Justices on the spot, when all the high paid legal professionals could not.Mr. Trump, you have had the opportunity since January 20, 2017 to apply the law directly from the Chief Law Enforcement Office of the United States Government.Mr. Trump, do you now recognize that once again the opportunity to really lead the country into MAGA has been provided to you.President Trump, WILL YOU PLEASE report the crimes and provide the evidence to the Peoples Court now? Or, will you waste the opportunity and wait for a Subpoena?Third Facts. Given the present circumstances surrounding our country and the internal confusions fostered by so many in the media, the political circus, social media and particularly the podcast world of the padridiot, pronounce pa-trid-diot, community, perhaps it’s time to clear up your associations in those worlds..The podcast, intel guru, x-pert pontificator, special class of “connected” present and past insider community has been selling for years that the ‘MILITARY IS THE ONLY WAY.’Many of these characters claim to have insider information from places claimed to be controlled, supervised or associated to Donald Trump and or White Hats in government or positions of power.This world of social media, podcast, guru intel reports land is either false or true or partially true.President Trump, your Beneficiary, speaking on behalf of every American, demands the facts, delivered from your words in open public forums, informing all of us whether our President has conspired with secret military tribunals, punishments related to felonies, sedition or treason committed against our country, have been executed as done in secret.Secret government operations, particularly when the context is cleaning up corruption in government, no matter the outcome, particularly as sold through the social media platforms are the hallmark of extensive COMMUNISTIC CONTROL.The premise that any American would engage in secrete tribunals, particularly military personnel or a sitting President, is to horrendous to contemplate, because if true the United States of America as the bastion of personal liberty is dead and gone.So, President Trump, events at the one supreme Court serving the People and our jurisdiction over governments We created, and the vastly inferior legislatively created Supreme Court, have by coincidence coincided to place you Donald Trump to make a choice.President Trump, will you report the crimes you are aware of and present the evidence to verify the crimes or not?You, Mr Trump, have the simple direct mechanism to kick start real draining of the swamp by simply following the template exposed in the “SUPREME COURT RECEIVED ORDERS IN BRUNSON CASE.” article above.All the American People are waiting on your decision.The whole World is watching.Inquiring minds want to know before January 6.Mr. Trump, the duties of the Peoples President are not escapable.The internet and electronic records are forever.With millions of people word wide looking there is no way to hide information.*************************************************************

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