YIKES = Blue Streetlights Can Be Programmed To Kill Or Make Us PUKE! 30,000 DIFFUSED LASERS Can ACTUALLY ID & REPROGRAM Your Mind! Before you can draw…

Blue Streetlights Can Be Programmed To Kill Or Make Us PUKE! 30,000 DIFFUSED LASERS Can ACTUALLY ID & REPROGRAM Your Mind! Before you can draw…

Posted By: mroxygen [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 24-Dec-2022 02:27:41

IMO please read and understand thoroughly my previous RMN article about DNA to really grok this review of a breaking video about interviewing an expert in facial recognition:https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=213507After reviewing the below video I realized that this information corresponds exactly with everything else I have learned, and so much so that it turns out I realized that All the arguments between humans or any and ALL politicals over whether or not we should allow social score or ID implementation or not – including by injections or chemtrails or food, water, and air and nano dust – are ALL simply failed 2nd level diversionary bullsh*t FAKE NEWS DISTRACTION!!!A L L ARE ONLY DISTRACTION!!!These so-called “important social and political concerns” are only the first line of illusionary fake news defense for the Deep State to hopefully stop the humans that are left here. Ron Amitron told me himself that real humans are 10% of us left. The rest CAN get Spirits if they ask. Let’s get straight to this latest last point instead.OUR OWN F A C E, via FACIAL RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY IS A L R E A D Y BEING USED BY THEIR COMPUTERS AND CAMERAS AS OUR OWN DIGITAL ID!We have DOUBLE the cameras China has per capita.
And, NO ONE IS AWARE OF IT! No one even brings the subject up! THAT’S how criminal and sneaky this has been.30,000 diffused laser points on you know exactly who you are everywhere you go! ALL INTERCONNECTED.Even the blue lights in your car are ratting you out! 21 Hidden sensors in a modern car. ALL interconnected.We have all watched our own prison being constructed around us and possibly FATALLY we have been IGNORING it, because of our societal mind control which we have also ignored because that’s the first thing it does. That’s right, worry about the job or the check… go to sleep… that’s it… good boy/girl/nongender…The latest salvo against God.We could make the case that somebody is somehow using invisible alien technology weapons to track us and will eventually hurt or disable us with them – unless we all rise up and do something about it, but it does not matter if little grey men or tall grey non-gender AI’s, or blue, green, or whatever color ones – including duped elite human sell outs – are behind it, THIS is OUR REAL RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW HIDDEN THREAT! And IMO WE have to do something RIGHT NOW! to deconstruct our self created prison or we keep creating it.Ask yourself, WHO IS SO ORGANIZED THAT THEY ARE MAKING THIS HIDDEN IMPLEMENTATION HAPPEN E V E R Y W H E R E RIGHT NOW – TODAY?LOOK UP, LOOK AROUND! In EVERY town, city, and State, just like all those supposedly “acoustic barriers” that suddenly were erected years ago that surround every city in our nation using the noisy freeways as a pretense for erecting our new prison walls. And to keep you from leaving unauthorized.And, just like when I went out and found directional markings on my mailbox and painted on my driveway. And just like the time when I had the black helicopter menacingly hovering just right over my house for a looong time – so long that I could see their faces clearly after they woke me up shaking the whole house – as a “message,” as I was just about to testify in an Ozone doctor’s trial.Dr. Boyce had been curing AIDS with Hyperbarics after Ozone direct IV injections. He was told to discredit Ozone. They threatened him with “or else,” while in jail and while they tried to recruit him while they showed him the inside of one of their real underground bases before his trial. This was when no one knew they existed. He told me about it by phone – before his trial which I was also threatened at. Neither of us caved. He went to jail for 5 years, I later got 2.And, there was the time when we were peacefully driving when a pickup cut straight across 2 lanes and STOPPED DIRECTLY in front of me in an attempt to T-bone my car with my wife also in it. WHO IS BEHIND IT ALL?WHY, DARKNESS ITSELF and it’s DUPED human and alien minions. INCLUDING EVERY RACE – VISIBLE OR NOT – THAT IT CONTROLS HERE IN OUR LOWER DIMENSIONAL DUALITY.I know I have been at this for at least 2,000 years.I have been saying for years we have all already been mind WIPED and reprogrammed by the ancient Earth invader kings – as a compromise amongst themselves – when they decided to turn off and make dormant our 10 DNA strands and then just rewired our meridians (seen it in myself) and left us only 2 strands. But in vain because God STILL lives in our “junk” DNA!They will do anything to survive. They live off the fear they can create in us. You TRY rubbing IT out, you TRY scrubbing IT out, but you can’t beat SOURCE! BECAUSE IT CREATED YOU!You have Sovereign choice just so you as SPIRIT can see what you will do with it. God does not make mistakes. God does not judge. We do. Then in the next go round we pay the price for what we create. Ever returning HOME. Which side are you choosing right now? Ignoring IS CHOOSING!This mess was all started since long before darkness minions set themselves up as Egyptian rulers in Atlantis, and like I just said, since W A Y long before that.THIS ACTIVATING OF CONFUSING DISTRACTIONS IS THE REAL POINT OF ACTIVATING ALL THE CRAZINESS AROUND US THAT THE darkness FOR MANY YEARS HAS TRICKED US and THEIR OWN MINIONS INTO PAYING FOR OURSELVES! All to keep us humans off point.I don’t care who the local implementing sold out actors are, because THIS article highlights REALLY WHAT ALL OUR INVISIBLE AND VISIBLE ALIEN SELF – PROCLAIMED “OWNERS” ARE DOING TO US RIGHT NOW! And their patents and lectures say it out loud in print already. They and their AI’s are SPREADING as much as we let them. ALL in order TO CONTROL US HUMANS!But SPIRITS – what Humans really are – can’t be owned because they ARE PURE SOURCE.Even if you have not yet done the research to prove these facts to yourself, you can still just keep whatever beliefs you have. Being human and being here right now qualifies you to help stop and reverse this stuff – RIGHT NOW!According to the doctor in this video who spoke with an expert in this field, these defused laser lights can even be programmed to reprogram our minds, us, with their laser lights. Just like sound and any frequencies can heal, these can hurt.I see the strange devices and antennas slowly going up everywhere around me in southern Florida, like in front of Checkers with the strange multiphasic Korean antenna on top and who knows what boxes below,
and they are slowly sneaking them in around us everywhere. There’s another one a few blocks away. So slowly in fact no one sees them installing. That is how darkness inveigles, very slowly as we let it. Then bang!Who in what local body politic is causing this to happen so suddenly without ANY discussion or awareness because of their own ignorance of the newness? WHO is doing it knowing full well?Unconstitutional treason & conspiracy at a minimum. Everybody in the chain. You can’t just be following orders. You WILL be held accountable.IMO YOU CAN CALL and FIND OUT EXACTLY WHO IS YOUR LOCAL DECIDERS PERMITTING THIS INVASION OF OUR SOVEREIGNITY! SOMEBODY is issuing the orders so SOMEBODY has to sign the orders so SOMEBODY can issue them and get SOMEBODY to get the permits so SOMEBODY can install them. Follow the trail back upstream. ALL public record. You CAN wake them up and shame them if they are human and/or stop them in any case.IMO Stop them before the control gets worse. At least we know what the aliens or whomever are doing while they are running their mind controlled humans and making them skip over our politicians now.THE MUST WATCH VIDEO
https://www.ournewearthnews.com/new-led-streetlights-feature-puke-ray-social-control-technology-blue-purple-led-streetlights-contain-sinister-technology-too-says-carrie-madej/Anna Von Reitz: Purple LED Street Lights Everywhere Are To Identify The Dog Tagged Jabbed, And Here Are The Patents!!Wednesday, December 21, 2022 12:04
Rat Watch Alert, Tuesday, December 20th, 2022Hello, Campers! Hello, Rat Watchers!Have you noticed an uptick in the proliferation of purple LED street lights and purple LED lights in general? They are suddenly all over, but especially in major urban areas.Carrie Madej and Anna Von Reitz and CrystalRiver energies got together and are bringing this out.Many Blessings, and thanks for doing the research. – MrOxygenCopyright Breath of God Ministry 2022.
All Rights and Remedies Reserved

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