(Reader: Stan) A Strange Celestial Object

(Reader: Stan) A Strange Celestial Object



 -Tuesday, 27 December 2022, 23:05 PM

Reader Post | By Stan

I have hesitated writing about what I saw from fear no one will believe me.

The event started about six years ago while living in Belize, Central America. I was in my back yard one afternoon tossing a ball to my yellow lab. It was late afternoon, almost dark when I noticed a strange light just above the horizon in the south-east. I watch it until the vampires (mosquitoes) chased me inside. The next few evenings were cloudy, so I wasn’t able to view this celestial object. The first clear night I was outside heavily armed against the bugs with compass, binoculars, and flash light. The object was in the same position low on the horizon. My compass read 165 degrees and it appeared stationary. I watched it until the rotation of the planet hid it from my view. 

I was outside every night with the exception of clouds blocking my view. Only after several months had passed did I notice any movement of the object and only after several compass readings was I able to ascertain it was moving to my right. I continued to watch the bright object night after night. If you are wondering how bright was the object; it was the brightest light in the night sky next to the moon. Kind of hard to miss. When it was directly west, I could still see it as bright as ever. That told me is was on the other side of our sun because the sunlight was reflecting off of it. Constant observations revealed it to be in a clockwise circular orbit around Earth. Our planet was not in the center of its orbit; just inside of it. The position of this bright spot in the night sky only rose to about 30 degrees above the horizon which suggested it to be slightly tilted from our plane of the eclectic. I watched it for about eighteen months before it went out of sight in the north-east.

I wrote to people all over the world and not one person outside of my community ever admitted seeing it. After pointing it out to several of my friends, we started gathering next to be bay at a basketball court. This gathering turned into a party of sorts for the purpose of viewing the mysterious planet. We would discuss what it was and how it appeared in our solar system. The most prevalent opinion was the object was a planet orbiting a brown dwarf star known as Wormwood from the Bible. A further clarification had it as Sols sister sun, which went extinct about three billion years ago sending it in an orbit which crashed into a planet between Mars and Jupiter. The area is now known as an asteroid belt. Theory has it in an orbit which takes 3650 years to complete one orbit around out sun. 

There is no doubt a strange object was in the night sky. If any of the theories are true, then it would appear Wormwood, Nemesis, Planet X, Nibiru, or whatever you choose to call it is in our neighborhood.



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