Vaccine Shedding Finally Proven! – Dec 27 2022

Vaccine Shedding Finally Proven!

Posted By: CrystalRiver
Date: Tuesday, 27-Dec-2022 12:30:40

Vaccine Shedding Finally Proven!Statistically Significant Vaccine Shedding from Parents to ChildrenBy Igor Chudov
May 2Do vaccinated people shed their vaccine byproducts to us? We definitely, for sure, knew that vaccine shedding was not a thing, because “health experts and fact checkers” told us so. And we “believe science” and our “health experts”. Right?More at this link:———————————–
This self spreading vaccine was given to cows in 2015 but difficult to find the first article as they are burying it or putting it behind a paywall.It used to be I was discovering a great deal; yet now, they hide so much information.———————————-
Many Blessings,

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