December 28, 2022: Lifelong Illusions Shatter As New Paradigms Crystalize [videos]

December 28, 2022: Lifelong Illusions Shatter As New Paradigms Crystalize [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 December 28, 2022

This just in… no preamble. Seque: perfect  Link to Telegram.


Elon is openly talking about how Fauci and US NIH have been developing bioweapons under the guise of “gain of function”.

The ultimate revelation will expose that C19 was a man-made bioweapon, created by the NIH, and then the NIH used their connections with the FBI/Big Tech to cover up the fact that it was man-made, because they are the ones who made it.

Folks… it’s happening. The truth of the US Biological network is about to smack the normies in the teeth.

Replying to @elonmusk
and @pmarca
“Gain-of-function” in this context is just another way of saying “bioweapon”. Some good nuggets in article. Important to note that Fauci authored 2012 paper arguing for gain-of-function research! Obama wisely put this on pause, but Fauci restarted it.
Fauci Argued Benefits of Gain-of-Function Research Outweighed Pandemic Risk in 2012 Paper
In 2012, Anthony Fauci argued that the benefits of gain-of-function research are worth the increased risk of a potential pandemic-causing lab accident.

Read and follow along below if you like on Twitter.

Behind every successful psychopath is a strong psychopathic woman. That’s creative license, fyi. Q told us to watch the wives. Mitch McConnell was married to a Chinese woman. Rod Rosenstein had an interesting wife, Lisa Barsoomian, an attorney. Bill Clinton’s wife was a witch.

It just gets better and better.

Elon Musk claims ex-Twitter employees ran ‘Fauci Fan Club’ Slack channel

Any idea why this Michigan psychiatrist went missing and was found drowned in a pond near his home? Was he part of the ‘cult’? Was he vaxxed?Died suddenly?

Missing doctor found dead in pond at his Michigan home

This is astonishing and so illegal. The election was a theatrical performance to keep us all under Biden; Trump out, waking up more people, and other reasons.

Rush Limbaugh was a government insider. He knew.

Trump and his small, trusted administration reversed the path of the deep state’s agenda and undid much of the traps they had laid because he was infiltrating the El-ite’s ranks all his life and knew their secrets. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it. He broke their system and was courageous enough to tell the People outright what had been going on and what the dark plan entailed.

I find it interesting that Rush died from lung cancer. I think there’s more to it.

Some of you able-minded folks might be able to attach more meaning to this little gem from Derek Johnson. Link to Telegram.

C-40 Clipper with Call Sign SAM907 that “brought Zelensky” did not go to Ukraine not ONE time

Dan Scavino posted an image of a place that looked like a marina in a rocky gorge sort of place and the water was freezing over with interesting ice patterns. I wonder where that was—or it if mattered. We did hear that Hell froze over in Michigan and the fellows charged with arresting Gov. Gretchen Whitmer got twenty years in prison for a hoax the CIA or FBI planned. Unreal.

For those not on Truth Social, SGAnon posted the following. We’ll see what he comes back with in File 32.

I am taking this evening in quiet (on this end) to do some deep_dive research in prep for File 32.

>Tunnel destruction by Patriots continues beneath NA/SA and EUR continents
>Russia/NATO expanding the war
>US Supreme Court
>Trump/Scavino Comms
>Petrodollar Swan Song

-> Many are asking about recent RRN reports re: GITMO [Real Raw News]
I have reached out to my mentor, but I cannot yet verify this report. Will advise if any changes.

We love Christmas and the season and spirit it has become on the Human side, but Christmas is a secretly dual celebration. Like most holidays and celebrations, we think it’s about one thing when it was originally another; a date chosen by the Khazarian mafia for their religion.

Have a listen to this short video from the crew to see if the theory gels for you. In the future we will probably do Christmas a different way, or at least on a different date. They mention Easter, too. Makes sense. They know how to get Humans to blindly buy into their energy-money-blood-sucking events.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=B2P8CDf9i9&p=https%3A//

THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMAS: Horus, Ashtar & Ishtar is Enki (The Second Illusion Exposed!)

The crew also shared this documentary below about TikTok, the insidious app that China has developed to control and manipulate the masses. There’s a shocker. Once I got past the ads near the beginning I was glad I watched because I don’t have the TT app and don’t hang out there. It’s apparent now that China’s infiltration and control has many tentacles we didn’t see. Nothing was left to chance and it is important for everyone to know the nature and power of TikTok and the agenda of the Chinese Communist Party.

Some countries—India, for one—have banned TikTok because it is such a threat to the younger generation, in particular. It takes the data collection done by Google, etc. a giant step further. As the researcher points out, the Chinese government has their hands in this operation and they know more about users than they know about themselves. This is next-level surveillance, folks, and you will learn why it literally is addictive and some say “the most dangerous psychological weapon we face”. 32 min.

TikTok Is Worse Than You Thought

For all the brave souls and free thinkers out there on the edge… keep being who you be. Never waver.

The travel woes continue. Luggage is an additional frustration when flights are cancelled, juggled, and rescheduled. Our friend flying from Ontario, Canada to Vancouver Island, British Columbia took 4 or 5 days instead of a few hours to reach her destination—by land on the final leg—and still had no luggage when she arrived. Similar things are unfolding in the States. Link to Telegram video.

Southwest passengers are showing up to Ontario International Airport, California, looking for their 🧳. They are required to pay for parking while they search. Frustration seems to be growing.

Number One spent some holiday time setting up a new Tip Jar, since some of you have asked. On our main drop-down menu at the top left of the Starship Earth web site the fourth/bottom category is ‘Donations’. If you don’t see it, click the white arrow at the bottom.

Click the ‘Donations’ word/hyperlink and it takes you directly to the Tip Jar page where you scroll down to the blue box that says “Send Tip”.

Clicking that will take you to the dollar amount options and you can put in anything you like or select from the suggestions. You will get an email receipt if you complete the relevant section.

Patrick selected the Stripe payment processor because we dumped PayPal when they dumped so many patriots. Captain Techno-Weenie couldn’t do this without Number One. He’s so much more than the First Officer and gives me very reasonable rates for his time and expertise and we are “crew funded”.

He added the Telegram channel for us in April and some folks find that easier to access. As soon as we press the ‘publish’ button here on the bridge our post shows up there on Telegram. Sheer magic from Number One. And suddenly there are over 443 subscribers! More Christmas magic. There is also a chat. You would have waited a long time to get that from me. He just went ahead and did it.

Tips go directly to Number One so he can continue to keep us alive and aloft and serving Humanity. They’re like his dilithium crystals. It’s been over eleven years now and we are approaching 28 million hits—and those aren’t from asteroids. Those are eyes and ears on and a few have told us we truly played a role in their awakening. They changed their mind about things when they considered the information we shared so we have had an impact and that’s all the incentive we need to keep going.

Many have full-time jobs and busy lives and our 60,000 foot view from Low Earth Orbit helps them keep tabs on some of the important developments within the Great Awakening when they don’t have time to go looking for updates and researching topics that interest them.

We don’t advertise and trust that those who resonate with our material will find us and we are honoured to be orbiting in the company of beautiful, powerful, awakened and awakening souls who often give back by sharing the impactful information they collect in their travels as well as their perceptions on what elements of the Information War mean. We appreciate those contributions just as much.

My final notes concern pet owners—or should. I checked on the rabies statutes and regulations here in Arizona and the vaccination schedule is a state regulation, not a county one. I found this website that defines which states adopted mandatory rabies “vaccines” and which did not and their current stipulations. Some allow exemptions based on the status of the animal; health conditions, age, frailty, etc.

The fact that 11 states have ZERO requirements for rabies vaccinations speaks volumes. Here in Arizona we made a little progress in 2021 when Nancy Barto sponsored Bill SB1353 which did pass, to allow titers to replace mandatory shots if antibodies/protection could be shown and verified by certificate from a qualified veterinarian. That still means a pet has to get at least the initial rabies shot, so… for some, all it takes is one and their lifetime of seizures, etc. follows.

Frankly, most veterinarians seem UNqualified and have bypassed their oath for animal care in favour of the blind indoctrination at Veterinary College and subsequent brainwashing at clinics, hospitals, and from Big Pharma reps—but don’t get me started.

The following is not so much an attack of misinformed veterinarians because they are products of the rigged system, as it is an appeal for vets to stop and question; to research on their own; to follow the lead if necessary of holistic and naturopathic or homeopathic vets and the call of nature to stop the assault and let animals be healthy on their own merit.

Sensible, sound titer information found here.

Knowing what I now know and strongly suspect based on the demise of my previous three Golden Retriever sons, I am not going to vaccinate little Eli for rabies until such time as I know exactly what is in the ‘vaccine’ and that it would never cause him harm or suffering after the fact. I’m not concerned about him contracting rabies in the least. I AM concerned about the other negative side effects every one of my Goldens have suffered and died with.

I believe it is currently impossible  to trust what is in vaccines or that they won’t cause problems in the future so my options are to try to get his neutering surgery performed out of state where he doesn’t need a rabies certificate, or to sit on it and bide my time until perhaps Kari Lake is Governor and concerned pet owners petition her to dump the baseless, harmful rabies statutes for Arizona completely, and in line with:

Idaho – imported pets must be vaxxed
North and South Dakota

If rabies is so deadly and so prevalent and a threat to Humans, why are these states so lax? I don’t believe Gov. Kristi Noem in South Dakota would put her residents at risk.

Some of the above states say they would adopt county regulations based on an actual outbreak of rabies. Doesn’t that make more sense? Hawai’i has no rabies cases and therefore no statutes other than importing an animal means a quarantine period to ensure no rabies is introduced.

Where is the need for Arizona to have mandatory rabies regulations when adjacent states California, Utah, Colorado have zero or exemptions? You inject all the animals in AZ and a mile away in another state the animals have strong immune systems and no rabies.

Note: The variant of rabies said to spread from dogs to Humans is all but disappeared, I read somewhere.

YET… One of the worst cases of rabies crimes is based in the fact that the dose isn’t gauged on body weight as so many pharmaceuticals are. They inject the full vial across the board to dogs and cats of all sizes, from what I have heard. Does that not sound careless? Eli is 20 lb. lighter than our previous Goldens and that is just one more reason I reject the practice.

This is all outdated nonsense, in my personal opinion. There is no logic or sound reasoning for these mandatory rabies shots other than making Big Pharma and vets richer and more omnipresent than they already are. They are out of control. End it now. Stop the fear campaigns.

We already know the FDA will approve anything Big Pharma pays them enough to clear, including the deadly “Covid vaccines”. Babies are getting autism from vaccines and dying suddenly from “crib death” from vaccines if some doctors are correct. Russian roulette, if you ask me.

Also, Arizona reports rising Valley Fever cases. I wonder if the weak immune systems from rabies and other vaccines have anything to do with it.

Licensing is usually based on a rabies certificate. Why do we need pet licenses? Why do we need permission to get married, drive a personal vehicle, or own a dog or cat? They make money off it and sic their goons on us if we don’t comply to levy fines and make more money. Stop it.

I would rather pay a fine than vaccinate my dog and deal with the subsequent vet bills and suffering caused by the foreign agents in his body designed by psychopaths to cause untold misery in our society while vets and Big Pharma profit. The risks far outweigh the benefits. Rabies is treatable. It isn’t a definite death sentence; cancer usually is. What they charge for cancer treatments like chemo for pets is criminal. We’ve been down that road and will never do it again.

As I stated before, and you can skip this repetitive bit about my dog but our pets aren’t predominantly dying of rabies, they are dying of cancer by the thousands and many other serious health conditions.

Vaccines weaken the immune system and my former Golden, Mica, whose 9th birthday would have been today, was over-vaxxed at 8 weeks because a zealous, brainwashed vet said the breeder’s shot which was recommended by her own vet for 8 weeks of age, was useless—and jabbed him again. That’s three injections within 8 weeks of age. Soon thereafter he got his first rabies shot.

Mica was neutered very young, had food sensitivities and autoimmune conditions, developed Valley Fever and had to take Fluconozole for years until he tested in the safe range, then developed hip dysplasia, went lame in a hind leg at 7 years, which was later diagnosed as a very aggressive osteosarcoma, and died suddenly of a heart event four months after a rabies shot.

His short life couldn’t have gone more wrong and we did everything the veterinarians recommended except give him a joint compound which was suggested long before he had any issues.

We have it backwards, folks. We give them “preventive” stuff to avoid things that haven’t happened and might never develop rather than stopping the procedures and products that are not natural and continue to lead to major health issues.

Veterinary care is no longer competent because they are misinformed and don’t question but cater to the bottom line. If we stopped vaccines almost entirely it would tell us if they are culprits or not. It’s just logic. They use fear to intimidate people into injecting their pets with mercury, aluminum and who knows what and they bribe policy-makers into passing nonsensical legislation.

Fluconozole has a long list of negative side-effects including joint and muscle pain and liver issues. Mica had so many he thought bananas had a blue core because that is how we got him to take it. If he had a stronger immune system he probably would not have contracted Valley Fever and might be alive today. There are enough unknowns in the lives of our pets. Why do we sabotage their health and pay “experts” to do it?

Some states will offer an exemption for the rabies shot, as I said, and had the diagnosis of Mica’s cancer been earlier and a competent vet had counselled me on the dangers of a shot when a serious immune-related health condition was present I would have declined the rabies and paid a fine if they came after me.

Where does one find such a vet? They are few and far between today, it seems. Malpractice as a result of fake science and Big Pharma is far more common than we are inclined to believe and a re-education system is what is mandatory—not vaccines.

It’s up to us to run our country and guide the hands of our elected and appointed officials to end the insanity and the torture. Veterinary medicine is equally as desperate for reform as the Human medical industrial complex and Big Pharma must be put in its place; ideally removed from the equation completely.

—and get after the toxic pet food industry, too. They go hand in hand. We need to get the toxins out of our pets’ bodies. Wild dogs and cats don’t suffer the debilitating and lethal consequences of our domesticated animals. What does that tell us?

We’re doing it all wrong. “Leave them alone, and they will come home… wagging their tales behind them.”

That concludes another rant about the intolerable conditions I encounter. I know others feel the same way and we have to keep hammering away at this until we get “safe” practices and standard of care changed. The standards are woefully inadequate. Criminal, actually.

We as pet parents are forced to research, think, choose, and protect as we see fit to do no harm. Little Eli asks us all to do what we can for our furry family members.

Time’s up. See you next time.  ~ BP

“Little” Eli, 1 yr

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