Anna Von Reitz: “Beware, the 169,000 Cow Lies”




THE REAL “144,400 are LEGIT as ORDAINED by GOD of HEAVENS etc.



Anna Von Reitz: “Beware, the 169,000 Cow Pies”


By Anna Von Reitz

I first became aware of The Reign of the Heavens Society in 2010 because they were infringing on our trademarks and copyrights — an unfortunate practice of many British Crown corporations over the years.

I was further prompted to act because they were also infringing on the copyrights and trademarks of Frank O’Collins, a former high-ranking Catholic priest in the hierarchy of the Church of Rome, who created his own government and system of laws, weights and measures, and everything else, called Ucadia.

They plagiarized Frank’s work and “edited” it and adopted it with their own perverse changes included, and because his work was scholarly and well-conceived, they gave themselves the gloss of being “spiritual” and scholarly, when in fact they were just thieves and prevaricators.

I followed the progress of their organization from a distance for a number of years. In 2011, they began a bizarre membership drive to recruit 144,000 people to rule over planet Earth in the name of Jesus; they told everyone who would listen that the world was going to end on December 21st, 2012, and anyone who didn’t sign up with them by that date, would forever be relegated to a slave-like status, while everyone who signed up prior to that date would be among the elite 144,000. Come one, come all…. and, to sweeten the pot, you would get a break on your membership fees, too.

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