Saratoga Ocean: Don’t let this happen to you in 2023!

Saratoga Ocean: Don’t let this happen to you in 2023!

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Friday, 30-Dec-2022 15:45:23

This message is from a mailing list.In just two days 2022 will be over. Since the world is still in vacation mode until Monday, this is a good time to take a break from things and spend some relaxing time alone assessing where you want to go in 2023.2023 will have two aspects to consider. The first is the larger world that we all share, which appears to be imploding in multiple ways. The second is your personal world and what you wish to do with it. This starts with knowing how you want to evolve yourself, along with thinking about what you want to create.I look at this as having two areas of life to strengthen. One is our ability to be aware of the larger trajectories in this world. This is important so we can effectively navigate future global events without being caught by surprise like we were at this time back in 2020.The second and most important area to strengthen is our ability to evolve, create, and manifest. Until recently, we had the freedom to develop ourselves as creators without state-sponsored interference in that capability. But the controllers of this planet are now trying to deliver a death knell to that evolutionary goal. They have begun a campaign to destroy our innately human creative energy.That’s what trans-human is all about. It means to transition out of our natural human species into a completely different synthetic species that has little or no power to create. The goal is to make humanity a biological host for an AI parasitic energy.The divine masculine and divine feminine form the bedrock of all creation in this universe. When you destroy that energy in a species, you are destroying the species itself. The intention is to create something completely artificial.So if you want to evolve as a human being in 2023, it would be wise to hold onto your human self in this regard. My definition of transhuman is one who has turned against their own species and against all other biological species on this planet.And if you don’t think this is serious, note that it is likely to become illegal at some point to even talk about this. Which is why I’m talking about it now. I want to suggest that you be very mindful about how important this is if you want to seriously evolve. And recognize that just because no one is allowed to question this, doesn’t meant that it doesn’t matter.Because without the divine masculine and divine feminine, we as a humanity have one foot in the grave of our formerly human existence. We will have entered the final ‘digestive’ system of AI.Here is just one tiny sample of what I’m talking about. The CDC apparently wants school teachers to only recognize what they call ‘gender neutral anatomy’. Well, this alone is a lie on its face because there is literally no such thing in the biological world. Their plan for this massive level of gaslighting is to stop referring to kids as boys and girls. Instead, they should be seen as “body with a penis” and “body with a vagina” according to the CDC.Now I want you to pause for a moment, and think about what this means. This is a blatant attempt to separate a human being from their natural Earth body. So if you are a cosmic being who is male, you will no longer have a male body capable of conducting your male energy available to you on planet Earth. Instead, your body will either be programmed or eventually engineered to have no gender at all. And the same holds true if you are a cosmic being who is female. Forget about living as a creator on planet Earth. Your innate ability to create and co-create will not be welcomed here.Of course most of us will say, “Forget that! I’m not buying into that for one second!”But here’s the problem. Transgender people have now been elevated to the most protected class on the planet. People born with an actual, clearly acknowledged gender who love and value their natural male or female bodies are seen as a threat. Well, of course they are! They’re a threat to transhumanism. They’re a threat to AI.Once a biological human is seen as an enemy of the state and therefore not allowed to speak as such, that is going to have a dramatic impact on everyone’s minds. It’s going to become increasingly difficult to connect with your male or female energetic self because your corresponding male or female body will have been deemed irrelevant at best and threatening at worst.The controllers are trying to destroy the ability of our bodies to energetically conduct the divine masculine and feminine energies of who we are as cosmic creators. They want us to detach our consciousness from our physical selves. Since 2020 they have been trying to turn us against our natural human bodies in every concievable way.I don’t know if I’ll be able to speak about this publicly much longer. So I want to bring it up now, and encourage you to not let this primordial sense of self be stolen from you in 2023. Because you likely won’t even see it happening. You may not notice your mind turning more and more to unconsciousness about your male or female self.Just remember this: What binds us together as human beings is the fact that we are clearly men and women. This is the magnetic factor that allows us to function as co-creators. Yes, we do each have the yin and yang energies present within us. We have these co-creative faculties built right in. But you cannot negate how you show up in the world as a cosmic man or woman in a corresponding male or female body, and expect to retain the full power of your inner self.And by the way, I absolutely despise the term ‘cis-gender”. This is a lie. There is no such thing. This is a lie designed to not-so-cleverly whitewash the fact that we are men and women. It’s an attempt to turn this powerful truth into a blur of absolute nothingness.So I hope you will consider this for your own sake in 2023. Very little is what it seems in this world. Most things are wearing a mask. Remember to look under the mask so you always know what is really going on.I am still taking a break from filming YouTube videos. But I’m already missing everyone there! I will likely be back in mid January sometime, so I will let you know the exact date later on.In the meantime, stay connected to the beauty of nature, along with the magic and mysticism of the divine masculine and feminine.And spend the weekend thinking about how you want 2023 to look for you. This is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen yourself from within, and set some clear intentions about what you want to create.Let’s go into the new year from a place of strength, not weakness. A place of clarity instead of unconsciousness.I’m sending you love and blessings for a wonderful new year ahead!Stay peaceful.With LIGHT,Saratoga ❤️

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