Daily News and Updates for December 31st, 2022: “Here Are the First 12 Actions the GOP Should Take Once Taking Control of the US House”

Daily News and Updates for December 31st, 2022: “Here Are the First 12 Actions the GOP Should Take Once Taking Control of the US House”


Here Are the First 12 Actions the GOP Should Take Once Taking Control of the US House

Barbara Walters Dead at 93

Pope Benedict XVI Dies in Vatican at 95


WEF To Accelerate Push For “Metaverse” Surveillance Network At Davos 2023


Woke Fail: Netflix Shares Plummet More Than 50 Percent in 2022 — Worst Year in More than a Decade 


Republicans Urged to Investigate China’s IP Theft, Big Tech Ties


HERE’S THE LIST Of Opaque Third Parties That Control 98% of Our Elections and Personal Info With NO Oversight

Taylor Greene Says Many GOP Lawmakers Have Moved Further Right

The “Mega-Bubbles” Have Started To Burst, And That Could Mean Unprecedented Financial Chaos Is Ahead


Joe Rogan Slams Jimmy Kimmel for “Toxic” Left-Wing Mindset That’s Ruining Comedy

Kirk Cameron’s Christian story hour draws overflow crowd after disagreement with host library

LOL! Woman Defends Black Looters in Buffalo Using Excuse That White People Stole Their Land

Trump Taxes Set Dangerous Precedent For Democrats

Not so fast: Supreme Court ruling could protect George Santos from legal punishment

‘Rigged the COVID debate’: How federally enticed censorship undermined science during pandemic

Pelosi announces raise to House staff salary cap, now $212,100

Home Depot Co-Founder Goes Scorched Earth on Biden and Woke Leftists: ‘I’m Too Lazy, I’m Too Fat, I’m Too Stupid’

Did AOC Incite Violence? Video Shows Brawl, Arrests at Drag Queen Protest She Promoted

Second ABC News Producer Dies Suddenly by Undisclosed Causes

Sellin: Government-Weaponized Public Health: Disease Is Used to Control Populations Like Tear Gas Is Used to Control Crowds

Statue of Late Democrat Rep. John Lewis to Replace Confederate Monument in Georgia

Recapping 2022: A Big Takeaway

Young Mechanic Breaks Into Empty School and Leaves a Note – Now He’s Being Hailed as a Hero

Previous Arizona Gubernatorial Election Was Overturned

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