Daily News and Updates for January 3rd, 2022: “Beginning Today Corrupt and Decrepit Nancy Pelosi Is No Longer Speaker and Liz Cheney Is No Longer in Congress”

Daily News and Updates for January 3rd, 2022: “Beginning Today Corrupt and Decrepit Nancy Pelosi Is No Longer Speaker and Liz Cheney Is No Longer in Congress”

Beginning Today Corrupt and Decrepit Nancy Pelosi Is No Longer Speaker and Liz Cheney Is No Longer in Congress

Biden’s DOJ is Concealing 400 pages of “sensitive documents” Revealing Payoffs and Gifts from China, Russia, and Ukraine to Hunter and Joe’s Brother Jim Biden

‘Please Be Okay’: Prayers and Well-Wishes Pour Out for Bills Safety Damar Hamlin After Collapse on Field


Sports Commentator Skip Bayless BLASTED For ‘Insensitive’ Tweets Following Medical Emergency Involving Buffalo Bills’ Safety Damar Hamlin

“Nothing He Says Should be Given Slightest Credibility” – Elon Musk Takes Shots at Crackpot Paul Ehrlich after “60 Minutes” Fake News Segment

THE WORST EVER: A Look Back at Nancy Pelosi’s Disastrous Record as Speaker of the House and Behaviors of a Mob Boss

Virgin Islands Attorney General Fired Days After Suing J.P. Morgan Chase for Facilitating Epstein Abuse


CIA Report Says “Havana Syndrome” May Be Caused by “environmental factors, unidentified health problems and stress”


The Top 10 Conspiracy Theories That were True in 2022

Three Gubernatorial Races to Watch in 2023


Pharma Millionaire Who Killed Autistic Son Found Dead in NYC Home After Supreme Court Denies Bail


Democrat Katie Hobbs Laughs While Being Sworn In As Arizona Governor

MTG Calls For Schiff To be Removed From Committees Over Support for BLM Rallies

‘Human Error’ Blamed in Thousands of Voters Being Assigned Wrong Ballots

2022 was worst year for S&P 500 since 2008 with $8.2 trillion in losses

2023: Reasons to be Pessimistic, Reasons to be Optimistic


Data-grabbing toys expose American children to hidden dangers

She’s EXPOSING How The Deep State Mafia Controls All of Us — Redacted Conversation with Whitney Webb


How These Parents Helped Their Son Reject Transgender Lies And Affirm His Real Identity

RINO Congressman Don Bacon Threatens Conservatives: I’ll Help Democrats Elect Next Speaker if GOP Hold-Outs Reject Kevin McCarthy

10 Scandals To Keep Your Eye On In 2023

US Inflation: How Much Have Prices Increased In 2022?


General Motors Funds LGBTQ+ Group That Pushes Transgenderism in Children’s Classrooms

Another FAKE FACT-CHECKER Identified – Politifact’s Jeff Cercone “Fact-Checks” on COVID Despite Zero Credentials

GOP Rep. Barry Moore: FBI, DOJ Think They Know Better than Voters, ‘We Need to Pull the Plug’ and Clean up Those Agencies


Science is ONLY Possible with Constant Inquiry

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