Kat Anonup Update(s): Kevin McCarthy

Kat Anonup Update(s): Kevin McCarthy



 -Wednesday, 4 January 2023, 22:09 PM

KatIstheSea3 @katisthesea3

QTeam & Q+ are playing Celestial Chess on 17-boards
w/MANY layers of deception. We have NO IDEA who is what.


It’s sad to see people turning on President Trump 
because of his endorsement of McCarthy.
You can’t just drain the swamp with a magic wand. 
We need a Republican Speaker to keep control of the House 
& it looks like McCarthy is the only one 
remaining (R) shills in Congress will push through.

Juan O Savin
“When you’re doing Intelligence work
a lot of stuff that may not look right to people.
You think this guy’s a bad guy
but to play the part you gotta LOOK like a real bad guy
so you have a lot of people
that may NOT be the bad guy you THOUGHT they were.
Conversely, a lot of people you think are good guys
aren’t the good guy either.
You gotta dig a little deeper: Links & chains.
In a captured operation 
you grab a group of people, a chain of people
& you only know the person above & below you.” 

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