What Does “The Screen” Want us to SEE ?

What Does “The Screen” Want us to SEE ?

Posted By: aqua
Date: Wednesday, 4-Jan-2023 06:39:42

.I had mentioned in a reply-post to George Eaton that the mainstream news story that took place in Moscow, ID ended with the arrest in Scranton , PA ( which by the way, the MSM isn’t saying Scranton anymore— they’re just saying some other nearby town)Now, with this latest hot story, of football “gladiator” #3 in the news big time …..Yep, you got it —- You know what The Screen is pushing on us, right ??!Don’t make me spell out ww3.For those of us who watch tv news just to see what the matrix wants us to SEE , so it can TRY to get away with its shenanigans, WE CAN SAY : “ ‘NO’ !!!
“Here’s a good Vid explaining this much more :Who doesn’t love Matt ?
(Remember ha uses ‘notnilc’ as code for clinton)https://youtu.be/3fgL3wfrB6M.Peace Always ✨✨✨.


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