CGI’s Liam77: WSJ asks: “Are Vaccines Fueling New Covid Variants?”

CGI’s Liam77: WSJ asks: “Are Vaccines Fueling New Covid Variants?”

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Thursday, 5-Jan-2023 11:45:38

A post submitted by CGI member Liam77.

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There is another new covid “variant” (or so we are told) that is spreading across the Northeast. And The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) admits that covid “vaccines” are making people more susceptible to it.

XBB, as they are calling this latest variant, is not necessarily any deadlier than previous variants. It is also a lot different, we are told, than previous variants in that it evades “protection” from the injections.

“Growing evidence also suggests that repeated vaccinations may make people more susceptible to XBB and could be fueling the virus’s rapid evolution,” writes Allysia Finley, admitting what many of us have known for years now.

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