Reader: Record Number of Polar Bears Shows climate change zealot’s dire Predictions are Greatly Exaggerated

Reader: Record Number of Polar Bears Shows climate change zealot’s dire Predictions are Greatly Exaggerated

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Thursday, 5-Jan-2023 11:51:42

Thanks to reader D.Snip(LifeSiteNews) – For years, it has been claimed by climate zealots that the poor fuzzy polar bears were on the brink of extinction because of Climate Change, which was formerly called Global Warming, and before that Global Cooling.However, recent information from the Canadian Arctic flies in the face of claims of a polar bear calamity waiting for us around the corner.Blacklock’s Reporter published a piece highlighting research coming out of the Canadian Department of the Environment.According to the report, “Science and Inuit Quajimajatuquangit (traditional knowledge) are now observing higher numbers of polar bears and the management goals are more focused on maintaining or reducing numbers … ”It is interesting that “Science” chimed in on the polar bear issue. I was under the impression that Anthony Fauci only cared about viruses and vaccines.Reread that statement for a second. Science and the native people of the Canadian arctic are now grappling with an overpopulation of polar bears, and now are focused on reducing numbers.Does “reducing” mean killing?Are we allowed to kill an endangered species?Maybe you remember that video that went viral a few years ago showing a downtrodden and emaciated polar bear on the brink of starvation.It was a video from the Canadian Arctic, and the Guardian titled the clip “Starving polar bear video exposes climate change impact.”Read More:

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