Native Americans Targeted By the American Government – JAN 08 2023



Native Americans Targeted By the American Government

Posted By: CrystalRiver
Date: Sunday, 8-Jan-2023 18:42:27

Dear RM Agents and Readers,The targeting of the Native American has been going on for a long time. I’ve always wondered why as it made absolutely no sense to me. I’ve wondered if it wasn’t the Native Americans but their continued use of Tobacco that could be part of the issue. That and handing down their information by words to be remembered by the younger ones seemed very important! Found the information below on tobacco use and the Native Americans:
Many communities have a unique relationship with traditional, or sacred, tobacco. The tobacco plant is considered a sacred gift by many American Indian and Alaska Native communities. Traditional tobacco has been used for spiritual and medicinal purposes by
these communities for generations.Traditional Tobacco and American Indian Communities in …
So in the 50’s smoking became a big thing that even doctors were recommending it to their patients. Then came the load up of many carcinogens in the cigarettes. People start dying not from the tobacco use but from the ready made cigarettes that are loaded with other toxins.Then the huge push to get everyone to quit smoking, so many folks complied. Yet, is that not what is leaving the ACE 2 receptor open for attack? If you look at the years not as years but as months with lots of information, compress it and the picture is more easily seen.If nicotine blocks the ACE 2 receptor and stops the spike protein from entering the body then that is a win and what Dr. Ardis and Dr. Lee Merritt were talking about.2mg’s a couple times a day should do it; unless living with one that is jabbed, might need more and I’m seeing a large increase in pet cancer with those that are jabbed and have pets, just saying.———————————-
Below is a link I discovered at on the spike protein:————————————–
Most likely this plan has been going on for many decades if not longer, people that knew something was coming, people with long lived lives,people with access to technology (looking glass) (time travel) or not people at all, something else that has laid a plan to trap each one of us in? A trap to rid the planet of human beings and replace with controllable trans-humanist entities that started out as human?They take God’s creation and subvert it to ‘their’ needs and what could possibly go wrong?They have decimated many of the American Indians with bio-weapons attacks at different times. Remember the German smoking man on the X files? Maybe he should have rolled his own!Just thinking so thought I would write some of my thoughts…Attempted to locate the video of Dr. Bryan Ardis speaking about Nicotine but can’t find it at the moment.Many Blessings,

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