If they Only Knew… Possible Medical Remedies Coming – Jan 08 2023

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If they Only Knew… Possible Medical Remedies Coming



 -Sunday, 8 January 2023, 21:44 PM

Source: Operation Disclosure | By Rob Wold, Guest Writer

Submitted on January 8, 2023

If They Only Knew…

Rob Wold

Never before in this round in the evolution of human civilization have criminal agencies of governance around the world banded together so forcefully on a war plan to mass murder the majority of mankind.

While governments in the past have initiated genocidal programs on their own people, this may be the first time that dozens of governments simultaneously coordinated and launched a population reduction campaign using mass mind control to convince billions of people to commit individual acts of suicide and homicide under the pretext of protecting themselves and others for “the public good.”    

How did this get started?

If we ask when it did, we should first also look at the realities of such prior extinction events as the Biblical Great Flood and another earlier incident in the planet’s formation towards human habitude when an asteroid or large meteor collided with Earth, wiping out most life. Add to that the deadly event called polar shift, which was a magnetic switch took place in the electrical polarity beaming out from either end of our planet. Scientific exploration of that phenomena over the years has confirmed that it must have happened, but less is known about why.

Prophets who may have seen these events coming led some residents to flee underground and survive to rebuild their lives there in substantial numbers. Recent archeological evidence has confirmed a few places where this occurred. The best guesswork indicates that these locations had off-world connections.

Some people who heeded the warning signs of collapse traveled up to higher elevations beforehand.

But what of the evidence about intelligently conceived disasters ? Did some of these events, like the final destruction of the civilization called Atlantis, have their cause in manufactured technological weaponry brought about to lessen the population of Earth with the same intent as we are now experiencing?

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Rob Wold

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