Your Sunday Digest for January 9, 2023: Humanity Needs to Stop It [videos]

Your Sunday Digest for January 9, 2023: Humanity Needs to Stop It [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 January 8, 2023

As we watch the circus acts around the world, the posturing, the theatre, the dramatic performances, and the lies and propagands spewed by the New World Order’s puppets on televisions and newspapers, it’s a challenge not to gag.

vintage Punch & Judy puppet show

It helps to know that things are changing, probably more so behind the scenes than in public view. The following is one indicator of the changes coming. We understand it has already been arranged, but Humans are resistant to change and anything new has to be introduced ever so slowly while those of us in the know are chomping at the bit to just do it already.

We have heard no more income tax, the abolishing of several other taxes, and the introduction of a flat retail tax of 14% on new goods only. That is a rumour, not confirmed, but we expect something like that.

The cabal’s Golden Goose will be slaughtered for a glitzy, celebratory meal and they will no longer be sucking Humanity dry. They don’t work, and therefore have no right to our hard-earned money; much of which was laundered and sent off to the Crown, the Vatican, etc. in the past. I believe we have ample evidence that those “institutions” are now toast. In fact, it appears that all three of the cabal’s city-states and axes of power have been felled.

At least part of Washington, District of Columbia [not USA] is deserted, boarded up, and fenced off. Buckingham Palace, said to be “remodelling and refurbishing” has been shut down for over two years, and with the public death of the royal leadership, Pope Benedict and the apparent replacement of Pope Jorge Bergoglio/Pope Francis, we understand the Vatican and its gruesome underworld have been plumbed and secured by the Earth Alliance.

The secrets held in that unholy place will be revealed at such time the public is deemed ready to hear it but we understand that it was a shitload of gold in those tunnels which ran all the way to Jerusalem, if memory serves. One post stated “quintillion”. My little mind can’t wrap itself around figures like that but you get the idea.

Humanity must stop using the Khazarian mafia debt-slave systems. We have to incrementally, methodically, and gradually make the changes to our society with painstaking attention to detail—and sometimes stealth.

There are many ideas on the table to make our world better and more equitable. The El-ites have likened their corporations to god-like figures. They are not. If they don’t choose to honour their customers and treat them fairly, the customers will go elsewhere. We need to stop bowing down to godless entities who take, take, take and diminish our value as people and clients.

Make no mistake—it isn’t only Southwest at fault. All the major airlines seem to have taken the bribes to enforce unHuman and dangerous ‘Convid’ restrictions for travel over the past few years. We must hold them accountable.

Lawmakers Calling For MAJOR Change After Southwest’s Complete And Total Meltdown….

As the El-ites love to tell us, we must control the carbon footprint. They want to get rid of carbon, including carbon dioxide, the gas of life, as David Ike refers to it in his video below.

I finally got a minute to read Matthew’s Message from the crew and thought I’d mention the following passage related to carbon. WE are the carbon the globalists really want to eliminate. We’re going, we’re going. Don’t rush us. Link to the full message from Matthew from the other side.

As for potential health issues, intensifying light is changing cells from carbon-based to the crystalline structure that strengthens the immune system and provides resistance to toxicity that causes illness. Crystalline cells have another essential function: They enable bodies to thrive in the higher vibratory planes Earth is approaching.

Let us digress a moment to reply to a related question: “Please ask Matthew how we change cells from carbon to crystalline.” Light is what changes cellular structure from carbon to crystalline, and persons who live in godly ways automatically absorb light. As God said, “It is as simple as be kind.”

This is the narrative from the globalists on the future that most of us won’t be here to witness. Not in this density. Link to Telegram.

Oxford To Zero

We are launching the third strand of our climate action to achieve a Zero Carbon City by 2040 or earlier.

The launch of a new behavior-changing campaign will encourage citizens and communities to make little sustainable changes in their day-to-day lives which, combined, would add up to a significant impact on the city’s carbon footprint.

Oxford To Zero will build on this work as the campaign moves into the next phase, focusing in particular on community engagement through the Zero Carbon Communities strand.
It will look at three key areas of work:
• Zero Carbon Council
• Zero Carbon Oxford
• Zero Carbon Communities

🔗 Credit: Oxford City Council ( | ARTICLE

And below is David Icke’s excellent repartee. The entire video is a most enjoyable 47 min. in my opinion where you may watch on the video platform of your choice. There are several versions at David’s website. “Ickonic”. Brilliant terminology.

In case you haven’t heard about the globalists’ insane plan to terra-form the planet and forgot your initial education about cycles on Earth/Terra… Humans breathe oxygen. Our lungs expel carbon dioxide. Plants and trees need carbon dioxide, and give back oxygen. Do we see how perfect that balance is? We Human Beings aren’t the only things “fearfully and wonderfully made” by the Creator[s].

If there is an imbalance, it could be because they have mowed down so many rain forests and burned so many woodlands to blame the hoax “climate change”. However, I have heard that rainforest ecosystems reclaim the jungle at staggering rates so even that may not be the problem we were led to believe. Wildlife has to find new homes of course, but that is a topic for another day.

Today, we discuss the agenda of the dark and their lies to convince the Humans drastic change is required. They want automobiles that burn oil and gas to be replaced by electric vehicles SO THEY CAN CONTROL OUR MOVEMENT. It’s not because the arctic ice is melting and polar bears have no home or because the atmosphere is being poisoned.

Whatever happened to that gigantic hole in the ozone that was going to kill us? It’s always something. Stop. Question. Research. Think logically.

People need to get educated and stop falling for the propaganda. Stop acting like a windsock and running every which way the controllers dictate. Don’t let them wag the dog. Just stop it. David does a fantastic job of this topic and his resources are top drawer.

Pinocchio Planet – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

How about a hydrogen car? They exist. Link to Telegram for video. It reminds me of David Hasselhoff’s “Kit car”. At least they have a longer range than electric cars. We need Tesla energy and the old-new energy sources returned to us. The globalists get rich on oil and gas so they don’t want alternative fuels and energies for the masses.

Cette voiture à Hydrogène est impressionnante, elle rappelle le film Transformers

🇺🇸This Hydrogen car is impressive, it reminds the movie Transformers

How are we doing making the changes we want to see in the world? Where are we, exactly? Here’s one opinion. Link to Telegram.

Back in 2020, when were in the midst of the riots, God gave me a word of knowledge. If anybody was there on Twitter they may remember me saying this:

“When the idol is raised, the hammer will fall.”

I asked God at the time what this meant, and he told me that it would be the installation of the first statue of a “transgender” person installed on public land and directed me to the initiative to erect a monument to Marsha P. johnson, which had been ongoing for years at that point.

He didn’t explain the hammer part.

This happened right before the election:

Here is word of more progress, and I am confident it will be very revealing. Link to Good Dog USA on Telegram.

they were working together on a project.

they were silenced before they could reveal the project’s contents.

the ones who silenced them, could read their email, hack their phones and text messages – and overhear their private conversations.

their silence led to the re-election of one who’s military objectives were to destroy the united states. from within.

I am writing the definitive work on this project. coming soon.


Nixin Wolf


Tunnels Under the Vatican. Running from Vatican City, and deep underground, there is a tunnel that runs almost in a direct line to Jerusalem. The length of the tunnel was given as approximately 1,500 miles, so it cuts through underneath both land and water. ⬇️

This, however, is not progress unless you’re a psychopath globalist. They would love to euthanize us all, wouldn’t they? It’s so Humane.

Agent A1 stated the following in a post just now and he is probably correct as we know the RCMP and other law enforcement have both protected and enabled the pedophiles/pedovores and satanists in the once Great White North. Link to Telegram.


The ghastly accounts of what the demonic ones running the world have done to children are coming faster.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=r9t1PIbaHL&p=https%3A//

Satanic child abuse ring shut victims in oven, forced them to kill animals and filmed themselves gang raping them, court hears

ALERT: Over 270 Kidnapped Girls Have Been Recovered From the Nigerian state of Zamfara

The following article gets into the credibility and feasibility of growing babies in pods like seeds in a greenhouse. We shared the “Ectolife” video recently which they include at their website. [link below]

Not everyone is aware that cloning Humans is in advanced stages, and so too, they are unaware that some El-ites and wealthy people who choose not to conceive or cannot conceive are probably buying genetically engineered babies. We have had hints that some of the “royals” may have done this. After all, it’s so inconvenient to be “uncomfortable” for nine months, isn’t it?

We have seen interviews with people who claim to BE clones, manufactured at a facility in Montreal, Canada, for example. When we hear artists like Marc Martel sounding exactly like Freddie Mercury of the Queen band fame, what are we to think? I know what my gut tells me. I get chills listening to both and I think there’s a piece of Freddie’s DNA in that Martel. He has the effortless keyboard skills. Even his name suggests a connection. Marc or Merc and Martel is like “K-Tel, the company that mass-produced records and other gimmicky things. When you think about it, why wouldn’t they keep a piece of a genius entertainment icon like Freddie Mercury?

Crazy connections? Maybe.

When we are approached in the cabal’s mainstream media about new technologies and they are introducing it, saying it’s in the early stages and it will be awhile before it comes to fruition for public consumption, we can usually assume they’ve almost perfected it and have been using it for some time. They’re testing the waters. It’s obvious they are working on shaping the minds of the public to swing them to their way of thinking so they’ll accept the NWO agenda.

They have already convinced many that it’s normal to want to change your sex, that same sex marriages are okay and without existential repercussions, that having discussions with kindergarten-age children about homosexuality is healthy and beneficial, and that there are 57 different sexual labels hidden in the alphabet.

They are doing it all for their benefit. They are satanic pedophiles who have sex with children and they want to destroy the Human family unit and prevent us from procreating because it’s part of their depopulation agenda.

The globalists pretend that ethics are most important but they have none. Most of Humanity feels differently. If the globalists believed pod babies were acceptable to us, they wouldn’t hide the cloning except that it would also spill the beans on their impersonations of influential people, dead or otherwise, and their ability to control the world.

Our alarm bells should go off when we see ourselves being sold on something we would normally find disgusting. Listen to your gut. We’re being constantly bombarded with messaging, most of which is not good for us, and we need to be conscious of who is trying to sell us on what.

We accuse some of “playing God”; deciding who lives and who dies. Cloning seems to be playing God, too; deciding who is born. And where do the souls come from who animate these clones? Some clones, we hear, are soul-less automatons, which opens up another whole can of worms we won’t get into here. Suffice it to say we have heard there are a lot of “non-playing characters” [NPC] within the population.

If the Khazarian mafia running the world needs an army to infiltrate Humanity and cause ruination, pain, and suffering, wouldn’t clones be an easy way to grow an army of unquestioning robots who appear to be “weaponized Humans”?

If there are adult clones, isn’t it likely they started off as some kind of “pod babies”? There are many questions. You decide.

EctoLife: Does This “Fiction” Foreshadow Artificial Wombs and Pod Babies?

If you feel like reading a little and desire thoughtful, informative articles to peruse, you might consider The Final Wakeup Call as a source.

Here is a list of substack accounts Good Dog USA listed on Telegram.

11 Substacks Corporate Media Doesn’t Want You to Follow

(×1024.jpg)📡@COVID19Up: Looking to stay informed about on Substack for free without getting duped by disinformation and propaganda?

Here are the top 11 Substacks we recommend right now:

1. The Vigilant Fox ( — Believing that “tyranny is not possible without compliance,” Fox has become known worldwide by creating viral video clips of doctors and scientists speaking about COVID-19 that lead people to dive deeper into what’s really going on.

2. Dr. Tess Lawrie ( — Tess is the founder of the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development International initiative, Director of EbMCsquared CiC, and a steering group member of the World Council for Health.

3. Derrick Broze ( — Derrick is a freelance investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker, founder of The Conscious Resistance Network, and co-founder of Freedom Cells and The Greater Reset. He also writes for The Last American Vagabond.

4. Dr. Jessica Rose ( — Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and a master’s degree in immunology. She also holds a PhD in computational biology and two postdoctoral degrees in molecular biology and chemistry.

5. Dr. Robert Malone ( — Robert is an internationally recognized scientist/physician who helped invent mRNA vaccination as a technology. He has roughly 100 scientific publications with over 12,000 citations of his work and has sat on or served as chairperson on HHS and DoD committees.

6. Dr. Pierre Kory ( — Pierre is a founding member of the FLCCC Alliance and has led ICU’s in multiple hotspots throughout the pandemic. He is a widely published therapeutic expert and deeply experienced in treating COVID-19 in all of its phases.

7. Igor Chudov ( — Igor owns a popular math website and runs a business. He’s also an expert on how governments and shady non-governmental players psychologically manipulated us during the COVID-19 crisis.

8. James Roguski ( — James is an author, health activist and researcher. In 2021 began his journey down the WHO rabbit hole, and his mission to alert the people of the world to the power grab of the WHO and its corporate paymasters.

9. The Pulse ( — Investigative journalism and deep analysis on current events, science, consciousness, solutions and more through critical thinking. Founded by Joe Martino of Collective Evolution.

10. Justin Hart ( — Justin is an executive consultant with over 25 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies and presidential campaigns. He’s also chief data analyst and founder of

11. Vigilance per VAERS ( — Data analysis from the webmaster of, which offers a free interface for safety signal search based on a continuously updated comprehensive analysis of U.S. public VAERS dataset.

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Number One is located in Canada and I can tell you it is frustrating trying to do business between the US and Canada with financial institutions. In the same way that the globalists point fingers at the masses and accuse them of what they themselves are doing, they prevent good, honest people from helping each other financially.

It took several years to get a major bank where my Canadian investments originate to simply change my address. They’re absolute morons and their systems antiquated. Trying to do taxes with both US and Canadian accounts and funds is a nightmare even when we have a skilled accountant. We need a Financial Reset.

We will update you on the Tip Jar status when something changes. We are waiting for a response from Stripe. Let’s hope they see reason and return Number One’s account to good standing. There is no reason on Earth that he should not get a few small donations for the work he does on this website and our backup satellite ship, The Captain’s Blog. Thank you all for your support. We don’t ask for donations but a few trickle in every month because some like to show their appreciation that way.

I also forget to add in our posts that thanks to Number One we are also now on Telegram. I don’t have the time or technical know-how to do anything with that channel, but he created a chat as well and you are welcome to hang out there and enjoy each other’s company. I know some of you are lonely and appreciate time with awakened souls.

Here is one last update from SGAnon on Truth Social:

SGAnon @RealSGAnon

Taiwan invasion/shock-and-awe campaign entering pre_op phases.

End of transmission. Keep envisioning a brave new world and just be who you be. That is enough.  ~ BP

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