Feds Proposing to Ban Natural Gas Stoves for Cooking

Feds Proposing to Ban Natural Gas Stoves for Cooking

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Tuesday, 10-Jan-2023 13:51:22

In Response To: Biden Admin Considering A Nationwide Ban On YOUR Gas Stoves (RumorMail)

The timing here is genuinely ridiculous. It’s as if the federal government, specifically the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, led by… Richard Trumka Jr (yes, that guy’s son)… doesn’t think or care that we can see the real issue is to change energy uses.Now that Russia has been isolated from natural gas sales, the European Union needs the supply of all other natural gas markets in order to keep itself from freezing to death. Simultaneously, natural gas as an energy resource is now bad, terrible like oil and coal, amid the climate change cult.So, they need to change the narrative and stop people from using natural gas appliances.Suddenly, after generations of natural gas appliances existing in almost half of the kitchens, suddenly the appliances are toxic, dangerous and likely to require a ban against use.

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