IgG4 and cancer – a mechanism of action for cancer relapse and onset

IgG4 and cancer – a mechanism of action for cancer relapse and onset

Posted By: JediShaman
Date: Monday, 9-Jan-2023 21:29:16

https://jessicar.substack.com/p/igg4-and-cancer-a-mechanism-of-actionIgG4 and cancer – a mechanism of action for cancer relapse and onsetClass switching and tumor promotion…Jessica RoseDec 30, 2022As you all know, IgG4 has come onto the hot-seat lately in the context of the mRNA shots. I was prompted this morning after watching Chris Martenson’s summary video of Jikkyleaks’ new FOI findings to look into the relationship between IgG4 and cancer. Again, cancer statistics in VAERS and from clinical settings are completely atypical since the roll-out of the COVID shots and I have been sounding the alarm on this for over a year.I refer you all to a paper published in 2016 in Current Allergy and Asthma Reports entitled: “IgG4 Characteristics and Functions in Cancer Immunity”.1This paper reveals that not only is there a link between tumor progression and the presence of IgG4 due to class switching, but that this link might even be necessary for tumor promotion and progression.”Full article:


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