MAKOW: Is the US Government Deliberately Seeking Out and Killing Healthy Citizens? – Jan 10 2023

MAKOW: Is the US Government Deliberately Seeking Out and Killing Healthy Citizens?

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Tuesday, 10-Jan-2023 13:51:12

Is the US Government Killing Healthy Citizens?
by Jennifer (
Jan 10, 2023[snippMy patriot friend, John, who is about 78 years old, called me today in a panic to tell me that a medical vehicle came to his friend’s home — his friend is a man about 80 years old and picked him up against his will. They grabbed him and strapped him to a gurney and then rushed him off to some “medical” facility to force a “Quick Kill Protocol” on him.This man lives alone, his wife is gone and his daughter does not live near him. John and his daughter have been trying to see him but they are not allowed visit him. Finally, they were able to communicate with this man/father–he said they are starving him and that he had lost a lot of weight. Continuing, he said,”They are trying to kill him!”My friend, John and the daughter tried to get this man out of that “medical facility” — but they were unable to get him released.So, John contacted a patriot Sheriff, that is a trusted patriot-friend of his and reported what happened and to see if the Sheriff could help them get the man released. Also, John mentioned that the man was in good health–he did not have COVID–and he was not suicidal.The patriot Sheriff said this sort of thing–medical tyranny is happening all over the USA. Certain people are targeted as they are profiled.The Sheriff said there is nothing he can do, except he said to warn your family and friends.I thought they are probably targeting older people — but the patriot Sheriff mentioned that this is happening to all ages of people all across the country. So they are probably targeting people that do not have a family, network of friends, live alone and are on pensions, welfare or other financial situation that they cannot pay. So instead of these financial institutions going bankrupt, They are just liquidating vulnerable clients.They probably already informed people in some legal-ease small print, that they have the option to liquidate them.


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