X22 Report — Episode 2969: Trump Sends Message about the Tax Cuts, Year of the Boomerang – Jan 10 2023

X22 Report — Episode 2969: Trump Sends Message about the Tax Cuts, Year of the Boomerang



 -Tuesday, 10 January 2023, 20:02 PM

Ep. 2969a – Biden Has Lost The Economic Narrative, Trump Sends Message About The Tax Cuts

Ep. 2969b – Trap Has Been Set, Biden In The Spotlight, Think Mirror, Year Of The Boomerang

X22 Report
Published January 10, 2022


The [CB]/[WEF] are pushing their GND agenda, now they want to ban gas powered stoves. What they are trying to do, centralize everything to electricity, which they would control, the people are not buying what they are selling. The World Bank is projected that the economy is going to implode. Trump warns not to let the tax cuts expire, they must be renewed.


The [DS] / [Fake News] are caught in another trap. Trump baited them to raid Mar-a-Lago. If Trump knew that Biden had classified docs and he wanted to control the narrative would you not bait the [DS] into the raid. The [fake news] and the corrupt politicians are trapped in their own narrative. The President has the ability to declassify which Trump did, the VP does not have this ability. Trump also pointed out that they held this information back and only released it after the midterms, election manipulation once again. The pattern is set, year of the boomerang.

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