Earth Alliance and Patriot News for January 12, 2023

Earth Alliance and Patriot News for January 12, 2023

Source: Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 12, 2023

Earth Alliance & Patriot News for January 12th, 2023

Sources: Ted Mahr videos, Q interviews, Gene Decodes live and videos,, C-Vine News Network, Operation Disclosure, Jared Rand, Skye Prince, Before Its News, Michelle Fielding, Zorra of Hollow Earth, Michael Jaco, James Gilliland, Alex Collier, Dinar Chronicles, Q drops, Benjamin Fulford Website, DoD, Era of Light, and Other Live Conference Calls.

1/12/2023 News: Extremely Hot News: The Meaning of Life, The Collective: The New Cycle, Jared Rand Conference Call -Buckle-Up Butter Cup-1/11/2023. Articles: The Meaning of Life, The Collective: The New Cycle, The Galactic Council: New Earth, New Possibilities, Jeshua: Initiation into the Living Christ Consciousness, Archangel Michael: Getting Closer, Mira from the Pleiadian High Council: De-Compiling the Old, Tunia: Q & A on Various Topics (Good One Provided), The Collective: The New Cycle (Part of it is about Damar Hamblin & Football!), and The Telosians: Liberation Through Disturbances

The Meaning of Life Excerpts:

 “Despite all external appearances, life is a game, a grand game! As a game, it can be examined and better understood. Then, it can be played better.

The purpose of the game is to grow through experience. The end result of infinite growth is to realize our oneness with the underlying source of all reality – that of Infinite Being.”

Therefore, the meaning of life is growth in consciousness.

“As we progress through The Shift – the greatest transformation in human history – more and more mysteries of higher consciousness are being revealed to those who search within themselves. The very structure of God’s universe is becoming clearer than ever.”

Jared Rand Conference Call-Buckle-Up Butter Cup-1/11/2023.

-) Many Disclosure items will really start rolling out every day in January 2023. Jared says it will be a gusher of information; evidence and exposer. This week will be real intelligence drops every day. This keep coming. This is the “Mass Awakening Movement”. Things are going to start, now!!

-) Bank of America will be exposed with the Crypto illegal operations. This will be a major Crypto Currency scandal here very soon!! All is money laundering operations.

-) The real Republic Supreme Court case, on the Brunson case to threaten the Deep State, it is almost over, give up!! There has NOT been a real corporate Supreme Court in operation for two years.

-) Fake MSM is DONE, you could put a fork in them, the game is over. They will be charged and taken down.

-) Everything will STARTS with America; Disclosure, Financial Shift, and Military operations. 

-) The European Union and the Deep State America is going to collapse soon.

-) Trump could NOT release the real disclosure; because the FAKE MSM had too much control to dispute it. This is going to change this year!

-) The fiat Digital Coin that the corrupt Central Banks will fail completely. People will NOT believe in Crypto.

-) The “corporate Supreme Court” has committed treason multi-times. They are still doing that.

-) The Deep State & illuminati are in chaos. Many are wanting to switch to the good side. The Alliance which ones will be allowed.

This is the Year of Major Change!! (From Multi-Sources, Repeated too)

-) 2023 is the Disclosure

-) 2023 is the Year of NESARA/GESARA. Gold Standard in all Countries, and the R/V GCR

-) March 2023 is the start time of Humanities Great Celebrations. Trump come-back or disclosure?

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