January 12, 2023: A Farewell to Mars [videos]

January 12, 2023: A Farewell to Mars [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 January 12, 2023

Well, well, well. What have we here? It appears Canada caught the grounded flights virus from her big sister to the south and suffered some outages in the airline system. No delays, apparently.

What’s Going On? Canada’s Flight Entry System Hit with “Outage” After US and Philippines Airspace Shut Down in Last Week

SGAnon dropped File 35 on his Rumble channel last night. Very interesting stuff, folks. He confirmed my belief that the FAA “hack” that shut down all the commercial flights in the US yesterday was a White Hat op and believes the chemical plant fire yesterday was also a necessary step toward our new society and the way we live. It seems he will come out of the closet soon, visually, at least, but shall remain nameless for now. We’ll just call him Steve.

FAA Grounding | Covert Spec_Ops Reorienting Society | WEF Cyber Pandemic | A Special Announcement

Dr. Peter McCullough is making an appeal to doctors who can’t break free from their brainwashed state to realize the problem we have. Link to Telegram for video clip.

DOCTORS ENTRANCED IN MASS PSYCHOSIS : Cardiologists encouraging more jabs despite proof of myocardial and other deadly organ damage

Michael Jaco took it upon himself to visit the US/Mexico border to see what is really going on because the reports we get are diametrically opposed. We hear there are thousands of illegals pouring over the border every week, while others say nothing is really happening and all is quiet. It’s like many other scenarios unfolding. Some are real; some are not. Almost anything can be faked and if the deep state can create a false reality, the White Hats can do it just as easily. We have to wake the normies.

Most of us awakened folks don’t take much at face value. We take it in, weigh it, and keep it for awhile in case it resonates in relation to additional information. Sometimes it’s fake news, other times it’s disinformation, and sometimes it’s relevant in the proper context. I believe we are protected and The Plan is relatively under control so I don’t sweat the small stuff.

L – R: Jeff Beck, Johnny Depp

We understand legendary guitarist Jeff Beck died on Tuesday of Meningitis. Apparently he and Johnny Depp were tight. Does that look like Johnny Depp to you? I wouldn’t have guessed it.

We also hear the following. Is there always a darker side?

The point is, we can see that Meningitis is a potential adverse reaction to the jab. It’s on Page 6 of the Pfizer list which you can see for yourself at this Telegram post.


How can any doctor look at that list and while honouring their oath to do no harm, go ahead and recommend or administer the “Covid-19 vaccine”?

Regardless, it’s looking like we are going to be hearing about everyone under the sun dying suddenly or having critical heart events so the snoozers will wake up and we can kiss Big Pharma goodbye forever.


We have this good news. I was just thinking about Ben Swann a few days ago and wondering what he’s up to.


Ben Swann & Independent Media Announce Historic Lawsuit Led By RFK Jr. Against Media Giants

In case it’s relevant, in—wait—seventeen hours?—we have the opportunity to say goodbye to Mars Retrograde and all that no longer serves us.

So…. We are two weeks from the longest night of the year for us and we got the last full moon of the year.
This Gemini full moon is great for releasing all that does not serve us anymore.
Happy releasing

The fine print… Link to Telegram.

The fine print… Link to Telegram.

Mars Retrograde finishes in 17 Hours……

Not much longer now. And whilst it won’t change everything for the better in that moment, it’s a big step in the right direction

And it’s really nice that there are over strong and favourable stars in play at that moment. Several trines and some sextiles, all favourable aspects. And a strengthening conjunction between the Sun and Pluto

2023 is such a major year for us all. Even now, corruption is being exposed. Lies around the jab, from all the agencies involved. I look forward to more people waking up, getting it, and kicking back against the corrupt traitors that rule over us

The really sad thing is that the monsters actually only have as much power over them as we grant them. There is no law to say that they’re in charge. Did you know that there’s no law to say that we even have to pay income tax?

It’s all crooked, wrong, corrupt, evil, and so much more. Don’t bow to them. Don’t bow to the paedo King, Saville’s old mate

Of course I can’t tell you what to do, and don’t really want to. I just want folk to wake up to what these monsters have done, are doing. Things will only get better when we truly stand in our power instead of giving it all over to them

You might want to listen to Laura Walker’s Oracle Report as she discusses what is coming as far as potential astrological influences. She always links current events to her analyses and is so happy about the shift she’s having a party. Lots of interesting insights here. 25 min. There are several new reports there to listen to or download.

“The Vast Mars” Mars Direct

I will be particularly eager to leave Mars Retrograde after an epic fall yesterday. Eli and I had just turned the corner when a neighbour who literally triggers him with her high-pitched voice arrived at the sidewalk to bring her trash bin out. In an instant Eli bolted toward her, and the next thing I knew a linebacker sacked me and I was lying in the road on my back, unable to breathe.

What had actually happened was, I locked the extendable leash to pull Eli away from the woman and pulled with all my might. As luck would have it, though, the lead suddenly released and the tape came streaming toward me so all my strength boomeranged on me, sending me staggering backward and spinning around, and the momentum took me onto the road. It all happened so fast I don’t think I even used the eCollar transmitter.

I don’t lead a very physical life so injuries are usually a broken nail or a burn from the oven rack or bruise from a game of tail chaser with Eli. It was so bizarre to be disabled like that, gasping for air, unable to talk, and a cut on my hand along with two broken nails.

After a few minutes while the neighbour restrained a highly adrenalized Eli, I was able to get a little more air, stand up, and fortunately I had my phone with me and texted my husband to come help. Intuitively I felt my diaphragm was spasming and all the muscles around it and my lungs were constricted.

So hubby quickly came and got Eli while I walked gingerly home. The really weird thing was, a couple of days prior I had wondered what it felt like to be a football player when tackled and thrown to the ground. That was after the press about Damar Hamlin and watching some clips. No idea why that thought occurred but now maybe I have an inkling what it might be like to be a quarterback. I need to be careful what I “imagine”. Think good thoughts, people! Things are manifesting quickly now.

Personally, I don’t believe the “zip-line” as our trainer calls it is ideal for big, young, energetic dogs—even while training, but it inserts the variable of “choice” for the dog into the equation and the eCollar transmitter is supposed to be your switch to correct unwanted behaviour.

In a perfect storm, however, something could fail, including the operator. Timing is everything and I guess I paid the price. I will have to take it easy until these muscles relax and I can breathe better. I’m just glad I didn’t have to go to a hospital. Hubby had to do the obedience class this morning with Eli. He’s clearly the Alpha and much respected by Eli; more so than I so we have to work on that.

Maybe Mars Retrograde played a role?

It’s a time when we hesitate more often than we throw ourselves into new endeavors. We second-guess our impulses. We might require more rest than usual. Some of us are more accident-prone or illness-prone, almost as if the cosmos are forcing us to slow down if we haven’t listened to our instincts to take a break. It’s time for regrouping, which is vital on both physical and emotional levels. Source

Anyway, I’m still here to wage war on evil and we shall. Talk to you soon.  ~ BP

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