Reptilians Run The ‘Satanic’ Music Industry – Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan – Video 3:36 m, plus my comments – Jan 13 2023

Reptilians Run The ‘Satanic’ Music Industry – Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan – Video 3:36 m, plus my comments

Reptilians Run The ‘Satanic’ Music Industry – Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan – Video 3:36 m, plus my comments

Posted By: GeorgeEaton [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 13-Jan-2023 15:45:36 Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan has opened up about his experiences in the record industry, telling Howard Stern that he has “witnessed a shape shifting humanoid” in the flesh, before opening up to production staff after the show, informing them that the “record industry-Illuminati” is controlled by non-human reptilians.

My comments:
This was originally brought out a few years ago, but I just recently saw this video. I seriously question the claims and reality of “shape-shifting Reptilians”, but I have no evidence to refute the concept altogether.
Many well known researchers, David Icke being one of them, have claimed that there are reptilians in high positions of power and finance masquerading as humans – but again, I am very skeptical.However, since I was told by a high level “government official” that he saw photographic evidence of their existence in “government” files. And, he then drew out what he saw for me, which I placed in my early book called “The Alien Files” – I am in no position to deny these claims out of hand. I was told that the reptilian alien species is one of four types that the US government is fully aware of and has had contacts with on a regular basis.

They are considered malevolent, unpredictable, dangerous and a future threat to the earth. I was also told that their space ships are triangular in shape.Since my early research into this subject started 30 years ago, the government has no doubt discovered more alien species, have developed their own space ship fleet, and have worked with some aliens to exchange ambassadors. It is also quite possible that the US and its wealthy elite partners have set up colonies on another planet. Since these things are very possible, the idea of a reptilian species having the ability to change their exterior form can’t be ruled out.The reason I’m sharing this video is to wake up people to the possibility of these things and allow it to serve as a mind expanding exercise.I honestly don’t know if there are shape-shifting aliens on earth, but I am pretty confident that aliens do exist and evil can come in many forms. We need to be on our guard against any form of demonic entities, whether alien or human.
I addressed this issue in my book series “Defend the Galaxy”, with 7 books that described Americans dealing with malevolent and benevolent aliens. In those books I base the premise of this reality on ancient Sumerian documents deciphered by experts that reveal that aliens came to earth thousands of years ago and helped develop civilizations. Some were good aliens, some were bad. It ended up that those early contacts with humans were interpreted at that time and labeled in the Bible as angels and demons.You add the modern day fact that some insiders have revealed the existence of aliens, and government contact with them, I was then able to put the pieces together in my books. In my opinion, there has been a war going on for this planet for centuries.
But the wealthy elite are not defending us or the planet, on the contrary, they seem to be on a parallel path with the malevolent aliens. And, they are working towards an agenda to subjugate people on earth, and harness all weapons of mass destruction to be ruled by one governing source.This is the reason I decided to post this video, so people can be aware of the possibilities and be on their guard against any form of evil that pops up in society. George EatonPS. If anyone is interested I will send any of the 7 books in a file at no charge in an email. Titles:
Son of Nibiru
Thrones of Draco
Defender of Destiny
Unfinished Destiny
Planet Midnight
Treasure Planet
Attack from the Future

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