Kat Anonup Update(s): Medbeds and J6

Kat Anonup Update(s): Medbeds and J6



 -Thursday, 12 January 2023, 22:32 PM

KatIstheSea3 @katisthesea3

1-12-23 JUAN O SAVIN w/ DNRodriguez


88’s the new 48
Get your Dad a Med Bed so he can get back to 48!
Congress authorized em in their $1.7 Trillion BS budget
Med Beds are in there… 
The tide turned a couple months ago.
It turned on the # ‘s, information flow
even things like House committee members being named
deciding things they’re going to look at..
You’re going to get an actual look @ the J6 data
that’s not cooked by one party.
The video tapes
You’re gonna find out who Ray Epps is
Who Dan Love is
What these 100 Players were doing @ Camp David
for week before J6.
WHO GAVE THE ORDER that the NG was not to come into DC..
Part of this fight 
is for the Hearts & Minds of the American people.
As the American people REALIZE who these players are
what they’ve been up to
the LIES they’ve been told 
when THEY TURN it’s going to be decisive
They’re going to be so livid 
at what’s been done in their name 

They’re coming!!!!
They’re all around the world.
Hold on!


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