Saratoga Ocean: The most important thing to know about 2023!

Saratoga Ocean: The most important thing to know about 2023!

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Friday, 13-Jan-2023 17:03:29

This message is from a mailing list.The most important thing to know about 2023!
Saratoga OceanI’ve been thinking a lot about 2023 and wondering how this year will unfold. The controllers of this planet have many sinister plans in store for the world, but they are also being exposed left and right. And then there are those of us who are still ‘human’ who only seek to create positive plans for our lives.So in a way, there are two primary forces at work here. The controllers vs the rest of us who have a sincere desire to evolve. The question is which side will have the greatest energetic leverage? I think we need to look at this in terms of energy and frequency.The vibration of the controllers and their world is a very low, very dense frequency. It’s heavy and cumbersome. And honestly, the controllers are not very bright. They only seem powerful because they have so many sheep-like people going along with them out of fear. And that’s a shame because such people have repressed all of their natural human power and brilliance in favor of — dare I say it — these cosmic losers.Why do I say that the controllers are losers? It’s because they have no power of their own. They don’t even know how to deal with nature. They literally can’t function in the natural universe. All of their apparent power is fake.See, it’s simple. In order for them to appear smart and powerful, they have to squash everyone else. They have to reduce humanity to its lowest ebb of energy and intelligence.Let me explain why understanding this matters…All you have to do to counter these controllers is not allow them to steal your mind and your energy. All you have to do is not allow them to turn you into something you’re not.Those of us who are awake probably already understand this to some degree. But what we may not understand is the power we have to influence the vibration of everyone else. And that’s a big reason why our presence on this planet matters.Now there are some people who are so far gone, they may never return to natural human sanity in this lifetime. This means that they have already chosen their path. And that’s not who I’m referring to when I say we have influence.I’m referring to a very big majority who haven’t fully awakened yet, but who could be on the verge of doing so.So picture this…As more and more of the controllers’ evil intentions become fully visible, more people are going to cross a line of revelation in their consciousness. But they will be waking up in shock to what they suddenly realize was a world they bought into that was fake. It was all a lie.They will perceive themselves as waking up inside of a dungeon of ill intent. And that will not be fun. That’s where we come in with our high vibrational energy, clarity, and intelligence.We can exist as an energetic buffer that will support their awakening, even if they have no idea who we are. We can exist as a powerful consciousness that holds the space for them to come into their own as empowered human beings taking a stand for life.This could exist as a profound level of purpose for all of us in 2023. Because this year will be all about who has the greatest leverage.Every day of your life is precious because every day is a container of time that you can fill with a powerful energy of light and presence. And the more days we have filled with light, the more difficult it will be for these controllers to enact their sinister plans.Your very life and existence have an impact. The wonderful thing is that when you make your life really good, everybody wins because you then contribute a high vibration of light into a very dark world. And that’s how it’s supposed to be.So don’t fall for the age-old lie that if you have a good life, then you are somehow robbing other people of something. Or that it’s not fair. Why is it not fair?See, if you believe that, then that’s like saying that everyone should be miserable in order to be fair. That is a very mathematical and inaccurate calculation.It’s inaccurate because the best things happen by way of resonance, not division. The more you build up a high-vibrational resonating energy, the more that lifts everyone else up. The more it makes things possible for them, too. You also create invisible energy channels in the collective consciousness that makes it just a bit easier for inspiration to reach these people who have been so asleep.So even though protesting and fighting against the controllers might make a certain amount of difference, never forget the metaphysical impact that we each have when we live a high-vibrational life of conscious evolution.I also have some great news! On Tuesday, January 17, I will be back on YouTube with a brand new video. I have really missed YouTube while I’ve been taking this break, so it will be great to see everyone there again.Until then, enjoy your weekend, and stay peaceful :-)Much love,Saratoga ❤️

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