Reader, fwd: “[Global Management Consultling firm] McKinsey [& Company] in Canada and Europe”

Reader, fwd: “[Global Management Consultling firm] McKinsey [& Company] in Canada and Europe”

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 15-Jan-2023 04:09:44

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 15-Jan-2023 04:09:44

(Thanks, vb. :)Reader vb writes and sends us:***************************************************************************McKinsey in Canada and Europe › article › how-mckinsey-is-making-100-million-and-counting… ( USA ) How McKinsey Is Making $100 Million (and Counting … – ProPublica – ……….Advising on the Government’s Bumbling Coronavirus Response. For the world’s best-known corporate-management consultants, helping tackle the pandemic, has been a bonanza. It’s not clear what the government has gotten in return. Link –

** McKinsey Is also Making $100 Million in Canada and Europe – *** Link – ( 100 millions euros, in Europe) –

Link — – translated : McKinsey’s influence, explodes under Trudeau, especially immigration
Justin Trudeau’s government gave McKinsey 30 times more money than when the Conservatives were in power, with contracts without a call for tenders. The McKinsey firm has long been led by Dominic Barton, here, hugging Justin Trudeau, at a reception in 2017, before being appointed ambassador to China, two years later

Published on January 4, 2023
Federal government recourse to McKinsey, has skyrocketed since Justin Trudeau came to power, to the point where the consulting firm would play a central role in immigration policies in the country, reveals a Radio-Canada investi-gation.

The influence of this private consulting firm, already described in several countries, including France, but also in Quebec, is the subject of criticism in the federal public service, according to data from the public accounts of Public Services and Supply Canada (SPAC). the Liberals spent 30 times more money on this consulting firm than the Conservatives of Stephen Harper, while spending less time in power Contracts amount to tens of millions of dollars and are sometimes given over the counter, without a call for tenders.

.(..) ***** translated: ( it received 100millions,400 thousands dollars… ) McKinsey contracts exceed $ 100 million, under Justin Trudeau

Radio-Canada has found new contracts awarded to the firm by Ottawa, notably by National Defense. Published at 4:07 a.m
McKinsey’s involvement in Canadian state affairs, is even greater than what has been revealed so far. New contracts, signed in recent months, bring the total awarded to the American consulting firm, to more than 100 million dollars since the coming to power of the Liberals. National Defense is the ministry that has used the firm the most since 2021, she paid McKinsey at least $ 34 million, reveals a recension carried out thanks to new data available, which include state-owned companies The firm has played a role in the modernization of the Royal Canadian Navy, in promoting cultural diversity in defense, and in the complaints management system, especially those for sexual misconduct in the military The American firm is a consulting firm, bringing together 30,000 consultants .In early January, a Radio-Canada investigation showed that the Liberals had spent 30 times more on McKinsey’s services than the Conservatives of Stephen Harper, who remained in power longer…….(….) translated from : Link – –


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